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Emo-people as far as the eye can see, interspersed by blondes yelling "Dattebayo!" at each other while bodybuilders clad in green spandex-suits are running around the whole area. From time to time you can even catch a glimpse of one or another girl with pink hair and serious mental and attitude problems.

The question is: where are you?

While you might believe this to be the backyard of a really big mental institute, you couldn't be farther from the truth than that. You're actually looking at a Naruto-convention, being hold right at the backyard of an even bigger mental institute, then you would even dare to think about. Hah! Didn't see that coming, did you? It's actually the same thing like with that small man apperearing right next to you yelling "THIS IS PARADISE!" right before diving into the mass. Didn't see that coming either. Right?

Back in Nerima people were in a joyous mood. They were calling loved ones exclaiming: "I saw Ranma kissing a girl!" getting answers like "You're still alive? How did you manage?"

The Tendo-Saotome-alliance minus Akane and Nodoka had just left the little café they held breakfast in when all hell broke lose. People were simply happy to be out of the imminent danger. Seeing the local girl-magnet making out with a hot chick without swarms of angry women coming through doors, windows and walls destroying everything in sight rates as the single most luckiest occurrence to even be remotely possible by a long stretch. Hell surviving Russian roulette with 6 bullets in a 6-bullet-colt and 6 shots all for yourself doesn't even begin to compare with the awesomeness of what had happened that time in this small café. A pity no one noticed what happened outside after the door closed.

It was then and there that Kasumi decided to start phase one of her newly developed evil masterplan:
"I'm sorry but I won't be able to cook lunch today. I promised Kaiko to come over and watch her daughter." came out of her mouth sounding as if she was truly sorry. The elders of course didn't question her.

"Ok then, be alright Kasumi." was all her father did say while 'Saotome-san' gave his affirmative.

Nabiki just grinned already thinking of what to do to Ranma with her not there chaperoning 'the little bitch!'. Just before she wanted to turn around to leave he spoke up:

"Well, have fun Kasumi. Ya earned it!"

Kasumi wasn't sure how to reply. He was the only one that really appreciated what she did around the house, wasn't he? He was the only one not just dumbly expressing how he appreciated her, but actually meaning it. She pulled him into a tight embrace, right out of Nabiki's arms, leaning her head into his chest mumbling:

"You are the only one who cares... thank you."

Ranma's first instinct was to stiffen, but he managed to return the embrace and even caught the almost inaudible words she was murmuring.

"Kasumi..." came his soft voice and she gazed up into his eyes – big mistake.

"I'll see you in the evening, 'k?" At this she really had to give it her all just barely being able to suppress the urge to feel his lips upon hers. Ranma simply had a way of making her feel special.

The embrace ended all to soon and Kasumi turned her head to look back:
"I'll see you all later a home, bye Ranma." and with that she run away a slight spring in her step. For once she looked like the 19 year old girl she was, not like the housekeeper she came to be all to early in her life.

Soun and Genma couldn't really comprehend the whole thing so they simply went on back to the Tendo-estate not wasting any thought on what had just transpired. Nabiki was a different case, though.

'You realize he is going to break your heart, don't you?'

'J..Just shut up!' was the only reply Nabiki managed to give that other part of her.

Ranma pulled her close and gave her a peck on the lips before moving to her ear whispering:
"Whatever you are thinking, stop it! You know I love you more then life itself Nabiki."
He by chance had noticed how Nabiki looked lost there for a moment. She had put her thump to her lips and seemed as if the whole world was about to break down any moment. He even managed to realize it had to do with him comforting Kasumi but was at a loss all the same. The day had started out like a dream and now his Nabiki hurt. And he realized even though she hid it better, Kasumi hurt too. He really was at a loss about what to do.

'I know you do baby, how stupid of me to doubt that for even a moment'. Still Nabiki couldn't quite shake off the feeling of being lost.

"Don't you ever do that to me again..." she whispered softly as she pulled herself deep in his embrace, silent tears watering her eyes. She wouldn't allow herself to cry, to be weak. As he continued to nuzzle her neck she felt even worse because she realized, this embrace between him and her sister was nothing more then a friendly hug. It had to be.

'Why does it have to affect me so much...'

