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Safety Net

rex didn't stir as his bedroom door hissed open, he just kept his eyes closed and continued to drown himself in the sound of a passionate latina woman singing music his ears barely heard but his heart sang along with.

Six knew this little routine all too well. Rex was in another world right now, one which, if he didn't proceed with caution, would cave in on the boy. He continued inside the room with silent steps until his shadow hovered over his ward. Rex opened his eyes and let his gaze lazily shift upwards towards the ninja.

"hey." The teen greeted.

"Heard you had some heck of day." Six continued as he leaded against the wall next to the boy's bed.

"yeah well you know, just another typical Tuesday working for providence." Rex replied nonchalantly placing his hands behind his head. "if your here to bug me about my repor-

"you saw her." the agent stated cutting him off. The teen frowned… Six could see the other world start to quake in Rex's eyes at the mention of the siren.

"I saw a lot of things today, what's your point?" the junior agent retorted defensively.

"it's been awhile since our trip to abysus, must have been surprising to see her." the ninja nanny countered.

"not really she worked for Kleiss, she was bound to pop up sometime." Rex replied his tone dropping back down to it usual carefree state.

"worked?" the agent asked in actual astonishment. The teen tried to his grin as he nodded.

"like you said it was a heck of day." He explained in his usual cocky voice.

"you… wanna talk about it?" Six awkwardly offered. The teen raised a brow in confusion and amusement.

"isn't that what we're doing right now?" the latino boy replied. The agent gave him his usual glare. Rex rolled his eyes, he was much too used to Six's methods.

"you know why I'm here." The ninja nanny sighed. The boy nodded, it didn't take all of Holiday's degrees to know she was the one who had sent the stoic agent… god she was insufferable when she was in mom-mode.

"if I needed to talk someone, I would've already talked to Holiday or called Noah. Uh no offense Six, but your not exactly my go to guy when comes to "talks"." The teen explained in a teasing voice.

"glad someone understands that."Six grunted in annoyance. He stood up straight and just before he could even mention a goodbye, the teen's voice or more importantly his tone of voice stopped him.

"…she was amazing, you know."Rex praised in a somewhat pained voice. The boy's knuckles turned white from how hard he was gripping his ipod… it seemed music could no longer soothe him. "she saved everyone."

Ahh and there it was again… another tremor in that fragile little world of his. The agent held in his sigh… Holiday was right, he wasn't going to talk about this with anyone else… just him.

"I remember reading that." The agent stated sitting himself beside the teen's lying form.

rex's eyes were glued to the ceiling still enveloped his other world's arms, the agent would have to pry him out gently, this required skill… unfortunately for Six not the type of skill he had been trained with, but the skills Holiday and her gentle mannerisms possessed.

"you read my report already?... I just finished it 15 minutes ago." The teen asked in amazement. Six looked at him with a similar stare.

"rex, it's almost 10, you been in here for 3 hours." The agent corrected, Rex's eyes widened slightly… he was snapping back to reality but the searing pain of the real world was still too much. The boy's eyes dim back down immediately … he remembered the feel of her hands… and how quickly she had let go…

… the tremors were stronger this time…

"heh… guess I lost tract of time." Rex admitted casually. His calm voice didn't mask the worry in his eyes… he knew something was wrong … he just didn't want admit it.

"guess so." The six acknowledge trying his best ease the teen's obviously tense spirit.

"what the heck is wrong with me…. I've been begging her from day one to leave the pack… and she did… so why do still feel so damn lousy?" rex asked out loud his voice sounded angry… more at himself than anyone else.

"because, she didn't choose you… she just didn't choose Kleiss." The agent explained only to wish he hadn't.

… he could see the sky falling in Rex's little world, and he had no way to shield him from the blows…

the boy turned away to face the wall… damn it… real subtle Six, that probably didn't scar him at all…

Rex furrowed his eyebrow together as he glared at the wall… why was he still not good enough?... she kept saying how damn important he was to her, why wasn't he important enough to stay with!

"I feel like an idiot." The boy muttered clutching his pillow, he grunted as he moved his sore body. " ugh I also feel like a truck ran over me."

The agent let his hand hover over boy for second, he wanted to comfort Rex; however, there was no way in hell he was doing this "Holiday" style and giving him a hug… but perhaps a firm hand on his shoulder would suffice. Six always appreciated the same gesture from his kind master, maybe Rex would too.

