"Lex, I can't do this," Clark's voice came into the closet where Lex was choosing between three pair of shoes to wear.

The frustration evident in Clark's tone made him smile as he gave up on making a decision on the shoes for a moment and walked back into the bedroom, where Clark seemed to be having a battle with his bowtie. And he was losing.

"You are truly hopeless, do you know that? You can rescue kittens from tall trees, but you can't tie a bowtie. Where were you raised?" Lex teased as he expertly made a perfect bow.

"On a farm! I can bale hay all day, you know," Clark smiled.

"Yes, that's why I'm with you. All your hay baling just turns me on," Lex leered as he reached around to playfully grab Clark's rear end.

"I know what turns you on," Clark growled, as he grabbed back and pushed his hips into Lex's.

"No, no, stop, you'll ruin the lines of the tux!" Lex yelled and pulled away, smacking Clark on the hand.

"You started it," Clark accused with a pout.

"And we'll finish it later tonight, but right now we're going to be late for my own awards banquet if we don't get going."

He pacified Clark by giving him a quick kiss and then dashed back into the closet and his shoes before Clark could persuade him to forgo the banquet altogether. In the three weeks since they'd been together, meshing their lives had proven to be a little more difficult than Lex had thought it would be.

Both he and Clark were very stubborn people and there had been a few fierce arguments. But they were also reasonable people, and there had been much compromise, as Lex swore he wasn't giving this up for anything.

The fallout from Lionel's death hadn't been as bad as Lex had feared it would be. Apparently, Lionel had made countless enemies during his reign over Metropolis and there weren't too many who were sorry to see him gone. After viewing the altered security tapes, which included the room that Lex had been tortured in, the police had declined to press charges against Lucas.

Now his brother was trying to take control of the monster that was LuthorCorp. Oddly, Lex's old boarding school friend, Bruce Wayne, had called and offered both brothers his support. He was helping Lucas out tremendously, and Lex finally had a relationship with his brother, which he couldn't be more happy about.

Meanwhile, Lex was trying to get all of the kryptonite in and around Smallville cleaned up. The sheer amount that Lionel himself had possessed was staggering, but Lex was working on getting rid of all of it. He never wanted to see Clark hurt by it again.

"How hard is it to pick some shoes? Just grab a black pair and let's go!" Clark called. "I can't wait to cheer for you when you get the award."

Lex picked a pair of shoes and slid them on, pausing to check his reflection in the mirror one more time before they left.

"You can cheer all you want. I just don't want you to embarrass me at the dinner."

"Hey, I have great table manners," Clark said, as he opened the door for Lex.

"You forget, Clark. I've seen you eat. You think a whole pie is dessert just for you."

"Ooh, do you think they're going to have pie?" Clark said, sounding excited at the prospect.

Lex just shook his head and laughed, and together the two of them walked towards the rest of their lives.