Weddings on Hate

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Kaoru Kamiya woke up to light knocks on her door, following a maid entering her room "Good morning ma'am, my Ladyship says breakfast shall be on the northern terrace today", Kaoru groaned in acknowledgement before opening her eyes in time to see the young maid pulling the large cream colored curtains and letting the sunshine pour on the vast and elegant bedroom.

Kaoru sat on her four posted bed and 2 more maids led her to the bathroom to start the daily routine of bathing and clothing their young mistress.

Every day since she could remember, Kaoru would wake up to two or more maids who dressed her with the appropriate corset, dress for the day, along with the necessary jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. Her day would usually follow with a family breakfast and continue with her daily lessons.

Kaoru walked the hall and down the stairs on a pale pink dress, the bodice embroidered with golden flowers and the long wide silk skirt barely covering the pretty 2-inch heeled white shoes, her hair was down only adorned by small white flowers and she was wearing a pearl necklace that glittered with the morning light. She reached the northern terrace and stepped out with a smile to greet her parents, she was received by a good morning from both her parents and took an empty seat, breakfast went by with little small talk and Lady Kamiya informing her daughter they would be receiving Lady Makimachi and her daughter later in the afternoon for tea to which Kaoru squealed in delight, not only because she would see her best friend, but because important visits meant her afternoon lessons would be cancelled. Lord Kamiya fondly congratulated his daughter on the improvement of her musical skills on the piano and complimented her on the excellence of her singing, he then excused himself to attend some business followed by Lady Kamiya who busied herself with ordering the kitchen staff and making sure everything was ready to welcome her guests, and Kaoru left the table when her Latin tutor was announced.

This particular day had come with two important surprises for Kaoru, the first, that her older brother, Sanosuke, would be coming back home from a long business trip that Lord Kamiya had sent him so he could learn about the family's large businesses. The other was delivered by her best friend Misao.

"Tell me Misao! What is it?" Kaoru asked her best friend, they'd left their mothers busy with gossip and embroidery while they took a walk through the extensive grounds belonging to Kaoru's estate.

Misao smiled, "I shall tell you, but only if you catch me first!" and she ran off laughing with Kaoru following closely. A few minutes later, both girls sat underneath one of the big trees on the Kamiya estate grounds panting and laughing

"Come on Misao, spill it" Kaoru said

"All right! Geez, you would think living with you Mother should teach you some patience!" Misao responded.

"Hey it's not like your Mother is any different from mine!" said Kaoru

Misao grinned and reached for the hidden pockets on the mint colored dress and took out a small cream envelope, Kaoru clapped her hands and squealed, understanding the meaning of Misao giving her the envelope "He's back" Misao nodded and responded "Yes, I got it from the cook just this morning, you will read it aloud wont you? I've been dying to read it!"

Kaoru frowned, "Well, assuming you're telling me the truth and you haven't actually read it yet" she told her friend, Misao's eyes widened and started tearing up dramatically, "How can you think that?" she asked miserably, Kaoru laughed, "Don't I always tell you everything? Of course I shall read it aloud!" it was only after Misao's smile reappeared that she started reading:

"My dearest Kaoru,

I have just arrived in town and sent the letter this morning to Misao's cook so it can be delivered to you as usual. Everything went well and I have some very important news to share with you but I would rather tell you in person, if you would do me the honor of seeing me today I shall be waiting at the usual place, usual time hoping to hold you again in my arms. Know that you are always on my mind and always will be,

With Love,


Misao sighed dramatically, "He's so sweet Kaoru!" Kaoru smiled and clasped the small note to her heart, "Can you believe it's already been a year since I met him, Misao? I really miss him."

"So will you sneak out tonight?" asked Misao,

"Of course I will! I haven't seen him in almost 5 months! It will be hard with Sano on a business trip and no one watching out, but I don't care" replied Kaoru.

Kaoru and Soujiro had met in the town's festivities and immediately became close friends, inevitably they fell in love, but she was Lord Kamiya's precious daughter and he was a peasant, so when Kaoru's mother found out, she had forbidden her to see him, so they would sneak notes to each other through Misao and secretly saw each other on the white marbled kiosk at the far end of Kaoru´s estate, she would have eloped with him, but Soujiro wouldn't hear of having her and her family in disgrace because of him, so he joined the Army hoping to reach a high ranking position in order to have enough fortune and position to ask for her hand in marriage.

"Just be careful Kaoru", said Misao taking her friend's hand who returned the gesture with a smile. They were interrupted by their mothers who had decided to join them on the grounds for a walk, Kaoru hastily hid the note on the pockets of her pale pink dress.

"Kaoru, darling! I have a wonderful surprise!" Lady Kamiya said when they approached the girls, Kaoru looked at her mother expectantly, to which Lady Kamiya continued "I have just decided to throw a ball in honor of Sano's homecoming at the end of the week!" her announcement was received with cries of agreement from the other 3 ladies present.

"What a wonderful idea my dear! Inspired!" said Lady Makimachi and they all spent the rest of the afternoon planning the ball and giving ideas, they also made plans to visit Madame Kamatari's for costume-made exclusive ball gowns.

Kaoru carefully climbed down the all-too familiar balcony outside her room and once her feet touched the ground, she looked around and made sure there was no one before running through the grounds to reach the kiosk where she would finally see Soujiro, her white night gown flowing behind her as she moved swiftly, thankfully, there was a full moon so she was able to see where she was going.

Once she reached the kiosk, she climbed up the stairs and waited a few seconds until she saw a figure coming out the nearest bushes who she immediately recognized as Soujiro, she walked up to him and threw herself in his arms, Soujiro smiled and took a deep breath as he held his beloved,

"Kaoru, I've missed you so" he whispered into her hair, he pulled apart only to take her face in his hands and look into her eyes, those perfectly blue eyes that sparkled with emotion as they stared into his own darker blue eyes.

"I've missed you too, my love" she responded before he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her tenderly. Once they broke apart, he took her hands and smiled, "So, how have you been, my darling?"

"Very good, only, a bit bored ever since you left and Sano wasn't around either, but he's arriving tomorrow and you're also back, so I'm very happy, now, tell me the news"

"What news?" Soujiro asked

"The important news you mentioned in your note! I want to know!"

"Oh! Those news… "

"Stop teasing me" she pouted and playfully smacked him in the chest

"Well then, "said Soujiro and took her hand, "I've been promoted to Captain"

Kaoru squealed, "That's wonderful! That way we can get married sooner! "

"Yes we can my love, we just have to be patient a little more" he replied before kissing her again.

There was a knock on the wooden door of a large study.

"Come in" said Lord Kenshin Himura behind his desk.

The tall figure of Aoshi Shinomori walked in "I have just received an invitation to a ball at Lord Kamiya's estate next Friday" stated Aoshi in his usual cold manner, "Shall I decline?"

Kenshin looked up to his friend and business partner before responding "No, Lord Kamiya is a powerful man and I've always wanted to meet him, could be good for business, besides, I hear Lady Kamiya throws the most magnificent balls, you might even have some fun"

" Fun? At a ball? With the highest society in town? I highly doubt it" responded Aoshi to which Kenshin shrugged and Aoshi left the study.

Kenshin remained seated behind his desk and smiled, he had only been in town for 3 days and had been invited to dine with 2 of the most important families. So far, everyone he had met in this town had made him feel welcome though he suspected that the fact that he was a single man of a very large fortune had a big part to play in the hospitality offered to him so far. In any case, he felt this trip had been a good idea and knew something good would be coming from it.

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