Disclaimer: None of this is mine, unfortunately. Except the idea. Which may also be unfortunate.

A/N: A very, very short piece based off of a random idea I had that sent me into a fit of giggles.

After all, if the TARDIS is alive, Jack would.

As for biological impossibilities, would that really stop him?

Also, the random '.'s on their own lines are there because FF was being stupid and not letting me double-space any other way. Just pretend they aren't there.



The Doctor stared.

It looked like a little piece of coral nestled amongst the controls of the TARDIS.

It wasn't, of course, and that's what had the Time Lord in such a state of shock and confusion, and Rose curled up giggling madly in a corner.

"I didn't know it could happen, either," Captain Jack Harkness offered as a reply, looking a little bit sheepish and quite carefully keeping something between himself and the Doctor as he circled around his TARDIS' central pillar.

"Not that I have any regrets about it, of course," the ex-conman added, glancing at the slowly moving time rotor. "I just didn't think it was possible."




"Well … you and Rose were busy on Helvena and I got bored here, and one thing led to another …" Abruptly, the TARDIS shook violently for a moment.

"I didn't mean that boredom was the only reason!" Jack exclaimed, finding himself with only a hatstand between himself and the Doctor.

Swallowing nervously, Captain Jack grinned weakly at the Doctor. " … the TARDIS wants to know if you'll be the godfather."