Day Fourteen

Training is over. I've been assigned my first case, and Inspector Bradstreet has been assigned to observe and advise me, should he feel I need it.

I did hate myself in the morning. It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed, and I was not looking forward to a day of work.

Inspector Bradstreet didn't look too pleased to be there as he dragged in, either. Inspector Lestrade looks about as if someone forgot to tell him he was in a fight yesterday, though, in spite of his injuries.

He glared at Inspector Gregson when the man snidely asked if he was having problems with his wife after he saw the scratches. Inspector Lestrade then retorted that his wife wasn't the type to make him sleep on the couch after getting injured on the job, and Inspector Gregson turned red and backed off.

My last day of training with Inspector Lestrade didn't really amount to much. Filling out reports on the brawl yesterday, practicing a bit more of Lestrade's shorthand, that was about it until the Superintendent sent for me and handed me my first case and said that Inspector Bradstreet would be assisting me.

I like Inspector Bradstreet, and couldn't really have asked for a more easygoing fellow to work with. He's friendly, too, and less intimidating than the others.

Still…my first case. I hope I'm up to it.

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