No one ever expected for things to turn out the way they did.

They both thought they would last forever. They both thought that they would always be together no matter what. They both thought that they would grow old together, watching their kids grow up, and eventually watching their grandkids grow up. It didn't seem like an impossible thing, but it became impossible after everything that has happen.

But then again, some people doubted their union. They didn't expect them to last.

They were bound to get tired of one another. At least one of them is bound to get tired of the other.

A thirteen year relationship, five of which they were married, they weren't expected to last. Especially since the only person they ever had a relationship with was one another- no one else. Ever since they were thirteen years old, they learned to depend on one another, to help each other when the other needed them. They learned how to fight against the world.

They had their first child when they were only twenty years old. It was a bit young, but they didn't care, they've always wanted to start a family early. A year later they got married at the age of twenty-one years old. Four years later, they had their daughter, Sophia.

They may have fell in love a bit too early, but as years passed by, they proved to everyone that their love was true and everlasting, until he broke her heart into pieces.

Then all of a sudden, he could no longer take it.

For some reason, he wanted someone new, someone temporary while he still kept her by his side. For six months, she was in the shadows about his infidelity, but that's how it was supposed to be. Your wife was not supposed to know about your infidelity.

The worst part about it is, she wasn't the one who discovered his affair.

His son did.

And the affair not only destroyed his relationship with his wife, but also with his son, Caleb. Even his own family was livid by his actions. They adored his wife and the fact that he cheated on her to experience another woman besides her, completely infuriated his mother, father, and his siblings. The only person who was still actually on his team was his year old daughter, Sophia.

After the affair was discovered, two more girls came out saying that they too slept with him.

At this point, his wife was hysterical, she was planning to stay with him, work things out, after all he only had an affair with one woman, but apparently it was with three women. Her world fell apart then and there. She locked herself out from the world, putting up a wall that no one could get through but her children. She locked herself inside a friend's apartment, with her children staying with her. They stayed there for a whole month. Her friend would come by once in a while to bring the kids out for a bit and drop off some groceries, while she stayed inside letting out all her sadness and anger.

She was beyond angry, to be honest. She was furious at him. Thirteen years of her life she devoted to him and she never thought of being with another man. He was enough for her, but apparently she wasn't enough for him and that broke her apart.

He tried to reach out to her, but he was only met with cold shoulders from her friends and her older brother, Ricky. He got along well with Randy, treated him like the younger brother that he never had, but as soon as word got out of his infidelity, he shut the door on his face, telling him that he would never see his wife again. It was hard for Ricky to not kick Randy's ass, but he needed to hold back somehow.

He didn't see her for about two months, every way he tried to reach out to her, was blocked by everyone, shockingly enough, even by his own family. They told him to leave her alone, to give her time. He told them that he was just trying to get his family back together, but they told him the same thing, give her time.

And he did.

But when he did see her again, she had a lawyer with her, who handed him their divorce papers.

He tried talking to her, but she just ignored him and walked out of the cafe and got in her car, driving off. He looked down at the divorce papers, blocking out the world around him. He couldn't believe how a piece of paper could ruin his life.

It was the worst day of his life.

It was really happening.

He was warned by his family that she was going to serve him divorce papers, but he didn't believe them.

How could he?

He knew how much she loved him. She would never even do such a thing.

But she did it.

Truthfully, he didn't want to sign the papers. It took three months for him to sign it.

The first month was full of denial. He remembered looking at the divorce papers that first month, debating whether he should sign it or not. At that first month, he was decided to not sign it. There was no way in hell would he ever let her go. She was his.

Then the second month came, the lawyers were bombarding him about the conditions of the divorce. He wasn't responding at first, but he knew he had no other choice. He prolonged everything hoping she would change her mind, but she didn't. She was decided about this and there was nothing he could do.

The third month, the lawyers were working out the details and when everything was said and done, he finally signed the divorce papers.

He signed the divorce papers a month after everything was sorted out with the lawyers. She gets full custody of the kids and he pays child support- the basics. That's the only thing she wanted. Well, in truth, all she wanted was the kids, the money was not something she asked for, but something he offered.

That same month, he returned to action since he was finally cleared to return. He was glad to leave all the painful memories behind him in St. Louis. He didn't want to be apart from his kids so he tried to convince her to travel with him. But she refused. He didn't want to leave her behind or the kids, but the memories of his infidelity.

She chose to stay in St. Louis with the kids. It was painful for him to leave, but he couldn't back out of his career.

Even though they were not in the best of terms, she went to wherever he was whenever he missed the kids, which was quite often. She would fly all over the country just so he could see the kids. Caleb would usually stay at his grandparent's house since he refused to see his father.

She was still adjusting to life without him and she was having a hard time facing facts, but she would always remind herself that this is what she wanted.

This was about two years ago.

Now, he was twenty-eight years old. One of the biggest WWE Superstars in the world. He had a love and hate relationship with fans, but in the end of the day, many fans adored him rather than hate him. He was living the dream.

Life couldn't get any better, right?

He had everything he wanted career wise, but how can you even enjoy that when your family's not by your side. His parents and siblings were talking to him again, but the three most important people in his life were not around as much as he wanted. Actually only one of them comes to see him, his daughter. His son has cut off all communications with him, while his ex-wife didn't communicate with him not unless it was about their children, specifically Sophia.

It hurt having her so cold towards him, but he couldn't blame her.

A year after the divorce, she decided to start working again since she wasn't going to count on him to support her. She finally moved out of their home, once she was able to stand up on her own.

Even if he hurt her, she didn't want to keep his children away from him. So they moved out of their home, but they stayed in St. Louis, instead of moving to Los Angeles, where her family lived, much to Caleb's dismay. He didn't want to be near his father, but he had to stay since it was what his mother wanted for them. When they first moved out, they stayed in an apartment until she found a home for them. She eventually found a house that was near his parent's home. It wasn't lavish or anything, but it was good enough for her and her family. As much as people thought he paid for it, he didn't. She paid for everything.

Ever since the divorce, she began to learn how to live without him. She already had a well paying job, so, money was never an issue.

For two years, he played the field, trying to move on from her, but it just didn't happen. It was too difficult. No matter who he was with, she was always in his mind. He even found himself saying her name when he slept with other women. He would never forget her. She was irreplaceable. And he finally accepted that.

He realized that there was no one better than her. She was the best he ever had and the best he ever will have.

Now that he realized this, Randy Orton wanted Angelina Leon back.