Risky Business

"But I know one thing,

That I love you"


August 23, 2017

At the sweet sound of an infant's cry Chad bounded up the stairs two at a time, and jogged down the hallway.

And, with every step that he took, his smile grew a little bit bigger. That's because, with every step that he took, he drew a little closer to the love of his life, and the thing that completed their love.

Madeline Olivia Cooper.

With ten fingers, and, praise God, (ten!) toes, a head of red hair, and her mother's brown eyes – she definitely was the miracle that Chad and Sonny needed to complete their lives.

Then again, she didn't technically complete their lives. Chad wanted ten more just like her.

He shared this information with Sonny more than a few times after Madeline's birth (okay, every day since she'd been born – and that had been three weeks ago).

And every single time, Sonny would slap him (which, oddly, turned him on), and gave the reply of "you give birth to seven of them, and maybe you have a deal."

Chad tried to explain to her that it was impossible. And that she'd seen the proof. This would cause his wife's face to turn bright red, and she'd tell him that his statement was inappropriate with a child in the room.

To that, Chad would look down at their daughter, and Chad would swear, every time, that Madeline was giving him a small smile. One time, he even saw her wink.

Clearly, she was wise beyond her years (or, weeks), and wanted to be the oldest of a multitude of siblings.

And he told Sonny that she'd said that too.

Sonny just rolled her eyes.

But, it was all in good fun. Like how, after Sonny's and Chad's healing process began on Valentine's Day, and ended five hours later was all in good fun.

Because, five hours later, Chad proposed.

Three months later, they were married, and that was all in good fun.

And then, ten months before Chad's birthday, he came up with a plan, which was, well, a heck of a lot of fun.

You see, on his twenty first birthday, Chad wasn't really drunk. He was already in love with his best friend. So that was why he kissed her.

And Chad explained this to his wife ten months before his birthday.

Chad's wife therefore melted, and was (literally) weak at his touch.

So, taking advantage of her (like he had on his twenty first birthday…well, not quite), Chad seduced his wife for the eight hundredth and third time (because, even though they hadn't been married that long, Chad knew how to use his time wisely).

And heck, he'd gotten the perfect birthday present out of it ever.

Biting back his grin, Chad swung the door open to a delightfully (not) pink room, and let his gaze focus on the most beautiful vision that he had ever laid eyes on.

The vision glared at him in return.

Chad walked over to 'said vision', and attempted to move the vision's nursing blanket away.

His hand was swatted at.


"What? She's so cute when she nurses, Sonny."

"Chad, I love you, and you're a terrific father. You couldn't be more devoted to our daughter if you tried." Chad beamed. "But you are not looking at her when she's nursing."

"Oh really," Chad smirked, "then what am I looking at?"

At this, Sonny turned beet read, and started stuttering.

(Chad took great pride in the fact that he could make his wife stutter.)

"It's my birthday."

"I know, babe, you woke me up at 12am to tell me."

"I need a present."

Sonny gave him a pestered glare, and looked down at their daughter.

"You know what kind of present I need, Sonny." At this, his daughter must have taken a breath from her nursing to coo lightly from under the blanket, making Chad grin.

"Our daughter agrees that you need to give me this certain present."

And even though Sonny was beet red, she managed to get out: "If you're clever enough, you might get want you want."

And then, Chad went back to his favorite job of trying to seduce his wife-slash-best friend-slash-mother of his child. Risky business, indeed.

Lyrics: Franti, M; Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti Spearhead

A/N: Well…what can I say? Besides…THANK YOU!

I wrote Cure For the Common Man, and Stupid Cute – but for some reason, neither of those got to me as much as this story did. It was a challenge to write, but you guys made it worth it, and you have no idea how much I appreciate it. It boggles my mind everyday why anyone would want to read anything that I've written, and here, this story has nearly 40,000 reads. I'm honestly stunned and eternally grateful! I enjoyed writing about perverted Jill, and Chad and Sonny with their weird relationship. Mostly though, I enjoyed reading what you guys had to say, and talking about Starbucks and chocolate! So, honestly, THANK YOU!

As for the epilogue, I hope that you liked it! I've submerged myself in historical romance novels where there's a baby in the end – so I kind of had to do it for this story – and I hope that it satisfied.

I've had a few questions about a sequel/something from Chad's perspective. I'm not going to spoil this story by writing a full blown sequel, because they always seem to mess up the first. I've been thinking about writing something from Chad's POV though, and I've settled on that. So, stay tuned for: Getting Risky – The Business of Chad Dylan Cooper (or some story titled tackily like that). : )

And, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in reading a Chad/Sonny based in the Regency period? …It would be different, but fun.

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