Hey guys this is Toshi , and this is my new story , I've never seen a decent kenshin/naruto story so I just started brainstorming , it was originally gonna be kenshin is kyuubi but I decided making him Naruto's uncle and brother to the "Red Death". This story will also have a strong/smart naruto he wont be 1 shotting Orochimaru anytime soon but enough to hold him off without totally getting destroyed is likely.

Also Naruto will have a unique summon in this story , toads are fine but I wanted something that would fit better with the samurai/warrior mindset I have planned out for our orange clad hero , also unless demanded I won't elaborate on naruto's training merely mention certain things in flashbacks.


"Jutsu or faction."


"Jinchuriki/Bijuu or Summon"

Anyway lets start the Story.

It was a dark day on the history of Konohagakure , yesterday the Kyuubi no Kitsune destroyed nearly half the village , and in stopping it their beloved Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha sacrificed himself to defeat the beast. Nearly everyone believed Minato killed the beast ,but they were wrong as the Kyuubi couldn't be killed , so the Yondaime used his most powerful and complex seal , to seal it into a newborn baby as it's young undevoloped chakra system could survive the sealing of so much raw chakra. Unknown to all but a select few that baby was Minato's son.

If you listened hard enough you could hear the barest hint though the sound seals around the Konoha Counsel's room of an argument that will decide the fate of our hero.

"I say we kill the demon before it kills us." stated Fugaku Uchiha , Clan head of the Uchiha Clan , he was still very angry about losing so many Uchiha in the attack.

"How many times do I have to tell you Fugaku, the child is merely the container , the demon has no better chance of escaping than a civilian safely breaking into the Namikaze Mansion." calmly said the newly re-appointed Hokage of Konoha , Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"How can you be so blind Hokage-sama , that thing is clearly the Kyuubi reborn into human form." said a random civilian counsel member , which got many shouts of approval from the other civilians and Fugaku.

"I agree with Fugaku-san and the civilian half of the counsel Sarutobi-san." quietly said to the right of Sarutobi from his former teamate and now advisor Koharu , which got a nod of approval from Homura.

"I don't care what any of you think or say I am the Hokage of this village and the child will not be killed , I've tried to explain it simply but most of you are blinded by your grudge against the Kyuubi and are refusing to listen to the voice of reason." said the Hokage with more steel in his voice making it clear he wouldn't budge on the matter.

"Very well Hokage-sama if that thing isn't going to be killed than what shall we do with it." asked Ikane Haruno.

"I would gladly take the pup myself ." said Tsume Inuzuka , the Inuzuka clan head, "We of the Inuzuka clan trust the 4th and if he wanted the kid to be seen as a hero then we will not make the pup be a stray."

"The Hyuuga would also take him in , I owe Minato many times over." said Hiashi Hyuuga , clan head of the Hyuuga clan. He was also one of the few that knew Naruto was Minato's son but he promised him he wouldn't say anything even though it pained him inside.

Instantly cries of outrage were heard from the civilians and the advisors before a new cold voice appeared from the center of the room.

" I will take him." said a man as he walked from a shadow into the light , but still hidden so you couldn't see his face he wore simple samurai garb with a long white coat with red trim and red and blue flames rose from the bottom, and had long red hair , with a single katana hanging on his hip.

"Who are you and how did you get in here , ANBU!" shouted a random scared civilian counsel member. Seven Anbu immediately surrounded the intruder , and a half second later they crumpled to the ground with their masks cracked.

"I am the child's uncle , my name is Kenshin Himura and I am going to take him with me." , as he said that he took a single step forward and raised his head , giving the counsel a look at his scarred face , and his cold yellow eyes that meant death if anyone denied him what he came for

"Impossible , the Battousai of Uzu died in the 3rd great war , everyone knows that." half snorted Fugaku.

The Battousai of Uzu was a legend in his own right he was known to be one of the greatest Kenjutsu users to ever walk the elemental nations ,he basically defended Uzugakure by himself , it was said that armies that came to Uzu were simply cut to pieces before they even made it to the walls, his power to single handedly defeat armies was rivaled to the Yellow Flash himself during the 3rd great war but unlike the Yellow Flash , after the war ended he simply disappeared.

