Anime Shitsurakuen
Pairing - Sora/Reiko

Note : I own nothing. The song is by young jeezy, called vacation.


said I'm stressed tired
my long
said I'm stressed tired
gotta..move on

Sora sighed and laid back after yesterdays eventful actions, she felt a little tired off this game. It was becoming a problem for her and her friends. Looking at the girls in the room she watched as the all went about their task. Trying to find away for Sora to help all the girls in the school, was harder then it looked, and find these weapons where becoming a stressful act. Closing her eyes she let her mind wonder, slowly falling into a soft sleep.

Reiko watched the other girls work, she wondered why they thought so deeply of their owner, but then again she did too. Looking over to Sora she snicked when she saw the girl napping. Grinning she moved to sit on the bed beside the girl and moved to rest a hand on the younger girls arm, gently she ran her fingers over the girls arm.

Blushing she pulled back when she felt Sora stirr a little in her sleep. Getting up she moved back over to the girls and went back to work. Soon they all could take a vacation when this was all over. Maybe she could get Sora to come home with her for a while..... just maybe.