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Risky Business

"I should've stolen every moment

Now there's a page with not enough on it

Where we belong

I guess I'll never understand it

Why do we take it all for granted until it's gone?"


February 13, 2015

It's funny, I guess.

I mean, it used to feel like I could tell him anything. I felt as if I could do anything with him. In truth, he was the only person with whom I could truly be myself.

With him, I was free.

From the second that I walked onto the set of So Random, we were best friends.

Sure, he picked on me relentlessly at first, but I was the only girl who ever replied back with witty comments. Both of us had a sarcastic sense of humor, so we meshed well.

We grew to love each other. Not in "that" way, but we did share an amazing respect for one another.

Throughout the years, our relationship grew deeper, and we could hardly go a day without seeing each other.

But then, when Chad turned twenty-one, there was an incident. It messed me up, and it threw me for a loop.

He didn't remember, so I, of course, acted like nothing happened.

A year after that, I turned twenty-one, and became the star of my own movie. It made thirty million dollars within the first week, and was, in the truest form, a hit.

But with that hit, came more fame. With it, came thousands of paparazzi following me every day of my life.

My life that Chad was very much in.

So with that hit, came millions of rumors.

I hated going on the internet, because, if I stumbled onto as much as Yahoo!, there would be another rumor about 'Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Munroe'.

Sure, I read some of the comments. A quarter of the fan base hated 'Chadson' (yes, we even had our own celebrity couple name). But more than that, the rest loved us being together. And I just didn't get it.

After another year, I was growing tired of even my closest friends and family members telling me that Chad and I should get together. Every day, it seemed, I heard how we would be such an amazingly cute couple.

In truth, I wanted to vomit at all of their comments.

Instead, I would always blush, and tell them that 'Chadson' would never, ever happen.

Chad, on the other hand, had an idea in mind. And through his idea, we formed a very deceitful plan.

Our little plan threw me, yet again, for a loop. In fact, our plan made me question everything about my relationship with Chad.

It also, unfortunately, brought the incident that had happened a few years prior, back, bright and fresh into my mind.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone ahead with the plan. Perhaps I never should've agreed to some of the things that we ended up doing.

But when the end – or, what I thought was the end- came, I learned in the hardest possible way that your past truly does come back to haunt you.

So what do Ross and Rachael, Jim and Pam, and Michael and Julianne have in common?

Friends with benefits…which possibly led to, or didn't lead to something more.

But I needed to remind myself that this wasn't a movie. I needed to open my eyes and see that there wouldn't be a happy ending with a dress like Cinderella's.

This wasn't fiction, this was real life.

And, in real life, there is pain. Lots and lots of pain.

So that's why I find myself at the airport on the day before Valentine's Day of my twenty-third year, playing absentmindedly with my iPod.

There was no rescue.

There was no fight.

There were just lots, and lots of tears.

And I know that I don't deserve him. I know that he deserves so much more than what I can offer him. I also know that my friendship with him probably held him down for longer than it should've.

But it's over.

I knew that he'd never try to look for me again. But somewhere deep down, I hoped that he would.

End Notes: Do not worry, loves. This is just the beginning, and I know that it's the prologue, but the story doesn't end until March, at least.

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