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There was nothing left.

Nothing but Dean and Castiel, both in the middle of the field scattered with bodies, some of them groaning and screaming hoarsely, others completely torn apart. Sam was nowhere to be found and it was scarier than anything else in Dean's life.

Castiel was sitting on a rock, hands clutching tightly at the wound on his hip. He had been stripped of his grace a few days previous and still couldn't get used to all the downsides of being human.

'You should get some rest, Dean,' he started warily. 'You're in no condition to go on.' He pointed to the huge bruising on Dean's chest, where the parts of his ripped shirt still hung pitifully.

'It's Sam we're talking about, Cas.' Dean's voice was tired and serious but there was still a hint of hope in it. There was always hope when it came to Sam. There was nothing, absolutely nothing Dean wouldn't do to make sure his brother was safe and sound. 'We've got to find him.'

And so the search began. Many of these, who were sane enough called to them, but Dean ignroed them completely, too focused on someone who meant the world to him to even bother with the others.

'He's here!' Castiel shouted and Dean was by his side in a flash.

And there he was indeed. Sam was unconscious but breathing. The huge cut on his cheek was still fresh, droplets of blood gracing his upper lip. His shirt was also ripped and Dean gasped at the amount of bruises on Sam's abdomen. He kneeled by his brother's side and gently run his hand across Sam's ribs. Dark eyelashes fluttered open and a soft moan was heard.


'I'm here, Sammy. Don't worry, you're fine. Everything's going to be all right.'

'I love you, Dean.'

'I love you too, little brother.'

Sam's eyes closed as he drifted off to sleep, a soft smile on his face. Dean leaned over him and kissed him gently, tenderly.

'Let's start over, love.'