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The result of drinking something that's not yours!

Kurogane couldn't believe it. Of all of the stupid things that the mage could do; this takes the cake.

He just couldn't believe it. and all because of that dumb object too.

The group arrived at the backyard of the shop one fine morning with Watanuki greeting them happily as the two Mokonas welcoming with each other in delight.

Watanuki told them that they can stay at the shop as long as they like which they agreed whole-heartedly to.

It was on the third day that Watanuki received some sort of unusual compensation from a person who had angry dog spirits terrorizing the mother's grave.

Watanuki walked into the main room to see Fai and Kurogane having an intense game of Poker, the two Mokonas sleeping on one of the pillows, and Maru and Moro listening to Syaoron who was reading a story out loud.

Then the young owner stepped into the room, Maru and Moro looked up and smiled. "Watanuki's back!" They whispered loudly.

Syaoron looked up as well and smiled. However his eyes trailed to Watanuki's hands and frowned curiously. "Um, Watanuki; what's that?"

Watanuki looked at what he was holding. It was a liquor-like bottle with crystal –clear liquid inside. "Oh, it's the compensation from one of my customers." He looked at the object closely. "What I don't know right now is what the liquid is used for."

Syaoron and Watanuki looked at each other with blank expressions as they shared one thought.

Keep this away from unsuspecting victims.

"I'll just put this in the storage." Watanuki stated as he left the room.

Syaoron looked at the doorway with an unsure look. He could just feel an event just waiting to occur.

He didn't have the time to dwell on it any further as he heard Fai exclaimed happily.

"Hyuu~! Royal flush; I win!"

Along with Kurogane's shout of sore loser-like anger.

"Damn it mage! You cheated!"

And the cries of the now awakened Mokonas.

"Wahh~! Kuro-meanie woke us up~!"

Though not without the girl servants teasing the ninja.

"Kuro-meanie~! Kuro-meanie~!"

Syaoron sighed in content.

He was so glad Sakura didn't have to put up with this.

On the fourth day, Syaoron took the Mokonas to do a bit of shopping. Watanuki was in the bedroom; taking a nap.

Kurogane was practicing with his sword in the backyard.

Fai was cooking dinner for all of them to thank Watanuki for his hospitality. Just as he was warming up the pan, he looked around for the oil. "Hmm…I wonder where he puts the cooking supplies." He left the kitchen and went towards the storage.

"Ah ha! Found it!" Fai shouted out to no one in particular. He grabbed the cooking oil and started to walk out of the room.

Until something shiny caught his eye. He stopped as he looked at the liquor bottle with interest. "Hmm~!" He tilted his head in glee. "Well, I'm sure Watanuki wouldn't mind if I had a sip before a meal." He placed the oil on the shelf while taking out the bottle. He took off the cap and took a big gulp of the liquid. He licked his lips. "Mmm~! Tasty~!"

Then suddenly a puff of smoke engulfed him as he screamed in surprise.


Kurogane heard the scream as he readied his sword and ran back inside the shop. He looked around. "Mage! Where the hell are you!"

"Kuro-puu!" A cry of desperation called out.

It came from the warehouse.

Kurogane ran to the storage room and opened the door. "Mage!" What he witnessed was nothing he ever was prepared for.

Within the room, he saw a figure hunched over with a blonde tail swishing in the air while the ears were half-covered as the lone figure had its back turned towards him.

Kurogane took one step forward before the figure twitched. His eyes widened as he heard a very familiar voice coming out of the figure's mouth.


He never got the chance to even be surprised as he was tackled to the ground by the cat-hybrid.

"Nyaa~! Kuro-wanwan!"


"Yep, I knew this kind of thing would happen."

"Then why didn't you prevent this from happening!"

"It was Hitsuzen."

"You seem pretty freaking calm about this."

"Would you rather be in his position right now instead?"


"Thought so. Alas, we just have to wait until the potion wears off and Fai will return to his normal self."

"Heh. As normal as this idiot can get."

Watanuki and Kurogane watched as Fai was playing with a ball of yarn with his cat-like paws as the servants cooed at him.

The cat-hybrid looked up at Kurogane and gave the cutest cat-like smile the ninja has ever seen on the wizard.

Kurogane blushed as he looked away.

This was going to be a long day.

After a couple of hours of playing with a toy mouse that Fai was starting to get a bit bored. Looking at Kurogane slightly napping on the other side of the room; he half-crawled to the ninja and started to purr while rubbing the man's arm.

Coming out his slumber; Kurogane turned his head to see Fai rubbing against his arm. Blinking in mild shock he started to gently pet Fai's head with his right hand.

Fai mewled in content. "Nya~! Kuro~!" He rubbed against the ninja's hand; silently asking him to pet him more.

Kurogane raised an eyebrow at the mage's behavior. "Damn Fai, you realized how…..different you look right now?" It would be a million years before Kurogane would even utter the word 'cute'.

