A/N: Before you read this story (again) know that it is canon divergent and it's because this was written before certain things happened in the anime/manga. Regardless, this is my story and while I'm trying to make it better, things will go as I wish for them to happen. Don't like, don't read. That brings me to the fact that this story is a YAOI (boy loves boy/boy fucks boy). There will also be a bit of INCEST (cousin loves cousin/possibly cousin fucks cousin). If yaoi or incest isn't your cup of tea, don't bash it. Just go read something else. If you're still here, enjoy.

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Chapter One: Nothing is Impossible

It was a cool spring day in May. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and one Uzumaki Naruto was more excited about this day than about free and unlimited miso ramen. For two years, Naruto had been dating his long time crush, Haruno Sakura, and today he was ready to take the next step with her. Today, he would show his unadulterated love for her in the form of a ring. He closed his eyes as visions of Sakura in a flowing white gown and images of a perfect ceremony of love floated through his mind. As the blond opened his eyes and continued toward the home of his beloved, he felt as though there was not a thing in the world that could bring him down from the high that he was on…

And then it happened.

'Impossible' was a foreign word to Naruto. Actually, it was that he had heard the word so many times that it had lost its meaning. He was told it was impossible for him to beat Kiba and Neji, but he did it. Many thought it impossible for him to beat, let alone change, Gaara. Much to everyone's surprise, he did that too. He was told by Tsunade that it was impossible for him to master the rasengan in one week. Sure enough, he proved Tsunade wrong. Last but not least, he'd been told that it was impossible for him to bring Sasuke back to the village where he belonged. He did that too and once again made good on another promise he had made to himself and to others. With all that he had overcome, it was reasonable that the word 'impossible' and all of its synonyms had been removed from his vocabulary, but for some reason that was the only word that came to mind as he watched his beloved in the arms of his best friend. As he continued to mutely watch the act of passion between two of his most precious people, a memory filled his mind.

Two Months Ago

Naruto walked into a restaurant where his friends, Kiba and Neji, were waiting patiently for him. It had been too long since he had visited with the two and he was looking forward to catching up, but the blond learned all too quickly that he was at the restaurant for more of an ambush than a lighthearted get together. Naruto barely had gotten comfortable before the two started in.

"Have you heard any of the rumors concerning Sakura and Sasuke?" Kiba asked already knowing the answer.

"Much to my annoyance. Why?" the Uzumaki answered apprehensively.

"We think you should look into them," Neji replied.

The frog summoner looked at both of the young men incredulously.

"I know what you're thinking and you have every right to think that there isn't any reason for you to even acknowledge the gossip that's floating around," the Inuzuka said.

"Under normal circumstances, neither of us would bother you with mentioning it. There is always some ridiculous gossip circulating, but we both have reason to believe the rumors are true," the byakugan user added.

"Like what?" the jinchuuriki asked.

"I've seen them being extremely friendly with each other," the Hyūga supplied.

"Neji isn't the only one who's seen the two snuggling up with one another" the chūnin added.

"What exactly do you mean by "extremely friendly", the blond jōnin asked "Like you've seen them making out or something?"

"No," the brunet jōnin replied.

"Then, don't you think asking me to be wary of the two is going a little overboard? I mean, you haven't caught them in the act of anything," the hokage hopeful suggested. "I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen them hanging out. Sasuke has only been back for six months, most of which he spent locked up for his defection and we're all friends."

"There is catching up with a friend and then there's what these two were doing," the younger brunet countered. "I get you thinking we're assuming too much considering the circumstances, but again neither one of us would have brought this up if we thought it was innocent."

"I still don't believe I have any reason to be concerned about the two spending time together," the frog summoner said.

"What reason do we have for offering up such a claim if we did not believe there was a shred of truth to it?" Neji offered. "We are well aware of how much you love Sakura and how important Sasuke is to you so we do not do this lightly."

"You've let the love you have for them both blind you before and we don't want to see that happen again," the dog nin stated. "So we'd rather tell you to look out and be wrong than ignore it and see you suffer."

"So you mean to tell me that after rebuffing ALL of Sakura's advances before his defection, Sasuke finally decided he'd let it happen despite knowing she's already in a committed relationship with me?" the ramen lover queried.

"We all heard him say that he wants to rebuild his clan in a positive way. Starting with Sakura could be the move because he already has some rapport with her. Not to mention that she does not have a kekkei genkai that would conflict with his," Neji pointed out

"Let's not forget that despite saying he's turned a new leaf, that Sasuke is a very emotional person. Jealousy and anger have been driving forces in his life. It's something we've all witnessed firsthand," Kiba contributed.

"So you're not ready to believe he's capable of changing? Doesn't that say more about you guys than him? Naruto crossed his arms. He was more than tired of this.

"Sasuke has not truly given you any reason to trust him as blindly as you do," the older brunet responded. "Would you not say anything to avoid the punishment of defecting? Would you not play by all the rules in order to remain alive?"

"Need we remind you that friends don't put holes in each other's chests? And about that, has he even bothered to apologize for that? I mean formally. Not this wide sweeping "forgive me for all my sins" redemption tour stuff. Personally, told you he regrets his actions specifically toward you?" the dog nin pointed out.

"It's clear that I'm not going to get you to move off your position with Sasuke. So what about Sakura? Do you believe that she's also incapable of letting go of the past?" the ramen lover dismissed the chūnin's questions.

"What we've both seen tells us that she's still harboring feelings for him. They may not be what they once were, but Sasuke is doing all that he can to woo her back into being his number one fangirl," the Inuzuka answered.

"You got anything else?" The frog summoner asked standing.

"Not if you are unable to believe we are only coming to you so that are not blindsided by the two," Neji answered.

Naruto looked expectantly at Kiba.

"We're your friends too, Naruto and like Neji said, we're just trying to look out for you. I'm sorry you can't see it that way."

"Then while you have made some "valid" arguments," the jinchuuriki said making air quotes, "I can't continue to let you bash on my girlfriend and my best friend. Sakura, Sasuke, and I have let all the things that have happened in the past go and have moved on. I wish you guys would do the same."

With that, the frog summoner left the restaurant. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate that Neji and Kiba wanting to look out for him. He did, but he was also tired of people coming up with reasons why he needed to cut ties with Sakura and Sasuke. Did they not understand that things ran deeper than them being on a genin team together? Both Sakura and Sasuke knew better than anyone how much he'd sacrificed for the both of them. So how could they honestly go about betraying him? It was simply…there was some kind of word for it, but he couldn't think of it.

"They were right," the hokage-hopeful whispered as the memory faded from his mind's eye.

And what had started as the perfect day was ruined. Sullenly, Naruto walked away from the scene of betrayal, but soon he was running. He didn't know where he was going and he didn't care. He just ran.