Chapter 2: Crossing Paths

The airport was crowded and noisy. Chris and Jill made their way to the terminal where they were supposed to meet Claire. It didn't take Chris long to spot his sister within the crowd of people. He waved after her, a grin forming on his face. Claire smiled, getting up to them and throwing her arms around him.

"There's my little sister!" Chris laughed.

"Oh, it is good to be back. That was the longest assignment I have had in a long time," Claire greeted. She soon turned and gave Jill a hug, who returned it. "How's my soon to be sister-in-law?"

"Despite being busy at each turn, I am doing just great," Jill chuckled. "It's good to finally see you back, Claire."

"Thomas still with Karen?"

"Yes. We are heading over there for a barbeque. He has been itching to see you."

Claire laughed as they started heading for the luggage drop off. "Same here. I have missed him too much this time."

They retrieved Claire's bags and headed out of the airport. The Charger drove along the busy streets of Washington D.C., heading for the suburban homes where Barry's home awaited them. When they arrived, Carlos and Rebecca were already there with Barry and Karen.

As soon as they stepped into the large, clean house a young boy came rushing in. The five year old laughed, colliding into Claire and wrapping his arms around her. "Momma!"

"Hey there, sweetheart!" Claire greeted, smiling and returning her son's hug.

Chris watched on with a grin, slightly chuckling. Claire kissed her young son, running her fingers through the boy's messy brown hair. Jill and the others were watching too, glad to finally have Thomas and Claire reunited after such a long month apart.

"Hey, sport! Forgetting someone?" Chris asked.

"Hi, Uncle Chris!" Thomas chirped, rushing to him.

"How's my favorite nephew?"

"I'm your only nephew, silly!"

"Oh right!"

"Well, the food is about ready if you all want to come make your plates. We seriously need to catch up," Barry chuckled. "I'm I am talking about you, Claire."

Claire laughed. "I hear ya!"

Chris let Thomas get back to his mother. He had never met Thomas's father before. Claire told him the entire story. Thomas's father was definitely a well-known man, with a profile that Chris was very well impressed with. Leon Scott Kennedy had not seen his sister since a few nights after the Raccoon City disaster. Thomas was the result of their last night together, and he didn't know that he had a son. Claire of course didn't regret it. She and Leon took different paths, but she believed that they would cross eventually. All they knew was that Leon was working for some kind of Agency under the U.S President. Chris had always told Claire that it would be easy for the BSAA to locate Leon for her, but Claire for some reason had declined the offer. Still, Chris had a very strange feeling that he and Leon were going to cross paths sooner than he thought.

They got on with the little get together. Karen caught Claire up of how Thomas had been doing while staying at their house. It hurt Claire to leave Thomas when she had to go away on assignment, but she had no other choice. They were all busy with what they had to do, and Thomas understood it. Chris was impressed with how smart the young boy was, and how he behaved.

Soon Chris and Barry went out onto the back deck together. Barry handed Chris a beer, in which the two old friends cracked them open together and toasted. The night was cool and clear. The stars were bright, even against some of the lights in the surrounding suburbia.

"Any word from HUNK?" Barry asked.

"Not a damn thing." Chris glanced away, and he couldn't help but to think of his nemesis. Albert Wesker had been quiet for awhile. This made way for tension within all of them. Chris knew that it wouldn't be long before Wesker came forth from the shadows. The question was, would they be ready to face what he had in store for them this time? Not only were they having to keep a watch out for Wesker, but a watch out for Rurik's brother Nicholai Ginovaef, and of course Ada Wong.

"Don't worry…we'll get him," Barry said, as if reading Chris's thoughts.

Chris thinned his lips. "I hope so."

"Don't let him get to you."

"What causes a man to throw away his humanity like that?" Chris asked. He had no idea where the question came from, or why he even asked it. It wasn't like he cared. He just wanted Wesker dead and gone forever.

"Greed…and power…at least that is all I can think of."

"I will never understand it," Chris growled.

"What scares me the most is how intelligent he is…he always seems to be one step ahead…no…a few steps ahead. He plays us like a set of cards, and all we can do about it is go along with it. It doesn't help that he is a damn sociopath!"

"Don't let him get to you, Barry," Chris sighed, repeating Barry's words to him just minutes before.

Barry chuckled. "I hear ya. Well, let's go mingle with the others."

"I will be in there in a minute," Chris answered, turning to lean on the deck's railing as he looked out into the back yard. He could see Barry nod his head in his peripheral vision. His old comrade left back into the house.

Chris glanced up to the stars, his mind trying to wander back to years before when everything seemed simple and clean. Chris had definitely hardened over the years. He had seen too many horrors to realize that this world was no longer the same thanks to Umbrella and Wesker. He felt strongly within himself that it was his sole purpose to kill Wesker.

I don't care if I die in the end…so long as I can take you with me, you bastard…

His cell phone started to ring. Confused, Chris took it out of his pocket to look at the caller ID. It was not a number he recognized. He hesitated for another ring before gathering the courage to answer it.

"Hello?" Usually he answered with his name, but the number caught him off guard.

"The Agency gave me this number. Are you Chris Redfield?"

"Who's asking?"

"My name is Leon Kennedy."

It took Ada longer than intended to be able to find the information she was looking for. She was as quiet as a mouse, able to knock out the guards to get into the control room of the facility. She was able to locate the BSAA's Headquarters in the USA. Washington D.C., she should have known. She was able to get enough that Chris was still in the area. That meant that Ada was going to be able to go through with her next plan. She had no idea if Chris and the others were going to trust her, but it wasn't as if she had many options.