"I didn't die Uchiha-san , I merely disappeared from the public view , if you must know what I was doing I was looking for a certain someone so I could call myself a true master of Kenjutsu ,it took many years of searching but two weeks ago I killed Hiko Seijuro and claimed the title of Number one.

Sarutobi and the other elders paled , realizing where they recognized the coat Kenshin was wearing.

"So? Who is this Hiko you speak of I've never even heard of him." smugly said the pink haired civilian.

"Of course you wouldn't know who he is , not even many shinobi do he's long before your time , Hiko Seijuro was one of the Roku Kyoshu* . In this world there are six coats that each recognize the best in their respective field , the six are for Senjutsu, Ninjutsu , Taijutsu , Genjutsu , Kenjutsu , and Fuinjutsu , you might have noticed his coat resembles the Yondaime's , as Minato was the current master of Fuinjutsu . The coats are rumored to have been created by the Rikudo Sennin for his six students that each specialized in one of the ninja arts he invented. If you truly killed Hiko Seijuro I understand why you disappeared" stated Sarutobi causing confusion amongst the counsel.

"Why would looking for Seijuro force him to disappear Hokage-sama?" asked Hiashi.

"Because Hiashi-san if you want to be one of the Roku Kyoshu you must be strong enough to claim the title I can safely say that during my prime I would not have stood a chance against the master of ninjutsu, even with all the jutsu I have at my disposal ."

That statement made the civilians scared out of their minds , if The Professor, the God of Shinobi wouldn't of stood a chance then the man standing in front of them could kill them all and the rest of the village if he wanted to.

"If one wants to claim the title you need to be strong enough to deserve it , either by the current master recognizing your ability and handing it down , or by you killing him." finished Sarutobi.

Danzo was quickly realizing that the Jinchuuriki would never become his weapon ,but he could still try to keep it in the village.

"Kenshin-sama how do we know that he is your nephew? I mean no disrespect but he doesn't look a thing like you." said Danzo

"I never said I was his father Danzo I am his uncle , I know he is my nephew because I was there when my sister gave birth to him , my full name is Kenshin Uzumaki Himura , my sister was Kushina Uzumaki, I promised my sister I would take care of him and I intend to do that Danzo." replied Kenshin with a little steel in his voice.

"Damn, he looks a lot like Kushina that red hair is unmistakable and with the Kyuubi-brat sharing her surname there's nothing I can do about it , all I can do it try to keep him in the village." thought Danzo.

"Still Naruto is a citizen of Konoha and this was the home of his parents they would want him to grow up here."

That statement hit him hard , he knew Kushina would never forgive him for taking him away from Konoha , even though he desperately wanted to take him with him he couldn't ,not unless there was reason enough for him to do it without feeling guilty and he also knew he couldn't stay here , not yet, not when the refugees of Uzu could still be found and brought together since Uzu was destroyed by the Kyuubi on it's way to Konohagakure.

"Very well Danzo, I will leave him to grow up here and I will come to train him when he turns six, awakens his bloodline or if he is about to die , I have put seals on him to let me know if either happens , you better hope he is treated well or I might level this village when I return." and with that he vanished , not in a puff of smoke , not in a swirling of leaves ,he simply ceased to be there. And that would be the last they saw of him for 4 years.

"Wait , what bloodline?." screamed Danzo at empty air.

It was decided that Naruto would be placed in an orphanage to be cared for by a trusted matron and guarded by carefully screened and trusted anbu , because even though a few clans wanted to adopt him initially even they couldn't risk their family getting hurt for adopting the boy if his burden were to come out.

That same night one of the civilian members of the counsel went and got drunk at a bar , and in his drunken stupor mentioned the truth about Kyuubi's defeat and his sealing into a child was that put into an orphanage earlier in the day. The News spread like wildfire , and by the next day the entire village knew the truth which caused the Sandaime to make his law that nobody would speak of what young Naruto contained under punishment of death .Due to the negative view of the village every member of the counsel was trying to make the child out to be a hero , even the civilian side tried their best to make the village change their view of him , they didn't believe it themselves , but that didn't matter , they only did this because of fear , fear that when Kenshin returned and saw how the village treated his nephew how he would react , in their minds they saw the village cut to pieces. Only time will tell if they are right.

And cut , I decided to end it there , and I will update in 2-3 days and please review I really wanna see what you readers think of my story.

Roku Kyoshu*= Six Great Masters