Well, I've decided to write a 11eyes story. Weird of me, but true. The idea has been in my head for a while. There are going to be two new characters I'm adding. Can you guess at least one's power?(grins evilly). If you haven't watched the anime, watch a episode at a time. I changed this a little because it fits my story. Or you can go a head and watch all 12 episodes and then read this. It's up to you.

11eyes: Dragon Down

The Red Night

It appears without warning

Real, yet unreal... another world in another time and space

The monstrous Black Knights attack the young men and women who find themselves there, calling them "fragments"

What is happening?

Why is it happening to them?

Is there an answer at the end of this nightmare?


SPLASH! Yet another waves rocks the ship we're on.

"JAKE!" my sister calls from the door to below decks. I turn around and see her beckon to me to go back down below decks. I quickly run over and follow her down. Mother is waiting there for us, along with father and the others from the expidionary group.

"Jake, how many times do we have to tell you! No going on the upper deck until the storm is over!" My mother says angrily, but I just shake my head.

"Fine, but I'm going to go watch some TV!" I respond before walking over to the small TV in the back. My sister, Jessica, follows me over to it.

"I'm going to watch too, you know." Jessica says, and I give a slight grin. Most boys hate their sisters, but , but mine is nice. Plus, we both like the same things. These include TV, videogames, and surfing the web and dragons.

"Well then, what are we going to watch?" I ask her, and she ponders for a second.

"Let's check if Naruto is on!" She exclaims, and I give a cheer. I turn on the TV, only to see fuzzy lines.

"Oh come on!" Jessica and I say in unison. The TV had been are only source of out-side-of-this-boat entertainment for the whole trip from America to Japan.

Oh! I've forgotten to tell you about myself. My name is Jake, as you've probably figured out. I'm in 4thade, and my sister is in 10th. Both of my parents work as explores and they travel a lot. This time, we are going to Japan so my parents can have a break and so that Jessica and I can see Imperial Japan. It's 2009.

Suddenly, the ship leans over to the left, and then water starts pouring out of the tons of holes forming.

"WHAT!" I cry as the water reaches my knees. I feel someone tug at my arm. I turn around to see Jess pulling me up.

"Lets go!" She yells, and I follow her up the stairs toward the life boats…


I wake up suddenly from my nightmare. Not so much a nightmare as much as a terrible memory. Everyone had died on that boat except for Jessica and I. All I remember is that memory and trudging up the beach towards the police station. I hadn't been in the best state of mind then, and I had imagined we had flown out of the boat. Obviously impossible. When we reached the station, we realized that we spoke very little Japanese. We got in, and luckily, there was one English speaking police man. We explained are situation, rather, Jessica explained the situation. I was just leaning against her, crying. Finally, after the police men conversed with each other, they decided to take us to the orphanage. We had no family still alive in America, and who was going to pay for the flight back?

I start to think about how we could have flown here, and my parents would still be alive. I give a sniffle before hushing myself and turning on the small light.

Somehow, Jessica and I were adopted together by a nice Japanese couple and we moved to their house. It was a nice little house, a perfect fit. Except for the fact that neither of us could speak Japanese, and the couple spoke very little English. It took a year, but we finally became fluent in Japanese. That's where I am now. In my small bedroom on my small but comfortable bed. Sis is going to Rainbow High school, and I'm going to Skitta Elementary School. I smile a bit at the thought. I'm obviously different from everyone else there, but they except me. Sort of. Nobody call me a backa, but still, I will never be one of them.

I sigh in bed before lying back down. Life is okay here, but not the best. I give a slight smile. Okay, maybe it IS pretty good. Turns out our "parents" are a pretty rich couple, and they pamper us a lot. At first, I thought Jessica and I would grow apart, but it seems we're growing closer. Living in a new land with almost nobody we know, that leaves us only each other to talk about memory's.

I check the clock on the wall. 6:00 AM. Time to get up. I jump out of bed and pull on a pair of jeans. They're my favorite because they've gone through the ruff and tumble of life with me. I then put on a black t-shirt(black being my favorite color) and head out to the main room. Jessica is already eating breakfast, and I quickly grab whatever is in the bowl. Egg pot stickers! My favorite. I smile at Jess before sitting down to eat. Jessica decided to learn to cook about half a year ago and had become good at it.

"Hi Jake. Ready for school today?" She asks. I nod, as my mouth is full with the juicy food. Soon, it's time for school, and Jessica and I grab our back packs. We're used to our adopted parents not being here, considering the fact that it makes money for the family.

We walk out the door and head to school. It's cold outside, about 38 F o. Almost freezing. I laugh.

"My favorite whether. It's almost always to hot and humid for my tastes." I say to Jessica, and she smiles.

"Well that might be true for you, but I prefer hot and humid. I can get a good sun tan then." She says, and we both laugh. She doesn't have any tan at all, no matter how hard she tries. When we reach the parting area to Rainbow High and Skitta, we say our goodbyes.

"Don't get in trouble!" She calls as we walk away from eat other.

"Don't go dating any boys!" I yell right back to her. She gives me an odd face before leaving my sight. The rest of the day is a blur, and Jess and I meet at the cross roads back home.

"How was your day?" I ask quickly, not wanting to have to answer my question first.

"Boring. How was yours?" She asks. I give a small sigh.

"Nothing much…" I mutter, but she knows I'm lying.

"What happened?" She asks in her soft voice. But just as I'm about to answer, the earth rattles, and I hold my head. It hurts. I see Jessica holding her head too? What's going on?



I wake up standing and look around. Jessica is already standing next to me, giving me an odd look. I look around. Everything is weird. The sky is red, and all the buildings are worn out. It's still the same place, but different.

"What the?" I say quietly. What could this be? Jessica beckons for me to follow her, and I do. We walk down to the main area of the town. It's only then when I look up. Instead of their being a nice gray moon, a black moon with a read aura around it is in it's place.

"Oh god, not that too…" I murmur, totally unsure. Suddenly, 2 teenagers appear out of no where, huffing and puffing. Jessica and I run over to them.

"Wait a second, I know these two. They also go to rainbow high!" Jessica says, and they look up.(Rest of chatting for entire story is being said in Japanese, but is translated to English.

"Another person?" the girl asks slowly.

"Yah, and do you possibly have any idea where the heck we are?" I ask them, but they shake their heads.

"Nope. I wish we did though. Hi Jessica." The boy says to Jess. Then he turns to me. "My name is Kakeru. Yours?" He asks. I smile.

"Jake." I say. Suddenly, a blob appears on the sidewalk next to us.

"What the!" The girl says. I continue to stare. The blob slowly forms into a weird creature with a face and weird armor.

"Lets go!" Jessica yells, but just as we turn around, more appear. They surround us.

"Oh S---!" I scream, but just before they close in, the ground starts to shake.