The law of equal exchange says that if you want to gain something, your offer has to be one of equal value. In this kind of deal only one question remains: what is it that you offer or more specifically, what would be taken from you?

Few years ago, Nabiki wanted to be able to hide any emotions perfectly from the outside world. She never realized the prize she paid.

At one pm that Saturday, the two chinese warriors were moving at medium speeds to the general direction of Tokyo, coming from the coast to China not speaking a word.

Exactly the same time, the Kunos were not speaking a word either, still sitting around the mahogany table in the dining-room of their mansion.

Ukyo just managed to close her small establishment for an one hour break. Collapsing on a chair, she smiled at how much work she had to do that day. The gods were really smiling down on her, she thought.

Well and Sasuke was doing what Ninjas do the best. Running around shouting senseless phrases on a Naruto-convention I already elaborated on.

Nabiki and Ranma were snuggling to each other on the bed in her room, door closed, fathers playing shogi downstairs.

And Happosai managed to get lost on the Japanese sea, while Akane just lay passed out in the bathroom of the Tendo-estate, P-Chan pressed between her chest and the floor. Eating cockroaches won't do people much good it seems. Well and some cockroach was just crawling on her back looking to find something to eat. The irony.

The question is what Kasumi was up to ever since she separated herself from the others hours ago. Let's take a look at it shall we?

Said eldest daughter of the house Tendo was currently eating a small lunch at some fast-food-restaurant in one of the several malls in Central Tokyo. To the right side of her feet rested a suspicious looking bag and she herself was happily drinking some fuzzy sweet drink, still mirthful that the little excuse she had made up on the spot had worked so well.

'Visiting Kaiko and watching after her little daughter - I don't even know any Kaiko! Not that it matters anyway. And here I hope sweet Ranma is going to love my little present. Considering how bad that day started out – I still can't believe that bitch of a sister of mine would force him to act like he was her loverboy all day – what was I thinking of again. Oh my, I guess I lost myself there... well nevermind Kasumi, by next dawn he's going to be safe and secure in my arms.'

Next dawn came and nothing had happened. Ranma had once again slept in Nabiki's room and Kasumi was fuming while soaking in the bath tub as to begin her day.

'If they don't do anything around the house why can't they at least be nice and go along with my plan? Only Akane had the decency to find some excuse not to be here the night! It was rather imaginative too, I had never thought of food poisoning; but having to be in the hospital for the next 4 days is still over the top. I really have to talk to her about her trying to help out lately. First she's doing it not completely and then she overdoes it. And I still can't believe father and uncle Saotome! Couldn't they pass out on some park bench last night! And Nabiki! I wouldn't care what she did if she was at least away from home. Here I just wanted one night to myself and Ranma but everybody has to ruin it! It simply isn't fair! Even 'Oh my' doesn't cut it anymore... And I so wanted to thank Ranma for cleansing the house from these little plaques too. He's too good to be true, always finding a way to apply himself around here. This Anything Goes Pest Control is such a useful martial art. No wonder he knows it. What wouldn't I give for him joining me right now...'

Hasn't Kasumi earned the right to get some if not all of her wishes granted? She's always been sacrificing her own desires and well being for others, wasn't she ever going to be paid back?

The law of equal exchange means that if you give something, you will get something of equal value in return.

And so the bathroom door slipped open revealing a sleepy Ranma walking right into the small area next to the bath tub. Kasumi was awaken from her daydream as water splashed to the floor, a red-haired female Ranma attesting to the cold water he had just used to shower himself.

She wasn't sure whether she was still daydreaming so Kasumi kept silent. She watched him walk straight to where she was lying, the bath tub. He seemed to have his eyes closed, still being half asleep despite the cold water rinse he had undergone just then. Kasumi spread her legs and Ranma sat down right between them, leaning back into her till his hard muscled back pressed into her soft breasts, his head resting against her left shoulder.

"This is nice" he murmured, almost going back to sleep. Kasumi simply smiled and gave a happy sigh before wrapping her arms around his torso feeling his well defined chest muscles and then feeling down his abs, whispering in his ear:

"Ranma, I didn't know you were so bold."

Just then her hands finally seemed to find what they've been aiming for all along. His eyes sprung open either from the sudden groping or because the words registered in his mind just then. She simply continued in a low, sultry voice:

"Ohh my..."

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