It was the pained groaning of an aged man that first attracted Riza to the Constantly Locked Door. She eyed the passage way furtively, scanning the corridor with her military trained eyes for the source of the noise, to no avail. The corridor was still dark, tucked away beneath tones of Amestrian soil, the little light available was flickering, feeble. Stopping altogether, Riza slowly lowered the files she had been collecting to the ground and called out; the groaning stopped instantly, only to be replaced with a grating rasping; and had it not been for the regular intervals at which it stopped and started, could have passed not for a sick man's gasping, but for the sound of the wind when it pants it's last pant.

"…Is anybody there?" she called in a carrying whisper, quickly halting her own breathing to better hear the resultant spluttering of the man behind the Constantly Locked Door. "If you're hurt, I can help – Central Hospital is quite near-by…" Her voice petered out, alarmed by the sudden quiet. No laboured breathing could be heard. Apprehensively, she inched towards the Handle That Stayed Closed and rattled it, jumping back as the Handle clicked open, and a stream of light edged itself into the dark corridor, lighting the dust the wind had lifted. Wind in a cellar? She thought, peering tentatively in to the room beyond the Constantly Locked Door.

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