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Blaise was having a pleasant conversation with his favourite house elf Trixy when the calm relaxing atmosphere was shattered with a bang. He heard the front door fly open and not long after the doors to the living room flew open, shortly followed by his wife, who had a look of complete fury written all over her pretty features. It was not a look most people got to see on her. They have no idea how lucky they are…, bastards. Blaise thought.

"Luna, what's wrong?" Blaise asked placing his butterbeer on the table.

It takes a lot to piss of Luna Zabini – nee Lovegood – so whatever had made her this mad couldn't be good.

"Him!" Luna snapped "Him, is what's wrong! The lying, cheating, back-stabbing-,"

"Honey, calm down, you're going to go into pre-mature labour," said Blaise, glancing at the barley noticeable bump in his wife's usually flat stomach.

"I'm only three months, Blaise; I'm not going to go into pre-mature labour," Luna said softly, as she scrutinized Blaise. She blinked and then sat down next to him none the less.

"Now, who's 'him'? Who do I kill?" Blaise asked.

Luna looked up at him slowly with her wide blue eyes that no longer showed anger but sadness.

"Oh no," Blaise said, now he was angry, "He didn't do it again?"

"He did," Luna sighed, leaning into him, snuggling up against his toned abdomen, "And guess who it was this time?"

"Another fan?" Blaise speculated. It was almost always one of his stupid, pretty, sluttish, bimbo fans. Almost always, anyway.

"Lavender. Bloody. Brown!" Luna threw a pillow with each word, accidentally knocking over poor Trixy in the process, who had been watching her master and mistress with concern.

"We need to tell Hermione," Blaise said quietly pulling Luna back into his embrace and resting his head on top of hers.

"But their relation-,"

"To hell with their relationship Luna! This could be a risk to Hermione's health! Who knows what those sluts are infected with; now that they've slept with the arse he might have something too, and then pass it on to Hermione," Blaise reasoned his voice higher then need be.

"Yes, you're right. But I actually think she knows. She-she's just hoping it'll stop. I know it's not like her; but she's truly devoted to him," Luna said sadly her heavily truthful words laying a blanket of despair around them.

"I know," Blaise whispered into her hair, "I know."

"Ms. Hermione deserves someone better than the toe-rag Ronald Weasley," Trixy said in the silence to her saddened master and mistress, "Miss. Luna and Mr. Blaise should find someone for her."

Blaise chuckled at his house-elf's name for Ron while Luna considered this.

"Maybe….," Luna brightened up at a thought, "I know what we could do," Luna whispered to the room.

"What could we do?" Blaise asked in interest while Trixy sat on the table flattening out her flowery blue dress to listen.

"We'll help her get back at Ron," Luna said now getting exited and standing up. "We'll help her get revenge, and in the process find her happiness!"

"I don't think I follow…," Blaise said confused but Trixy looked thrilled.

"Yes! Yes! That's what Trixy meant!" Trixy said, ecstatic.

"We'll have Hermione 'secretly' date someone and we'll spread a little gossip around so Ron finds out. He won't believe it of course, but eventually he'll get suspicious and then we'll blow the cover when we've gone far enough. Ron will be shattered but he'll have no reason to because he's the one sleeping around while engaged to Hermione," Luna said both brightly and matter-of-factly.

"Are you sure you shouldn't have been in Slytherin?" Blaise asked grinning, "And I assume you already have a person in mind, to help Hermione with her revenge and ultimate happiness?"

"Yes! Ginny, and everybody else, even Harry and Neville and I could practically hear, smell and see the sexual tension between them!" Luna smiled.

"No, way!" Blaise asked laughing, getting the clue, he remembered that, and he could have sworn his best friend did have a crush on the female portion of the Golden Trio. Even if he never wanted to admit, even to himself. The two girls shared a look, meaning they left something out, but he didn't press the matter. It would reveal itself in due course.

"Draco Malfoy!" Luna and Trixy said together grinning.

"You two are genius," Blaise grinned, pulling both girls into a bone crushing hug.

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