Welcome to chapter 6. : D I don't have much to say, other than thanks for the comment. I always thought it would be an interesting 'dark' aspect of airbending, to be able to suffocate or put someone in a vacuum…

Drake was loose. Brittney was, too, but she knew better than to go back to town. Maybe she was scared of what Drake would do to those in town. Maybe she wanted Drake to get as far away as possible form it; he didn't know. All he knew was that he was leaving. He didn't know where to. Maybe the power plant. Yes, that was near enough for him to plan out his attack. He could kill animals with his whip hand; but then again, he didn't need to eat. He was fused with an undead girl. He needed no sustenance. He needed nothing but revenge. He wanted to make all of them suffer, because it was fun, because he wanted them to. He'd love to watch them squirm under his grasp, unable to do anything about it…

Brittney wanted to drag Drake as far away from Perdido as she could. If she could drag him clear across the FAYZ, it would take him ages to get back, since every time she got control she'd walk that direction. They wouldn't kill her, so she'd have to live a life alone. She'd have to protect everyone from Drake. That was what she was sent by God to do, and she would do it. She could only hope the freak that broke the chains was going to be okay.

Diana had went for a long walk along the beach, away from Caine and Aang feasting on ice cream. And Penny. The girl had joined in, too, being all welcoming to Aang. All of them were being so. Penny didn't expose her power, but Bug did, fascinating Aang. They'd play hide and seek four hours and hours. She knew she seemed the most unfriendly of the bunch, speaking only when spoken to, but Aang was too trusting of Caine. Try to explain he was bad, and she'd be in big, big trouble. The kid was massively powerful but he couldn't shift water. He could shift air, but couldn't fly. He could shift the ground but not enough to make a tunnel, and his tricks with fire were useless. He'd be handy in an attack, and ate up everything the sociopath had to say. That was the only reason Caine let him be .

That and she was unsure if he had any cement to mix around here.

It was down by one of the rockier areas that Diana heard the water moving, and then saw it. A darker skinned girl was shifting water back and forth, looking lost in thought and very distressed. She wore strange blue clothes, and had strands of hair in loops. "Did you poof in here?" Diana asked very quietly. The girl looked up, startled, and Diana found herself up to her neck in ice. "I won't hurt you, please, listen to me." Diana made no attempt to free herself. It would be impossible.

"Is this the spirit world?" The girl asked. Diana shook her head.

"This is a place called the FAYZ. Everyone over fifteen is gone, and all us kids are trapped in here, and people want to kill us and this monster wants to kill us…"

"It's like what that little boy said…" Katara looked up, and moved her hands. The ice melted, leaving Diana soaked but okay.

"What little boy?" Diana asked.

"This little boy, he had yellow hair, and he just poofed right into the Fire Lord's throne room…he told us everyone who had vanished was on a mission somewhere." Katara explained.

"Little Pete. It has to be." Diana shrugged. "It doesn't matter, listen to me. You're trapped on an island, so am I and four others. But you can't be seen. Anyone else but me will turn you into Caine, and I can't let Caine off this island, or he'll do terrible things to the kids on the mainland. No matter what you see happen, stay hidden. You can move water, he'll want to part the ocean with the other kid." Desperation was in Diana's voice.

"Other ki- AANG? Aang's here?" The girl sputtered.

"Yeah. He believes everything Caine says about him being an exiled hero. I can't say it's not true of Caine will kill him, and trust me, Caine can. Bug and Penny, the two other kids, have powers, too. Bug can blend in with anything, so make sure you're not being watched if you leave this cove." Diana whispered. "Please believe me. Please!"

"I don't know what to believe. But for now I'll believe you. My name's Katara." Katara bit her lip.

"Diana." Diana said with a small smile. "Don't worry. I'll bring you food and news of what's going on. Eventually we'll get out of here. You're the only one who can." Katara nodded. This girl seemed so distressed, it would be hard not to believe her. And she could always escape if she needed to, freeze the surface and run on it.

"Which was is the mainland, Diana?" She asked. Diana pointed. "I'll only leave if I'm threatened. And even then, I'll try and get you and Aang, okay? Is there anyone else who 'poofed in' that you know about?"

"No. They probably ended up on the mainland." Diana said. "They're probably with Sam and his crew. They run the village. They managed to drive Caine out of power. They're good."

"So if we do leave, we go to them?"

"I can't." Diana bit her lip. "I'm their enemy."

"But if you're an enemy of Caine, and they're an enemy of Caine…"

"You don't understand. The ones on the island are the only ones left alive that cast their lot in with Caine. I'm irredeemable in their eyes."

"We had a guy trying to kill us for months and then he came onto our side once. No one's truly irredeemable." Katara said gently.

"I am. I'm his girlfriend. And even I'm scared of him. If I leave him, he'll go completely insane." Diana said quickly. "I better go back. I'll bring you some food the next chance I get, even if I just drop it from up there." She pointed to the top of the cliffs. She left the stunned Katara, wanting to be back and in dry clothes before she garnered too many suspicions.

Katara didn't know what to think as she sat down in the sand of the cove, making little tendrils of water rise from the ocean. Should she really sit here and wait? That Diana girl seemed to be a good girl in a bad spot. Almost like Ty Lee had been, when she worked with Azula. And then there was Aang…if everyone on the island had powers, he might be in trouble. Powers did not seem to be bending, from the impression she got. And who knew if he could go into the Avatar State here?

Katara forced herself to be still for a day and a half. Twice Diana dropped food from above, and twice more she had nothing, but came to look down at Katara, who always smiled up and waved. But the arrangement would not work for long.

"I want you to figure out where she's been going." Caine instructed Bug. "Don't just follow her too, figure out why. Then tell me." Bug set off from the main study of the mansion with that words echoing in his head, as he blended into walls and then trees as Diana walked outside. She seemed to be looking around, as though worried about seeing him. He took extra precaution as a result. She had a small bag with her, which quite probably had food in it. Why would she be going anywhere with a bag of food? Why had she been steering clear of Caine? Was there something going on that Caine didn't know? He must think so, or Bug would not be forced into this.

He crept behind her as she came to some cliffs quite far from the manor, and then began to work her way down on an unforgiving slope, a tiny path to an equally tiny cove. Bug followed at a great distance, terrified of falling. He was out of earshot when he saw the girl, who took the food Diana brought. She was in funny clothes, and had raised water. That was all he needed to know. He bolted back up as fast as he dared, and ran back to the manor, explaining it all. Caine grinned throughout the recounting.

"Well, Bug, I think you've done me a very, very good service." He said quietly. "I think you've done me such a good service that we will be able to leave and come back to the island at our own will…but don't speak of this to anyone yet. I need to think about how to harness this power…" And he already had ideas. Oh, how he had ideas! He'd never kill Diana, but he could abuse her, just a tiny bit…