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Battle The Storm

By: Hikari Maiden

The mist turned into a downpour and Lacy Sophia saw a bright flash of lightning that seemed to be close behind her. A low rumble of thunder followed. The thunder seemed to be slightly behind the lightning in distance. She saw another flash of lightning and it seemed to be closer behind her and much brighter than the first. The thunder she heard that followed sounded more like a roar this time than a rumble. The next flash of lightning seemed like a series of blinding flashes right behind her and the next roar sounded more like a crack than a roar.

She began to run as a memory played inside her head. She stood under a tin roof to get a snowball for her and her father. Her father told her nothing would happen. However, a lightning bolt struck not far from her feet and she screamed and jumped back. She also began to remember the reality shows she watched. She probably wouldn't have someone call her name and she probably wouldn't hear the voice and God probably wouldn't save her. She saw and read about instances where this happened in different situations. Someone got struck by lightning. Humans are grounded. A shock to the heart and the heart stops, so does the brain, and one dies. One may become paralyzed for life. One may become paralyzed temporarily. One may lose a sense or two for life. One may lose a sense or two temporarily. One may suffer brain damage for life. One may suffer brain damage temporarily. Rubber tires make the human not grounded. Phones are dangerous and so is water and metal and tin and electricity. Birds aren't grounded.

She felt that the memory and her knowledge caused her fear and that she had to battle the storm in order to get over her fear. However, she also felt too scared to battle the storm in order to get over her fear.

It seemed lightning and thunder surrounded her and she trembled and panted. She frantically stopped, took off her white, high heels, and began to run barefoot to the nearest building without a tin, or metal, roof.

If I'd have known it would rain, I'd have worn my rain jacket. She carried it in her arms, drenched on the inside and outside.

Lightning seemed to flash almost over her head and thunder seemed to crack almost over her head. She screamed and tears gathered in her eyes. Her heart pounded. She ran inside an opening to a building on a construction site.

Muddy, soaked, and scared, she leaned her back against the wall and sighed as she closed her eyes and slid onto the floor. She hugged her knees to her chest and buried her head in her lap. I've seen the damage storms are able to cause. Images of the damage caused by storms flashed through her mind. My people. So many die. So many lose homes.


She jumped with an, "Ulp!", and stared at the person with wide eyes and a frown and blinked.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

She smiled at the boy and shook her head. "No. The storm shook me up quite a lot. No harm done on your part."

"My name's Sora Kitazawa. What's yours?"

"Lacy Sophia."

He smiled. "Nice to meet you, Lacy."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sora. Your name means sky, right?"

He nodded. "It does."

Her face and eyes took on a sad expression and she looked away from the boy.

Something seems to be bothering her. "Something wrong?"

He probably shouldn't know. "Nothing." Tears rolled down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away.

Hikari Maiden: Here is where I battle writer's block. I don't know what to put next.

Daichi Kitazawa: What time is it?

Hikari Maiden: Time for Dai-san to get a watch.

Akane Kishida: What's the point? He doesn't watch the time.

Daichi Kitazawa: Ha, ha. Very funny.

Sora Kitazawa: The time doesn't watch.

Hikari Maiden: Whoa! Nice pun!

Daichi Kitazawa: You all are sharks out to eat me alive!