Pairings: Onesided Eric/Steven

Set During/Kind of Based on:Eric's Stash

Warnings:Slash and not following the dialect of the episode(meaning I'll use my own words)

Plot: Hyde deals with his feelings and Foreman's accusations.

When Eric accuses me, it hurts, but I mask it with anger and a furious expression. "Well, ya'know you live down here and- and-"

I got him off with a quick "Fuck off Foreman." And stalk out, the buzz is worn down, now that I'm pissed, furious, and hurt all in one. Wait, aren't pissed and furious the same thing? Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause currently, I'm both.

I slam the door shut as soon I step into my room. Pissed, I punch the wall. My vision blurs and I angrily wipe the stupid tears away, but it was in vain as the they streamed down my face. I flop down onto my bed angrily and sob into my pillow. I feel pathetic. Fuck Foreman, Fuck his accusations, Fuck my feelings for him.

Me liking him just makes me feel worse about the accusations.

I hear a knock on my door and hear Mrs Foreman's voice, "Steven, are you okay? Well, I just want to tell you that I made cookies."

"No thanks." I say, my voice is kind of raw.

"Are you sure, they're your favorite. Chocolate chip."

"I'm good." I reply.

"Oh, okay." Then she lets out a her nervous laugh.

I groan and burry my face into the pillow.

Another knock, 'God people leave me alone.'

This time, it's Eric's voice. "Hey, Hyde, I just wanna appologize, okay."

"Go fuck yourself." Or let me do it...

"Please, Hyde open the door."

"Leave me alone!" Just crawl into bed with me...

"Just please listen Hyde!"

" Okay, I'm listenin'." I'm always listening...

"I just. I don't know, okay. I'm sorry I accused you. I know you wouldn't do that, and Lorrie is bitch and she played my mind. I shouldn't of listened to her. You're my best friend Hyde."

"Whatever. You're a dumbass for listening to her." I still love you though...

"Yeah, yeah I know." With that he leaves.

Sometime later...

"So you're the one that stole Eric's candyland cash." I ask Red.

"Yeah, it helped the water cooler." He says smiling.

When Eric comes down, he tenses up a little.

"Hey, Hyde." He says awkwardly.

"Hey, man." I reply before saying, "Hey, I think maybe Red stole your cash."

He gives a nervous laugh before saying "I don't my dad would steal my money."

"I dunno, why don't you ask him."

Afterwards I really wasn't paying attention, but Red got us back together as friends.

"And again the wise words of Red save the day." Eric says.

"Yeah, ain't he a peach." I say sarcastically and we both laugh.

Later, we're both sitting on the couch, really close. I gulp silently, I can't be this damn close to him.

Luckily, Donna and Fez come in, so we're not alone. If they didn't come, I dunno what I would've done.

"Waz wrong wi' you man? You being too damn quiet." Fez asks.

"Nothing man, maybe I don't feel like talking to your stupid foreign ass today." Fez pouts and Donna chortles, while Eric is smiling and trying not to laugh.

Fuck Foreman, quit being all damn cutsey

But I go on, acting like nothing is wrong. That's how it's going to be for just about ever, and I'm okay with that. As long as Eric and I are friends, I'll be okay.