What would happen if the gAang (and a couple villains) were in the FAYZ? Would Aang and Sam get along, would Katara berate Lana for her vodka and cigarettes? One way to find out…

So, welcome to the fanfic. It's been literally years since I've written one, but after reading the third installment of the book "Lies" in the Gone series, I've been inspired, and so have come up with a viable crossover. Thus far, at any rate, it is viable. I may throw in some older charries (namely Sokka and Suki) later on, but let's start at the start, shall we? Oh, and if I've typoed, please point it out. I can be really bad, even after proofreading. And review, if you please. You dun have to, but if you have any ideas, go ahead.

GONE : Little Pete's anomaly.

SPOILER NOTE: This takes place AFTER the end of Avatar: The last Airbender and AFTER Lies; so if you don't want possible spoilers, don't read.


When was life in Perdido Beach ever normal? The FAYZ was always in some sort of turmoil, Sam mused as he got himself, Astrid, and Little Pete some fish from the stall. The water supply was dwindling, gasoline was dwindling, some kids had crashed a helicopter and now there were more mouths to feed. Sam was up to his neck in questions, and the daycare was floundering without Mary to guide it. Brother John was doing all he could, but there was only so much help to go around. Lana had retreated even further into her shell…though speaking of retreating into a shell…

"Walkie, walkie." Astrid coaxed little Pete along. One step. "Walkie, walkie." One more. After the destruction of his gameboy, he'd barely done anything but eat. Astrid gave up again like she'd been doing all afternoon and picked her five year old brother up. Little Pete. Unintentional creator of the FAYZ, remover of all those over 15. The eight-bar kid that no one knew was eight bars. The one that was totally helpless, but knew more about this world than anyone else. Little Pete.

"That's two 'Bertos." The boy at the stand reminded Sam. Sam handed the currency over. He took the fish, neither of which looked appealing, and walked back to Astrid.

"Come on…we better get back." Sam saw little Pete flap his hands frantically. "Before he has a meltdown."

"I second that." Astrid agreed. "He's been like this all day, Sam…I don't understand what he wants!"

"Don't ask me." Sam sighed. Back through the burned out and graffittied town, back to a house that belonged to God-only-knew who before the FAYZ began, now known as Astrid's house. "His game?"

"We know he wants his game, but he can't get it! I've dug around, I managed to trade a tomato Sinder gave me for a game boy, but he won't take it." Astrid walked through her house and to the backyard, where she'd cook the fish. "Do you think it's the Gaiaphanage again?"

"Considering all he's done is fight it, I guess that could be it." Sam didn't want to think about that monster.

"Well…if it is.." Astrid looked over at Little Pete somewhat sadly. "All we can do is pray."

"And cook." Sam reminded her.

"And cook." Astrid nodded, and the trio fell into silence. Cook and pray, day by day. Such was the life of most of the kids around here. Such was her life, now that she'd stepped down. But the FAYZ didn't allow for monotony, as they were just about to figure out.

"Astrid-" That was all she heard from Sam before little Pete began to scream and flail.

Life had been pretty good, now that she was a war hero. True, her parents had disowned her and she was on her own at the tender age of twelve, but what the hell. Life was life. The Blind Bandit knew about adapting, knew about living, and knew about fighting. "HURRY IT UP, TWINKLETOES!" Toph shouted for her perch on a rock. "AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO EARTHBEND?" Aang still had stuff to learn, and Toph would teach it, in the time they had between peacemaking, Aang being trained by Zuko, and everyone else.

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" Aang shouted. "It's not like you gave me instructions!"

"You're the Avatar, aren't you? You can get it, twinkletoes. All Aang had to do was earthbend vertical "landings" from the cliff to get to the top. It wasn't that hard, in her opinion. I can see what you're doing and you're not doing it quite right…watch!" Toph thrust her hands out and heard the rumble as earth moved. "See, easy." She then did the same motion in reverse, pulling it back in. "Don't move your arms so freely, you're not airbending, you're earthbending. You've got to order the earth to do what you want."

"SNEAK ATTACK!" Sokka launched himself out of a nearby bush, intent on getting Toph eventually. Toph was about to step out of the way…then Sokka landed face first on the ground. He looked around, realized what just happened and screamed. The scream was terrified to the point where Aang forgot about his drill and simply used airbending to get up. "SHE WAS JUST HERE!" He flapped around in the dust, as though Toph was going to reappear. "There was some blue light for a second and then…then…poof! GONE! SHE JUST POOFED, AANG, AND THAT'S NOT WHAT EARTHBENDERS DO!"

