Why Don't You Love Me?

Harper's getting weird letter's in her locker , all them start the same Why Don't You Love Me?. Who's leaving Harper letter's . Is it Justin the one who's she been crushing on for a while , is it Zeke, Eddie or could it be the new guy? Who's leaving Love letter's to Harper.


Dear Harper

Why Don't you love Me? I love you , you have no idea how much I love you. It's written all over me you just have to look at me. I see how you look at other's when you think they like you , you never look at me like that. What do I have to do to get you to notice me, Tell me what to do , tell me what you want. Please tell me , give me a hint.

Your's truly

Invisible Love

" What , someone left this for me? Who would write me a Love letter" said Harper as she looked at the purple letter in her hand. It was typed , so there was no way to tell who wrote it. Harper looked at the letter , why would someone write a letter to her , Harper Finkle the school freak the joke of her family. Was this a cruel prank a joke to get her hopes up. Why would anybody like her.

" Hey Harper what's you got there" ask Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper smiled at Alex .

" I think someone's trying to hurt my feeling's" said Harper as she frowned she handed Alex the love letter. Alex read it and let out a whistle.

" I don't know Harper it looks real to me , why would anybody want to hurt you anyway. Your to nice. It seems someone has a crush on you Harper , Aww my little Harper has some ones heart, " said Alex as she grinned at Harper. Harper smiled back , maybe Alex was right maybe it was real but it's only one letter.

" Well, it's only one letter maybe it's a one time thing I don't think anybody at school likes me that way." said Harper as she put the letter back in her locker.

" Ok, Harper what ever you say but I think your missing a chance here at real love. I'm a bit jealousy I wish someone would take the time to write me a love letter, all the guy's in school think I would hate that but I really would like it." said Alex as she frowned a little.

" It's what ever Alex no big and you can have any guy you want " said Harper as she started to walk to class. Alex rolled her eye's and followed Harper to class. Both girl's walk to there history class.

" Hey , Harp's did you do my homework last night cuz I didn't do it" said Alex as she grinned at Harper. Harper smiled at Alex and rolled her eye's.

" You know your lucky that I do my homework at school so I can do your's too" said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" I know I am lucky to have you, I think I'm going to be jealous when you find out who your secret admirer is , your going to forget all about little old me for this Invisible Love person, then I'm all alone" said Alex as she hugged Harper.

" Impossible Alex I can never forget you" said Harper as she hugged Alex back.

" Good, I wouldn't know what to do with out you Harper" said Alex as she kissed Harper on the cheek.

" Hmm, well your stuck with me weather you like it or not" said Harper as she walked into the classroom.

" Promise, forever and ever" asked Alex as she sat down by Harper.

" Alex I promise in this life time and the next best friends forever." said Harper as she grinned.

" Good, I'm holding you to that promise Finkle" said Alex as she smiled back. The teacher walked in and started the class, it was on Roman history Harper's favorite time in history .

" Perfect" said Harper to herself. Alex smiled as she looked at Harper , she knew Harper love history. Harper payed attention to the teacher while Alex drew in her note book. As Harper tried to pay attention to the teacher all she could think of was that letter in her locker. Who and why would some one love her . Who is Invisible love, who watches her look at other people. It never said what guy it was , deep down inside she hoped she would get another letter from who ever this Invisible love is.


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