"Ugh I need more meds my head his killing me." the agent move away his hand quickly as the boy let out a loud groan and grumbled a curse into his pillow in Spanish, no doubt something he'd learned from watching those trashy "novelas".

Six felt his eye twitch, he wasn't afraid of 20 ft tall monsters capable of killing a man with a glare but mention displays of affection and his ninja ass was out of there before you could blink… damn it, why couldn't he just learn to say no to Holiday?

He let out a silent sigh… his most sacred rule 'no unnecessary physical contact' he was really going to break for this little teen angst "crisis"? ….

"you'll watch over the boy, make sure he doesn't get too reckless out there. God knows that cheeky little brat would get himself killed without someone there by his side, those are your orders… understood?"


" protecting rex is more complicated than just being his safe net. You need to protect his spirit Six, he's just child… their spirits are fragile and their hearts even more so… he needs warmth, friends, affection…"

"For now a safe net will just have to do."

Rex widen his eyes as he felt Six place his hand on his shoulder.

no quakes… no tremors… just the feeling of waking up… Rex's eyes were alive again… he was safe and far away from that other world… Six tried not to show his relief.

"Don't rest on that shoulder, No-Face almost dislocated it."Six paused to rearrange the boy's position on the bed, Rex tried not too looked so shocked at how gentle the agent was. "You may not feel anything because of the meds but trust me, you'll feel it in the morning." Six scolded in his usual unfeeling voice but Rex knew under that tone was the feeling of concern the agent tried to hide.

"yeah okay whatever…" the boy muttered as he hid the smile tugging at his lips. The agent rearranged his glasses and backed away from his ward.

"you know… she's going to come around eventually." Six stated , the boy gave him a sadden skeptical look.

"you think so?..." he asked with too little hope in his eyes.

"Guarantee it." The agent replied letting out a ghost of smile. " Now beat up or not we're still having training tomorrow at 0500 sharp." Six reminded walking towards the door.

"Oh! Come on I almost got killed today!" Rex protested.

"like you said yourself, just a typical Tuesday at providence." Six taunted as the door closed behind him.

"pfft some nanny." The boy scoffed but he let small smile out… but maybe Six was right… after all it wasn't like Six to say something nice for the hell of it, he just wasn't that kind of guy… he was… he was his ninja nanny and that's just what he'd always be. He clenched his fist and looked up at his ceiling with a look of unshakable confidence.

"I haven't forgotten my promise, Six, and it won't just be you… I'll protect Holiday, bobo, and noah… " he paused to place his hand on his healing heart. "and circe too… voy a proteger a todo el mundo (I'm going to protect everyone)."

He let his head rest gently on his pillow, comfortable in position his mentor had left him and shut his eyes drifting into one of the few solid memories he had in his life as sleep over took him.

"you know I don't need you to babysitting me all the time! I can fight too!"Rex shouted as Six bandaged his freshly treated wounds, the boy tried not show his evident guilt but his resolve was waning.

"your still too inexperienced, letting you out there would've been a foolish move."Six retorted in his usual cold voice annoyed that boy had decided to hassle him ever second since he's been released by Dr. Holiday… not that she had been any less angered by his careless injury.

"you wouldn't have gotten hurt if you would've just trusted me! I'm strong too!" Rex stated in shaky voice. He was still haunted by the memory of the creature tearing it's claws into his mentor. Six let out soft grunt as he placed in his shirt.

"I know, but your too reckless." He stated dryly buttoning his dress shirt. "All that carelessness floods your mind with empty confidence, a good solider knows his limits, he knows when to back down." The ninja let out a another grunt as he placed on his jacket.

Rex sniffled slightly as he tried to shake away the tears prickling his eyes, it was all his fault Six was hurt… it was his fault for be so weak.

"y-yeah well next time, I'm- I'm not going to let you take my place!I'm gonna get strong! And I'm gonna protect you! okay! So you can just keep all your crazy ninja talk to yourself!" he shouted as he stormed out the infirmary not wanting to let Six see his tears.

"Mamoru ka? (protect me?) " the agent muttered. "dono yo ni orokana… (how foolish)." He finished with a small smile.