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Nabiki had just started her play. She knew, that Akane could never resist to eavesdropping. They were sisters after all! What she didn't know about though, was her fiance sitting in front of her window, thinking about what to do about her. He wanted to be angry at the way Nabiki treated him just a few hours back. He was sold, both in pictures and body. Stuff like that he expected from Genma, his father, but not from Nabiki Tendo! Not from the girl his heart belonged to... But how hard he tried to be angry, it just wouldn't happen. He loved her way too much fo that.

Yes, you heard right: Ranma Saotome was in love with Nabiki Tendo! It had been a one way buisness deal. He had given her his heart... and greedy person she was she never gave it back. Funny thing was she didn't even know about that,... yet. He himself wasn't entirely sure about how and why it had happened but happening it did. What was it he loved when he thought of her once again? Her sexy body? Her cute nose and these magnificent eyes? Her non-shit-attitude and the way she always kept herself out of trouble while remaining right in the middle of any action possible - while remaining right at his side? He sighed and had to admit he'd fallen hard and fast. Ukyo he liked as a friend. Shampoo was a damn strong fighter. Akane, she was cute he guessed - kinda like a lil sister anyways. And Kodachi... well... she was a big bad ass lunatic - shudder. Nothing to keep around at all. He kind of liked all four girls but he couldn't trust them. They lied. And lied again. They drugged, blackmailed and did all kind of other things just to get him as a trophy husband. And here came what he liked with Nabiki the most: She never lied! All the things she had to say to you, she said in firm belief and only when her known fact's spoke that way. She never drugged you - or anybody for that matter... well, save with her sexy appearance anyway! And damn as well, she never blackmai... -scratch that!- yes, damn hell she blackmailed you but anybody had small faults and it wasn't like she could do anything else to keep herself and her family safe... and yes, you heard right. The next thing about Nabiki was that she cared for her family deeply. So deeply, that she had offered any personal luck and happyness just to keep them safe. Money was needed in the Tendo dojo and she was the only one that did anything for regular income. Ever looked in her room? A bed. A desk. And some big bookshelf. That's all she owned. Well and Ranma's heart.

Now he was hearing her playing some little act. He was bemused at what she was talking, about him entering her room to do... stuff with her. He admitted he'd really like to just do what she was playing of just now! And then he heard glass splintering in Akanes room. Shit! As fast as he could Ranma entered the youngest daughter's room through her open window and saw said girl sitting near the wall, glass splinters dripping on the floor out of her hand. She even illuminated the room in the angry red light of her battle aura. It was bright damn it! What was Nabiki thinking? Akane would go on rampage any moment now. He could do only one thing... Just as the girl stood up to exit the room (he wondered why she didn't decide to simply 'drop bye' through the wall) he came up behind her and rendered her unconscious. He lifted her up just to drop her on her bed and then exited the room through the door. Danger averted.

Ranma just wanted to leave to the room he shared with his old man, when his gaze got drawn to the door to his right. Well, he should wish his fiance a good night now that he thought about it. So he moved infront of her door and became really nervous all of the sudden. It was night. Everybody already went to bed and here he was, infront of the door seperating him and his fiance... his love. He swallowed hard and let everything just happen like it came to him. Bad decision. Next thing he knew was he had entered the room came face to face with some puzzled Nabiki. At the look on her face he concluded it had all been a setup for her younger sister... and from the grin that just spread there she thought she could use him in this. Better think twice girl. Nabiki just got hold of his hand and with strong pull with her whole weight thy both landed on her bed... he on top of her, faces mere inches apart. She suddenly froze, eyes becoming wide and she nervously glanced to the door. Akane wasn't there. Why? She had to find the two of them in this... very compromising position... and fast. Nabiki didn't know what would happen if she didn't. She became very aware of the strong form of Ranma pressing down on her body, gently but still fixing her in spot. Aware of how his eyes had locked gaze with hers holding so much. Confusion and bemusement she could see clearly in there but also affection and lust. Her gaze was drawn to his lips and it took everything she had not to come up to feel them, not to give in to the feelings spreading through her body numbing her mind. She had never ever kissed a boy before and now his lips came down on hers.

He kissed her gently, let her succumb in the feeling of his lips upon hers. When he pulled back he noticed she hled her eyes closed. As they opened again all kind of emotions flashed through them and they started to glisten with tears forming in there. He never intended to make her cry, but couldn't feel bad about this either. It had felt too good. And while he didn't exactly know how to handle the situation at hand, his body acted on his own as he once again lowered his lips... only to be met halfway by hers coming up for the capture. He pressed her down on the bed once again lips upon lips but stronger and wilder this time, one hand caressing her face while the other entwined with one of hers.

This kiss was different from their first one, from her first one. It held as much love and tenderness but so much more passion. And this time, she participated too! The first kiss had left her slightly stunned, shattered her mind in an instant. All the surpressed feelings came back up, dwelled upon her surface and it was Ranma's fault. But she couldn't be angry. Not at this, not at him. She wanted it, wanted him. Wanted to be egoistic only this time. Wanted to be loved by this man on top of her. He had set her free with his first kiss and damn as hell would stay right where he was if she had any say in that matter. Reluctantly she admitted, she needed him. He could fix her, was the part that could fill these emptyness in her heart. But at first he started filling her mouth with his tonque, just now. Oh god, maybe she was dead - this had to be heaven.

As they broke apart once again a thought crossed her mind: 'Akane doesn't deserve him...' Sadly enough this thought kick-started her brain once again as she thought 'Akane, god no!' and her gaze jumped at the door, where she really expected her little sister to be at that moment. Ranma must've followed her gaze and must've regained his higher brainfunctions once again too, as he chuckled and then whispered huskly in her ear: "She won't come to disturb us. I took care of that." He then started to nibble at her ear and it took everything she had not to lose control once again as she asked: "Ranma-a, what did you do to her?" He stopped his doings and she felt slightly disappointed. Why did she had to ask this once again? It was just such good a mood... and she was still so new to all of this. He found and held her gaze and simply replied: "I just let her sleep through one special shiatsu point. If I hadn't she would've certainly killed you outright after the stunt you just played before... this." Here he looked to his side, blushing while doing so.e blushed to, at what had happened just now and what it all started with. She really hadn't thought this through to much she realized. Of course Akane would kill her and not simply come over for negoations on her wild horse's prize. She even frowned at that thought and grabbed harder to Ranma. When she had said she wouldn't just rent but keep him, she had really meant it, even if it just occured to her now. She would never let go of him again. He now belonged to her.

She smiled in the kiss when his lips once again found hers.

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