Jack O'Neill was tired. Granted the week wasn't as bad as it could have been, but still, Stargate Command was never easy. When he opened his fridge for a beer, even though he knew that he hadn't bought any for a while, he was surprised to see the fridge full.

"Bribery, Winchester?" he called out.

John Winchester stepped out of the shadows. He looked like hell too.

"You're not welcome here," Jack reminded him.

"I just," Winchester faltered. "I just need to hear that my boys are good."

"What happened to you," Jack challenged.

"Demon," he said succinctly. "Following around Sam's girl. They're still interested in my boy for some reason."

Sounded like Winchester had had a 'Stargate Command' week. Jack went back into the fridge and pulled out a six-pack of beers. He set them on the table and sat down. John joined him. "My boys," he asked again.

"You're boys are good. I assume you know that Sam's home now?"

John nodded once. Jack took a sip of beer and remembered that while the parental bird did kick the baby out of the nest, it wasn't because he didn't love his offspring.