Note: This is my first LaviXKanda (or KandaXLavi) writings. I found one great idea to write short stories or oneshots: pick up a couple, use every letter from the alphabet, figure out a word and write a story about that word. And it will be a challenge if someone else gives you the words. ;) My sister gave these words to me.

Sooo…here we gooo! Starting with the "A" and the "B". Enjoy! :D


Btw, the characters are from the series Man and I don't own them. They belong to Katsura Hoshino.

A= apple

Sun was shining behind the white clouds which were moving away because of the warm wind. It was early afternoon and Kanda Yu thought that it would be nice to go outside. A young college-student had a break and there were almost an hour before the next class. Kanda took his supply and a book he was reading and stepped to the sunny courtyard. A little smile reached his lips when he saw his favourite spot in the campus: an old apple-tree.

Kanda was sitting under the branches filled with green leaves and was enjoying the moment of peace. His classmates were so noisy that sometimes it hurt his ears. But now, now there was a sweet silence: no shouting teachers, no flirting girls, no laughing boys or ringing bells. Just the sun, the wind and moving leaves above… Actually they were moving and rustling more than they should be in the little wind. Kanda frowned his brows and lifted his eyes. He didn't see anything, just green and…red? Kanda's eyes went wide when he realised that an apple was falling straight to his face.

Kanda lifted his hand to protect himself and the fruit hit his arm. He took it from the ground and got to his feet. His sharp eyes scanned the tree.

"Hey! Is there someone?" he asked with annoyed voice. The black-haired boy wasn't sure but it was like a little chuckle came from the top of the tree.

"I know there's someone, so come down before I have to come there and kick your ass!" There was a silent and then Kanda saw legs which were coming down. Then he saw a slender, but obviously worked out body. At last a young man, almost Kanda's age, was standing between the older boy and the tree. The first thing Kanda noticed was the red hair and beaming green eyes. If he had been those "OMG-he-is-so-fucking-hot"- guys, he would have a nose-bleed right there. BUT Kanda Yu was too cool for that, so instead he just said:

"Was it you who dropped this?" and showed the apple on his hand. The redhead smirked.

"Well, you know…This is a great story: I was sitting in the tree just relaxing and eating my supply when that apple slipped from my fingers and…"

Kanda's eyes went cat-like and he stared the younger man who realised, it would be very unwise to lie to this long-haired (and handsome) student.

"Oh, okay! I dropped it on purpose, but just because I was sooo bored!" man confessed.

"Sorry", he added.

"Che, be sure to not do it again", Kanda warned and stepped forward to pick up his things. The red-haired boy helped him for lifting the book from the ground. He looked the cover.

"World War II? Are you interesting about history?" he asked and gave the book to the other.

"Yeah, a little", Kanda answered shocking himself: he was going to say "not your business" or something, but the words just came out.

"Really? Me too!" the redhead smiled warmly.

"I have to remember that smile", Kanda thought before he could stop himself. He mentally shook the thoughts away and started to walk towards the main building.

"Hey, wait up!" the "apple-guy" was beside in a second.

"I'm Lavi by the way. What's your name?"

"Yu Kanda", Kanda said.

"Okay, Yu…"

"It's Kanda for you", Kanda said with the warning voice. Lavi just smiled and they continued the walk together.

B= bed

"Oh, I'm so fucking tired. Please, let there be no more Akumas!" Lavi thought when he blew another ugly beast in the pieces. The redhead was tough guy and he could handle the pain which would send a lesser man to the grave, but he had fought almost two hours and everyone has their limits, even an Exorcist. Luckily it was quiet now and Lavi looked around. He sighed with relief: that was the last one.

"Finally I can go to sleep!" he smiled and started to limp to the nearest tavern.

Lavi opened the door of his room and stepped in. A moon shone from the window and made shadows to the walls. There were just few furniture, but Lavi didn't mind, after all there was the one thing he desperately needed right that moment: a bed. Quickly he undressed himself, washed his face and jumped under the blanket.

"Even a Millennium Earl couldn't drag me out of this bed",Lavi sighed out loud.

"He would be crazy if he'll do that", someone whispered from the shadow. Lavi's closed eyes popped open and he scanned the room.

"Who is it?" he asked, startled and confused.

"Relax, it's me". Then Lavi recognised the voice.

"Yu?" he asked with just a little nervousness. The tall Japanese stepped forward and before Lavi could do anything, his lips were on his.

"It's Kanda", the black-haired man hissed and kissed his lover harder. Lavi smiled a little and then let himself drawn to the kiss. Kanda's hands were roaming over the other's naked body and each touch made Lavi shiver a bit.

"Yo-you're hands are cold", he managed to say when the kiss was over. Kanda smiled devilishly:

"You sure that's the only reason I make you shiver?" he asked and then touched Lavi's rib with his fingertips. That let a deep moan and a shiver from the redhead.

"Stop!" Lavi warned, but Kanda didn't even listen. He was too busy to kissing Lavi's pale neck.

"Ah! N-no, not that…" Lavi moaned when Kanda's lips found his most sensitive spot. The black-haired man continued his way lower and in a second his tongue was making trails over Lavi's shoulder.

"Mm-okay, that's good", Lavi smiled when Kanda made small kisses down his chest. The other man lifted his head and saw that Lavi had closed his visible eye. Kanda smirked a little, but then he realised something: Lavi's chest rose and fell in a peaceful rhythm and his mouth was just slightly open. The redhead was in a deep sleep! Kanda felt a major urge to slap his lover to the stomach. How that brat could fell a sleep when they were…

"Oh, Yu! M-make that again…" Lavi's voice was mumbling, still at sleep. Kanda's expression melted to a little smile and he couldn't but gently stroke few red tresses from the sleeping Exorcist's face. He arrayed himself next to Lavi and whispered ever so lightly:

"Sleep, I will look after you during this night".

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