"You are the author known as bemj11?" Elisabeth demanded sternly.

The young woman's eyes widened, and she nodded. "Yes. Is something the matter?"

Elisabeth gestured around her. "Does it look like something's the matter?"

The young woman looked around. She looked confused when she caught sight of the vampires, then downright alarmed when she got to Gregson. "Um, uh, I suppose this is not what Scotland Yard is normally like." She offered after a minute.

"You think?" Elisabeth scoffed. "Vampires? Super heroes? Time travel?"

"Oh." And the young woman blushed. "I see."

"What on earth were you thinking?" Elisabeth demanded.

The woman shrugged. "I was bored. I thought it might be fun."

Elisabeth sighed. "You thought it might be fun. Well it isn't. For any of us."

The woman nodded solemnly. "Yes, I see that now."

Elisabeth smiled. "Good. Now fix it, or I'll feed you to the vampires."

The girl nodded, and pulled out her notebook and a pencil. She started scribbling, and the three evil vampires and the super villain disappeared in puffs of pink smoke.

Cullen chuckled. "As interesting as this has been, I should rather prefer to go back to my own stories." He said to the young woman. She smiled, charmed, and nodded. "Don't forget about us, now." He said as a doorway appeared in the middle of the room and a small vampire waltzed through.

"Carlisle! We've been looking everywhere for you!" The tiny woman pulled him into a hug. "Come on, you're in the wrong story, silly."

"I did live back then." Cullen pointed out mildly. Then he turned and nodded to Hopkins and Bradstreet. "Nice meeting you."

"Goodbye." Bradstreet replied as the two vampires stepped back through the doorway.

"Where's Charlene?" The young woman with the notebook asked.

"Here." The girl in question popped into the room. Then she too disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"She wasn't at all developed anyway, you know." The young woman commented ruefully. "Sorry Bradstreet. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Bradstreet shrugged. "Just never do something like this again." He said easily.

"I promise." She replied with fervor. Then she turned to Gregson, looking a bit sheepish. "Sorry about the spandex."

"You should be." He said dryly. "It's humiliating." A second later he was dressed in his normal attire, much to everyone's relief.

Hopkins cleared his throat. "Can I stop being a sparkly vampire now?" He asked hopefully. "Please?"

The woman nodded. "Sorry Hopkins." She said, and poof! He was once again his normal, human self. He grinned at the girl, and at Gregson, and even at Holmes, delighted to be himself again. "I'll have some good stuff for you soon." The girl promised.

"What about me?" Bradstreet wanted to know. Gregson didn't ask, though he clearly wanted to.

"We'll get there, guys. Just be patient." The young woman replied. "Now what's left? The vampires are taken care of, the super powers have been dealt with, Holmes took care of that time travel business rather nicely."

"My husband is still dead." Elisabeth reminded her severely.

The woman winced. "He wasn't going to stay dead, honest."

"Tell him that." Elisabeth replied.

The woman sighed. Then she began writing again. A second later Lestrade blinked, and sat up. He was up on his feet a second later, and eyeing the young woman and her notebook warily.

"I don't scream." He informed her.

The woman nodded and stared at the floor. "Sorry."

"That hurt, you know."

"I know." She mumbled.

"You're a writer. You need to take this seriously. These are people's lives you're playing with." He continued.

"I know." It was barely a whisper now. "Sorry."

He smiled. "No harm done, it seems. Just remember this." He cleared his throat. "And give someone else a hard time for a bit. I'm tired of getting beat up every story."

She nodded, looking a little less like she wanted to disappear into a hole in the floor. Then she looked around.

"Um, I know I've put you through a lot of trouble, but could I get your autographs?" She asked.

"Sure." Bradstreet agreed. "Why not?"

Autographs were collected, and the woman grinned at them all before returning to her notebook. "Well, goodbye, then."

"Goodbye." They all said.

She began writing again, and she herself promptly disappeared in a puff of pink smoke.

"I'm going home." Gregson decided.

Hopkins yawned. "Apparently vampires don't sleep. I'm exhausted."

"I could use a drink." Bradstreet decided.

Lestrade turned to his wife. "We should probably make sure the kids haven't torn the house apart." He said.

Watson looked at Elisabeth, and his eyes went wide. "That young lady didn't change you back to normal!" He exclaimed.

Elisabeth laughed. "Whatever she's done in this story will end with this story, Doctor Watson. Everything will return to what it was."

Watson looked relieved as they left, but Holmes only looked thoughtful.

Elisabeth turned to her husband. "Shall we go home, love? Now that both of us are back to normal?"

He laughed, and she winked. "Is that meant to make people wonder?" He asked as they headed for home.

She laughed, but didn't reply.

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