Though in his mind, it's being repeated like a broken record.

Then suddenly Fai turned his head and looked outside. He gazed at a single moth that found its way into the room. In a flash Fai jumped up and tried to catch the bug. Kurogane watch with mild amusement as the cat-mage fell on his bottom and mewled angrily; determined to get that moth.

"I always wondered why the mage would call himself: big-cat."

After many fail attempts of trying to catch the moth, Fai's eyelids started to droop as he yawned loudly.

Kurogane stood up from his spot and walked towards him. "Okay mage, that's enough; time for bed."

The cat-mage mewled in protest before another yawn escaped his mouth. "Nya."

Kurogane almost smiled at the tired look for the wizard. Almost.

Fai then reached his arms high as he can go from his spot on the ground. "Carry me nya~?"

Kurogane stared at him; fighting the urge to tackle him. "No mage; you have to get up yourself."

Then he saw it.

The most adorable blue cat-eyes he has ever seen. Those eyes were pleading him; to try and say no. Kurogane feared it would happen to him.

Fai mewled as he pouted. "Please, nya~?" His eyes were glistening with tears.

Kurogane swallowed whatever pride he actually had at that moment and carried Fai bridal-style in his arms. "Fine!"


The warrior sighed as he carried the cat-hybrid to their shared bedroom.

What they both failed to notice was the rest of the group watching the scene with smiles on their faces.

"Watanuki; did you knew that this would happen?" Syaoron asked but couldn't keep the smile off.

The young owner hummed in content. "Who's to say Syaoron; it was Hitsuzen after all." He grinned as well.

The servants and the Mokonas giggled in delight.

Kurogane gently placed Fai on the bed and pulled up the covers. "Now then I trust you won't be doing anymore dumb-ass stunts?"

Fai tiredly nodded against the pillow with a smile.

The ninja grunted. "Then…" He started to walk away from the bed when he felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked over to see Fai meowing softly. "Sleep with me?" He was so tired that he didn't even bother to add 'Nya'.

Kurogane blushed as he couldn't think of an excuse to not be next to him. Finally he sighed. "Fine. Move over."

Fai silently cheered as he moved to the other side of the bed.

With Kurogane in bed, Fai snuggled onto his chest and purred.

"You are such a cat mage." Kurogane said; lacking the bite in his bark.

Fai just meowed and slowly slumbered.

Kurogane sighed in content as he too drifted into dream land.

The next morning, Kurogane's eyes flatter open as he took in the surroundings.

'Ugh. Where am I…oh right I was in bed with the cat-mage.'

He looked to his left to see that Fai was back to normal.

"Good. The last thing I needed was to tell the kid the damn situation." Kurogane thanked god that the Kid wasn't the one turned into anything that day.

Fai moaned in his pillow as he started to wake up. "Uhm….Kurgy?" He rubbed his eyes while he slowly sat up. "What happened?"

Kurogane looked at the mage in shock. "You mean you don't remember?"

Fai shook his head. "No. All I remember was taking a taste of that liquid and then nothing."

Kurogane frowned as he was slightly disappointed that Fai couldn't remember a thing. But the day had come and gone. "Well mage, did you learn your lesson?"

Nodding happily, Fai smiled. "Yep~! No more drinking weird things without permission again~!" He then looked at the ninja and stared. "Um…Kuro?"

Kurogane looked back at Fai with a questioning look. "Yeah?"

The mage tilted his head as he pointed to his head. "Kuro-wanwan has puppy ears~!"


As soon as Kurogane touched his head, he found that a pair of dog ears on his head. In a panic, he took off the covers and found a black shaggy tail waving back at him.

'Oh hell no!'

Kurogane howled in anger.

In the main room, Watanuki and Syaoron were sharing some tea while Maru,Moro and the Mokonas were playing outside.

The two boys heard a howl and looked at each other while holding their cups.

"…So I'm guessing Kurogane turned into a dog-hybrid?" Syaoron couldn't help but ask.

Watanuki calmly took a sip of his tea. "Yeah, it turned out that if one person drank some of that liquid; the person closest to them will change next."

Syaoron nodded. "I see." He then heard a series of crashes, Fai's laughter, and Kurogane's shouts of embarrassment. "Did you know that this would happen?"

The young owner grinned. "I don't know what you mean Syaoron."

Syaoron laughed. "Well I'm glad about one thing."

"Oh? And what's that?

The traveler took a big gulp of tea before setting the cup on the table. "That I'm not the one that made Kurogane mad."

Watanuki raised an eyebrow. "And why's that?"

"Well for one thing if I did make Kurogane angry at least I can leave the shop for dear life."

The young owner choked on his tea.

He did not think that far.

"Oh crap."

The door at the end of the hall slammed open.


The poor owner gulped.

"I'll make sure you'll have a nice funeral after this." Syaoron helpfully stated.

Watanuki sighed.

"Ah double crap."

And the shop's day had only just began.


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