Holiday had become accustomed to every hum and tick that sounded in her office, no noise was foreign but some were just rarer than others. For example the light almost whisper like footsteps of a certain agent NOT being followed by louder clumsier ones or the slight slapping of bare monkey feet against the floor was one of those rare sounds and today was one of those very rare days. She pretended to busy herself acting uninterested by his unaccompanied visit, though she was actually quite curious. She readjusted the knob on her microscope for the umpteenth time until his voice pierced through the silence.

"doctor." He called. Her eyes traveled up to meet his shaded ones. She always hated the fact he'd hide his soul behind those infernal glasses.

"agent six is there anything I can do for you?" she asked her tone matching his own suffocating, formal one. He handed her a small vile. She took it from his hands; her skin tingled after the sudden contact with his fingers.

"knight needs this tissue sample analyzed A.S.A.P." He explained. " it's a different breed of evo'd reptiles being found in the everglades, we had a nasty run in with them." Her eyes widen slightly, he saw her growing concern.

"is Rex-

"he's fine, a couple of scratches but nothing a bottle of iodine can't fix." He quickly interjected cutting off the good doctor. She felt foolish letting her tone shift from scientist to mom in seconds but it seemed whenever rex was involved she couldn't help it.

"I see, be sure to tell him to stop by for a full physical analysis." She states placing the vile on her desk. Her voice was composed again, she was silently relieved, in the agent's opinion the look on her face was quite readable.

"noted" the agent replied already preparing himself for the excitable smile on the boy's face when he mentions the lovely doctor. The annoying, irritating puppy dog smile he'd wear the whole day after seeing her… he really hated working with an overly hormonal teenager.

With nothing left to say to the brunette, he head out. he missed her slightly disappointed look. She mentally scowled herself, what was she expecting a heartfelt conversation with a man who had broken a limb a not even shed a tear. She felt stupid trying to constantly reach out to him. it always felt like there was an invisible wall separating them, separating her from everyone in this terrible place.

"six?" She called, desperately trying to not sound anxious, his foot stopped halfway through the automatic door as her voice beckoned him.

"Dr. Holiday is there something else you need to know?" he asked in his usually stoic voice. She bit her lips before fully facing him, she'd gone this far why not take it all the way home.

"it doesn't pertain to the vile, it's more personal, Agent Six." She responded waiting for him to stroll right out of the office. Instead she received an inquiring expression, a rare sight on the monotone agent.

"personal?" he repeated stepping back into the office. He was curious and slightly amused by the doctor's sudden outburst, though his expression remained unreadable. He scan her eyes, she was getting harder and harder to read everyday as well, he liked it… perhaps because it made him less susceptible to sympathizing with her emotions. It was dangerous to feeling a connection with her or with those gentle green eyes of hers.

"are you busy at the moment?" she asked she felt her nails digging into her palm from the nerves. He raised a brow in confusion, he fixed his sun glasses, a nervous tick he'd secretly attained over the years.

"yes actually I'm about to brief Calan on the today's mission." six replied. She controlled the urge to face-palm, her potential date stolen by Captain Calan… why does the universe enjoy screwing with her.

"oh… well then I didn't mean to keep you, goodbye six." She stated quickly trying to busy herself and avoid eye contact. She felt her flushed cheeks give her mood away, she was embarrassed and disillusioned and was praying he couldn't see it and that he'd just walk away.

"any particular reason for the questioning, doctor?" he inquired trying to get a read on her, though from her fidgety movement anyone could tell something was up. She froze and ceased scribbling on her clipboard. "breathe holiday… just be honest there's nothing wrong with asking a colleague to an outing" she told herself.

"I was just about to finish classifying this specimen, actually I just finished and was about to get some coffee, I wanted to see if you were interested." She replied nonchalantly mentally patting herself on the back for not melting into a puddle of stuttering goo as he searched her eyes. "but as you've already stated you're bus-

"Calan can wait." Six interrupted, an annoying habit he'd formed over the years chopping her sentences in half but for once his intrusion was welcomed. she tried to hide the incredulous expression her face but couldn't.

"excuse me?" she asked dropping her pen from the shock. He withheld his smirk as reached down to retrieve her pen. He bent down quickly and before she could blink, he was offering her to take it. She grabbed hold of the pen but neither her nor the agent released their grasp on it, she could feel his slightly calloused finger over her own… they were soothing and cool, it ached to be so close yet in retrospect so far from him, it was sad to know this was closest she'd get to physical affection with him. Their eyes linger on their temporarily intertwined hands before meeting each others eyes. He gradually let go, it might have only been a brief second but in their minds it was a slow, painful separation.

"calan has formed the bad habit of being less then punctual and I think it's time I gave him a taste of his own medicine, so a coffee run was it?" he stated trying to bring them back from their imaginary plane. Holiday nodded still too shock to form coherent words.

"that sounds fine are you certain you're all done here doctor?" he questions hoping to receive more than a numbed stare from the brunette.

"y-yes, I just finished." She replied smacking herself inwardly for stuttering. "way to go holiday… you're a complete professional."

"good then we'll go to the cafeteria." He states heading towards the door. She set down her clipboard and followed him, scolding herself for being so anxious, she look over at him with stoic expression but couldn't help but notice, he seemed a little less wound up. he missed this, seeing her smiling by his side. Of course the agent would rather be tortured with medieval devices and sing "the happy flower song" than admit anything of the sort.

