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Chapter 6

As I walk up to the door, it swings open to reveal Misuzu.

"Hi. Come on in." She said. I stepped inside and looked around. The room we were in was shaped like the dojo's I'd seen around the main part of town. The room was completely open, with marking where there would be fights. I walked in a little farther. There were door leading to a bedroom and a bathroom. However, I also noticed another door in the shadows, which looked very secure with the three locks on the sides. I turned around and glanced at Jessica. She gave a slight nod. She had noticed too.

"Welcome to my home. I'd say I rather like it." Misuzu says. Jessica nods.

"I do to. Where are your parents?" She asks. At this, Misuzu slightly shakes her head.

"It's a long story…" She mutters. I grin.

"I think we might have that time." I say. Misuzu shook her head again.

"And we're going to need all the time we can get. I can obviously see your powers have expanded. May I see?" She nods to my sword. I nodded and pulled it out of the scabbard, which I realize is also black. When she takes it, she seems surprised.

"Wow, this is heavy, even for me. How can you carry it?" she asks. I shrug.

"It feels pretty light to me. I tried a couple fake hacks and slashes while I was still at home. I could wield it easily." I say. Misuzu looks amazed.

"We're getting farther into magic here…" She mutters. I'm about to protest when Jessica speaks up.

"What did Jake to come here for?" She asks. I nod.

"For training. If Jake ever needs that sword and wings, he'll need to be able to use them to his advantage. Of course, all my training comes from fighting on the ground. Have you tried using your wings yet?" Misuzu asked. I nod.

"On the way here… well mostly. I got lazy." I say with a grin. However, Misuzu doesn't.

"No matter what, you need to continue to fly. It might be hard, but practice, practice, practice. Who knows when we might need it. I know it's hard, but you need to stregthen those muscles." she says. I nod.

"Too true. So, what can you teach me with the sword?" I ask her. She nods to my sword.

"Well, for one thing, I can tell you that it has a power in it. I believe that it has a lot of magic stored inside that can be recharged. However, you know no magic, and as far as I know, only onmyouji can do it. Somewhere in your family tree you have to have someone with the ability to wield magic.

"But that's immposible!" I say. "For one thing, its hard to believe magic even exists…" But Jessica shakes her head.

"That wind spell, that was magic wasn't it?" Jessica asks. Misuzu nods.

"Hai. It is a rather simple spell that, against weak beings, can be highly effective. However, the… things we faced are also powerful. More powerful then me, even. I don't know what they are, but they sure know what their doing…Anyways, we have to teach you with the sword. Kakeru and Yuka still don't have any powers, so we need to have has many people as possible who can defend and keep the enemy away from them. Do you think you have the sword in the Red Night?" Misuzu asks. I shake my head.

"I don't see why I need it, considering I can turn into a dragon." I say with a grin. Misuzu shakes her head.

"Not for you. For Jessica." She nods to my sister, who has been oddly quiet "You also need to defend yourself Jessica. You can't JUST use martial arts.". Jessica doesn't even shake her head.

"No. If I need to defend myself, I'd like to try my hand in magic. If we DO have magic in our bloodline, I would like to learn it. No offense, but I'm not particulary happy in hand-to-hand fighting" She says. Misuzu smiles.

"Like most girls. Well, anyways, I can teach you a few…INTRESTING spells. The more people with magic, the better chance we have. I'll teach Jake AFTER his sword training. Anyways," She walks over to a candle on a bar and lights it "Your training starts now." She takes her sword and hacks her blade through the flame… and it doesn't extinguish! I nod, then take my blade. Lucky I'm tall for my age and am a little taller then the candle. I put my blade up, and Misuzu adjusts my postion.

"Like this." She says, and adjusts her feet so one is about half a foot behind the other, with a slight twist on her body and her sword up to just above the candle. I nod and get into the stance. Then I slash.

It happens all at once. As soon as my blade touches the flame, it bursts into flame. Then a red mists shimmers up, glowing and simmering until it finally forms into a… dragon! The dragon roars, then falls back down into the fire gleaming on my sword. A symbol appears on the handle of my blade

"FIRE!" The word pops into my head. The symbol continues to glow red for a few seconds, then dies out, but the burnt mark is still there. I stand, amazed, at the sight before me.

"oyamaa" Misuzu says, shocked. I can tell from the look on her face that this is something big. Something… unnatural. I slowly look up.

"What was that?" I whisper. Misuzu shakes her head.

"It means…" She whispers right back " That… somewhere on your blood line, you have someone in the Kuskabe family. Just like me.".

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