Anna is born to a Catholic family, and grew up with a stainless steel spoon in her mouth and nice light rosary beads clenched in one fist. She went to Church every Sunday but it was her Grandmother who taught her everything she later knows in life.

(Grams had bright pink lipstick and smelt faintly of lavender covered by perfume. Whenever she smells lavender when she is older the words 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery' echo in her head and the guilt squirms like a snake in her stomach)

Her mother and father were always a little too busy for little Anna, as long as she did well they were content to just live in the same space as her. Later when she is older, before she moves to England and makes a mistake that she doesn't think she will ever regret, she will ask them why their relationship is what it is. Her father will not say a word, just take a sip of the amber liquid in his glass and look – just look - at her mother. Her mother will tell be silent, then when her father has left, tell her a story, one where there was no such thing as love, and the ending is more content that happy.

(Her mother loved someone else, and her father never forgave her for it)

She goes to university and forgets all about it. She goes to parties and gets drunk and loses her virginity (her first kiss was to a boy named Roger, who had the prettiest brown eyes). She gets strange haircuts and learns to live of food that really should not be the complete diet of a person and does things that are definitely stupid and probably illegal. She does well, though, and her professors tell her she has talent. She knew it from when she was a child and noticed the light on a frozen fountain.

(She has just read Narnia and it is beautiful. Every child wants to go to Narnia, but she looks at her parents sitting at opposite ends of the bench and thinks she wants it more)

When she graduates she returns to New York and buys an apartment, she saves for her photography supplies because she wants to be independent. Her professors were right, although her first try for a gallery show is a bust she succeeds the third and celebrates with her college friends and later her Grandmother.

(Not long after her grandmother dies, she had a stroke, and at the funeral Anna cries. She goes back later to photograph it and never shows anyone the results. She's not sure if it's her best work or her worst work – but either way it's private. Her grandmother left her everything, she takes the money and runs to London.)

She meets Dan, when she photographs him, (he's blonde, good looking, quite scruffy and he can't quite get the pose right). He asks her out and kisses her. She doesn't know he has a girlfriend until she comes up a minute later.

(She knows when Dan offers next, and she still says yes.)

Larry is a pervert, but sweet once you get to know him. It was all just a misunderstanding. She lets it continue with a feeling of half fear half amusement. (Larry is dark and broader, he has more of a temper and Anna, who grew up in a beige world, loves his intensity)

She thinks she might love him, but she thinks she might love Dan too.

(That doesn't stop her from saying yes to Larry too.)