It was a silent trip which Six was grateful for, Holiday had a knack for wanting to know everything about his day, then again that was long time ago. He looked over at her wondering what was it that kept her soothing voice mute. He could see the nervous glassy look in her eyes, was she that uncomfortable around him? … perhaps it was for the best … not to see her laugh and smile or hear her voice call out to him.

When the cafeteria doors opened they both swiftly headed inside, Holiday greeted a few colleagues while six quickly order his coffee, black , two creams, no sugar. Eventually she caught up with him, before she could even utter a greeting he handed holiday her coffee.

"I'm hoping you still like four sugars and three creams." He stated as she took the cup. She smiled warmly.

" probably one of the few things that hasn't changed." She replied.

He guides her outside of the cafeteria, too noisy for his taste but she's already aware of that. They end up in one of the towers just above the petting zoo. He sat comfortably by side of the window and it's not long before the lovely doctor joins him.

"so when exactly does you're meeting with Calan start?" she question sipping her coffee.

"15 minutes ago." The agent quipped, he earn a chuckle from the doctor. He smiled it was small and only lasted for a brief second but it was there.

"he's going to go nuts, I can't wait to see that security tape." She replies. The agent nodded humored by the idea. She smiled even wider, it felt so nice to speak to him as if the were friends not just colleagues or even less strangers.

"personally I just think coffee will be the only thing that will keep me awake long enough to give him the entire report." The agent added. She set cup down and leaned her chin into her palm.

"that bad huh?" she replied. He nodded.

"As if racing through the everglades wasn't bad enough just slap on mutated wild life, a kid that can't breathe without making something explode, and a monkey whose got an irritating sense of humor." He retorted. He didn't expect her to laugh so richly at his comment but definitely didn't mind.

"all in a day's work for the agro-nanny." She joked, he sent her a warning look but couldn't help but let it crack into a smile. He was losing his mask… he didn't know whether to happy or scared but something in Holiday's laughter made everything seem okay.

"don't start that. " he warned. "if he hears you say it he'll never let it go." Her eyes seem amused by his statement.

"I think it's cute he's given you a nickname." She teased. He raised a brow and smirked.

"he's got one for you too." He replied waiting to see her reaction. She rolled her eyes.

"let me guess Dr. Cutie?'" she replied shacking her head, Rex was less than subtly when it came to his attraction to her.

"close Dr. Hottie." He corrected he heard the groan escape for her lips and smiled.

"I swear where does a 11 year old come up with half the line he feeds me." she rants. "I blame the media." The agent scoffed loudly.

"I blame the monkey." The agent replied with an annoyed tone.

" bobo's not that bad, personally I think he's one few people that keep this place interesting." She defended.

"he also has a negative effect on the boy." The agent replied in a more serious tone. Her eyes down casted… he was talking like an agent again… that's not what she wanted at all.

"yes… I've read that on a few of your reports." She responded sipping her coffee, the warmth was gone… both in her drink and in his eyes. She saw his hand lying on the table and couldn't help but wonder if something in her touch could crack his armored heart.

"I'm just hoping he'll mature soon, I don't think it's going to get any easier if all he does is fight me every step of the way." The agent commented. She shoulders tensed and her less amiable nature was starting to come out.

"of course it's not, all you do is try to control him." she retorted. The agent was taken back by her comment but didn't let it show.

"I'm trying to guide him, this war is far from over and he's our only ho-

"a child! an 11 year child is our only hope and that gives providence the right to control every aspect of his life."she ranted. Inwardly she was pissed off about a lot more than his treatment to the boy but the subject they'd touched seemed like an acceptable outlet.

"if it means he'll be ready!" The agent fought back.

"so you don't care if he's safe, you care if he can fight!" She retorted.

"and all you care about is making this difficult as possible!" he shouted finally losing his patience.

"all I care about is his safety and yours!" She replied desperately trying to get it through his head that he and rex were the most important people in her life. Her hand caught his and in an instant he felt the same warmth he felt the first day he met her. That touch of hers was deadly… it made him forget everything but her smile.

"Holiday I- …" his communicator went off as did hers. Their hands unlaced as they scrambled to answer them. A grudging sigh escaped their lips as they listened to the ranting voice of a field officer explain to them how Rex had crashed a 20,000,000 dollar sky jet and was in the medical bay.

"noted, I'll-." Holiday's stare told him she was tagging along. "We'll be right there." Six he corrected as he dismissed the officer, turning off his com-link. " when I find him I'm going to-

"send him to my lab, he was just in an accident! " Holiday corrected. The agent rolled his eyes

"one he caused." Six retorted. She huffed as they ran as fast as they could.

"that's beside the point what if he's hurt!" she argued. he hated her over caring attitude.

"then that'll teach him to steal jets and go on joyrides, I'll bet you anything the monkey's with him." the agent retorted. She let out an amused smile.

"how about your glasses." She joked. He ignored her offer to start the bet. Right now all he wanted to do was make sure Rex was safe so he could kill him.

"so rain check on the coffee date?" she commented. Six almost tripped when she said the word date. He cleared his throat trying to regain his composure.

"who said it was a date?" he replied trying to seem unfazed.

"who said it wasn't?" she teased running ahead of him. "come on six, no wonder Rex is always getting away from you."

"funny." He retorted bitterly though the slight blush on his face had yet to leave him. being a trainer for providences new "weapon" was hard enough, playing high school sweethearts with the lovely doctor was not on his to do list. Though he couldn't help but remember the soft feel of her hands, and the warm glow in her eyes.