She still had the Las Plagas sample on her. She needed to keep it safe. She was still being hunted down by Wesker and the Organization. She didn't know if the running was starting to get to her, but Ada had noticed a change in her body recently. She was getting a fever here and there, and she was sick to her stomach constantly. She figured it was the stress and exhaustion. Wesker and the Organization wouldn't stop until she was caught or dead. Ada would hope she would be dead before caught alive. No matter what feelings Wesker had for her, he would still torture her and kill her in the end for her betrayal…she knew this from the beginning.

I better get out of this facility while I still can. I am putting myself at major risk coming here…

She heard the sound of a gun cocking not far from behind her. Her heart leaped to her throat, but Ada dared not move too quickly. Slowly, she raised her hands, turning to face whoever was able to come up behind her without being detected. She grunted upon seeing Rurik Ginovaef without his usual attire on. Rurik was Nicholai's younger half-brother. They had different fathers. He was well-known by his old codename HUNK, and was also nicknamed Mr. Death. For the longest time he and Nicholai had a hate for each other to the point it was a twisted vendetta. This in turn made Ada enemies to Rurik because of her comradeship with Nicholai.

"Rurik?" she spoke evenly, presenting herself in a calm way. She remembered how much of a thorn he was to Wesker. If Ada remembered correctly, HUNK was working with Chris and the others now, having dropped his mercenary heritage to try and turn things right. This didn't help Ada in the slightest. Rurik would never see her more than Wesker's agent and lover.

"Well, well, well, what do I have here? Does this mean that Wesker is somewhere close by?" Rurik asked.

Ada shook her head. "We are not on good terms right now."

"Oh?" Rurik chuckled. "Did you two have a little lover's quarrel?"

Ada narrowed her eyes at him. "I betrayed him."

"That's a lie if I ever heard one."

"It's true, but I don't expect you to believe me," Ada snorted.

"Either way, I can use you as bait to draw Wesker out. He should come running to you, whether he is coming to kill you or take you back," Rurik replied.

As good of a fighter as Ada was, she knew she didn't stand a chance against Rurik. There was a reason why he was called Mr. Death. Being ex-Spetsnaz like Nicholai, along with being a hardened mercenary led Rurik to be one of the most dangerous men in the world. She would have to find a way to escape him.

Ada heard his headset come on. "Sir! We are being attacked by Organization members! We have no idea why they are here, but we are taking severe fire!"

Ada felt her heart flutter even more. Dammit! They found me!

She was going to have to use Rurik and his unit as distraction to the Organization members to get herself out of there. If they caught her, they would take her straight to Wesker. She needed to get the hell out and head straight for Washington D.C. Ada's time was running out. It wouldn't be long before Nicholai was hunting her down…or Wesker himself…

"I'm on my way. Hang in there," Rurik quickly answered.

Ada took the distraction to her advantage. She took off across the room. HUNK yelled out at her, firing multiple shots. One bullet grazed her leg but she kept going. Ada fired back at him to make the soldier keep his distance. She had to get away from him as soon as possible. As she was running along the corridor, she turned a corner. She found several Organization members coming through one door. They spotted her, and Ada quickly changed her route and went through another door. Rurik would take care of them she was sure of it.

The only thing that worried Ada the most was getting to Washington D.C. before Wesker was able to hunt her down and find her…

Chris hesitated upon hearing the name. So, Thomas's father had managed to get his number from the Agency. This annoyed Chris slightly, but he found himself more curious to finally be talking to the man that helped his sister through Raccoon City. Still, Chris had to be sure Leon was who he said he was.

"How do I know that you are really Leon Kennedy?" he snorted.

"Claire knows my voice. The Agency told me she was with you. If you could just put her-"

"I can't do that," Chris interrupted, making his way into the house. He caught Barry's eye and the two men quickly disappeared into the back of the house, where Barry had a satellite location set up.

Barry shut the door and locked it. Chris put the phone on speaker and attached it to the link. The computer started tracing the call, and the satellite was bringing up images as it located the caller.

"I'm going to trace this call so I can see your face."

Leon didn't say anything on the other side. Soon, the satellite picked up the image, and he and Barry were looking at the well known agent. There was no doubt that it was him. Chris slightly smiled. Thomas looked so much like his father.

"Congratulations. You are who you say you are."

"I understand the regulations you go by under BSAA. I had to deal with it within the Agency."

"What can I do for you, Kennedy?"

"I take it your supervisor hasn't spoken to you yet then. The Agency and BSAA are working together now to hunt down Albert Wesker. I am being sent back to D.C to join up with you."

Chris grunted. "What? When did this happen?"

He saw Leon twitch a smile on the satellite image. "Yesterday. We now know that the events in Spain were partially linked to Wesker."

"And when exactly will you be arriving?"

"Tomorrow morning. Can I speak to Claire?"

Chris heaved a sigh. As much as he wanted to tell Claire about this, he just wanted to let her get settled with Thomas and all. Besides, Leon didn't know about Thomas. It would be better if it waited until tomorrow.

"You may see her tomorrow."

Leon clinched his jaw on screen, but slowly nodded his head. "Alright. I will be at the BSAA Headquarters tomorrow morning. It will be good to meet you in person."

"Yeah…you too," Chris answered.

Leon hung up, and the trace went blank. Sighing, Chris turned to Barry, who was just as speechless as he was. There came a knock at the door.

"What is going on?" Claire's voice grumbled. "Get your butts in here and visit!"

Chris shook his head, telling Barry not to mention this. It will be better to wait until tomorrow to let Claire know that she would be reunited with Leon.

"Coming, sis," he chuckled.

They left the room to go visit with the others. For the rest of the night, Chris could not get his conversation with Leon S. Kennedy out of his head. He needed to call Wentworth and get more information out of him about what was going on.

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