"The Blue Flower (German: Blaue Blume) is a central symbol of Romanticism. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable" (Source: Wikipedia).

The Song in the Air

Take my hand…

Take my hand and dance with me…

Dance with me to this song.

This very calming and joyous song.

Take my hand and move with me.

One. Two.

One. Two.

One step back. One step forward.

Your right hand at my waist.

Your left hand interconnected with my left hand.

My right hand on your shoulder.

Dance, dance, dance.

And sing.

Feel the wind.

Feel the breeze.

Watch the blue sky.

Watch the blue sea.

The blue flowers and the green grasses are also dancing with us.

So joyous, so cheerful, following the rhythm of the song in the air.

Take my hand.

Hold me close.

Give me your smile.

Stare into my eyes.

Show me your happiness.

And dance.


Enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Watch the clouds slowly drifting pass by,

And the people in the sky smiling.

Sing, sing.


Very softly.

Don't stir up the sleeping animals,

Don't scare off the peacefully flying bumblebees and butterflies,

Sing with the chirping birds,

Laugh with me.

Dance with me.

Just let it go.

Let it go and set it free.


The both of us.







Listening to the Wind,

To the Song in the Air.

Forgetting about the People in the world.

The People in the world who don't like us together.

Surrounded by this field of Blue Flowers…