"Maybe she just picked up a magic trick from Iroh?" Aang suggested, but that didn't seem likely. Toph's unique means of vision meant she saw through every illusion. Why she would bother with a magic trick she couldn't learn and couldn't see to annoy Sokka didn't make sense. "Toph?"

"There was no sound of earthbending, NOTHING! SHE'S GONE!" Sokka was in full panic mode, and Aang didn't understand.

"Okay…well, maybe she just did some trick…" Aang repeated himself. "Let's look around for her before we tell the others, all right?"

Dekka had just gotten over that cough. She was weak but not impossibly so, and had full intentions of fulfilling her duties as a council member, recently sick of not. Still, everyone needed to eat. Dekka sat in the living room of her commandeered house, with an artichoke. It wasn't great, but it was better than the fish she'd seen for sale. She'd spotted Sam buying them and she wondering if he was being stupidly brave or if Asrtid could hold her own in Hell's Kitchen. If Hell's Kitchen existed anymore. She'd never liked that show, but normality would be nice…or would it? It might just be out of place in Perdido nowadays.

She'd have taken Hell's Kitchen over what happened next.

Blue lights came from behind the dusty LCD TV she sat across from. "Ask and you shall receive?" Dekka asked, raising an eyebrow. She stood up and readied herself for what came next, but nothing could have prepared her for that. A girl fell from the ceiling, or really, came from nowhere. A girl in green that looked a bit dusty and scruffy, a bit younger than her.

"Sokka, that is pathetic! Shouting 'sneak attack' while attacking someone is dumb! I thought-" There was a pause as Toph got oriented. She was somewhere very strange, behind a thin rectangle; and then she couldn't see anything, she was in the air. "AANG, PUT ME DOWN, RIGHT NOW!" But this wasn't airbending, she realized after a moment. There was no wind. "Who's there?" Her words were strong, but she was suddenly very confused. Just as suddenly, she was dropped to the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" Dekka looked down at the girl as she picked herself up.

"I'm Toph, who the hell are you?" Toph countered, looking around. This place was unlike any place in the fire nation, or for that matter, the world. "Where am I?"

"I'm Dekka." Dekka replied warily. "You're in the FAYZ, or have you not got the memo?"

"What's the fayyez?" Toph asked. "I can't read, anyways, and I was just teaching the avatar earthbending, in the fire nation, and now I'm in this…house. "

"You're in my house, and I don't know what the fire nation is. One second I'm eating an artichoke, and the next second some girl has fallen out from nowhere, talking about Avatars and earthbending and fire nations. And it's the FAYZ…" Dekka frowned. Has this girl entered somehow? "It's actually a town called Perdido Beach, and a power plant. Everything within a twenty mile of that power plant has been isolated from the world. No way in or out, there's this wall in the way, and everyone over fifteen just…vanished…" How could this kid have gotten in? "And now you're in it."

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…I think Sokka just socked me one too hard over the head." But Toph doubted it. This was all too real. "But you're not lying. I can feel it."

"Look, I'm going to take you to a guy called Sam. He'll know what I'm supposed to do with you, or what we tell the rest of the town council. You've got to trust me, and if you can feel I'm not lying, you've got to trust me more. If you're a freak, you could be in danger…more danger…than you already are."

"So now you call me a freak?" Toph retorted angrily.

"If you have any powers, you're a freak. I removed gravity, I'm a freak, too!" Dekka grumbled. She liked the girl's spirit, but her obvious confusion was an irritant. "How do you think you just went floating? No Aang did that."

"So there's no bald air nomad hanging around?" Toph didn't assume there to be a Sokka, he was sixteen, after all.

"Uh…no." Dekka didn't even want to ask what this dark-haired, strange little girl was talking about. "Anyways, you ought to come with me, but you're going to need a change of clothes, or you'll attract way too much attention…Brianna or Taylor are about your size…Stay here, Toph." Dekka darted out of her home. How was she going to explain this to either girl? She was bigger than either of them, they couldn't possibly be for her. And it would be just awkward to ask Brianna for her clothes…thankfully, she ran into Taylor first…she gave Dekka a funny look, but Dekka wasn't the sort of do things for no reason. Taylor had scrounged up some clothes from earlier in the FAYZ, and gave Dekka a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt. They were big for her but would be a touch small for Brianna, so they should fit the newcomer rather well. She ran back and found Toph sitting on the sofa, waiting. "Here, put these on." She directed Toph to the bathroom. "And from now until we get to Astrid's house, you've been in the FAYZ this whole time, if you're asked."

"I thought we were going to this guy, Sam?" Toph asked from the bathroom.

"We are; he lives with Astrid and her little brother, Little Pete. Don't upset him…I think he had a hand in this…"

End of chapter one; don't worry, things will get more exciting in the second one…