The Shot Heard 'Round the World
Ninth in the Love Game series

A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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A/N2: STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON 6 FINALE AND DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED. Unless you're Juli, who will inevitably know what happens anyway, even if she hasn't seen it in three years. This takes place during the finale of Grey's and just after the Private Practice finale. Once again, like my last started fic, Addison broke up with Pete (-sob-) but did not sleep with Sam.


Pain like he'd never experienced.

Pain like he wished he'd be able to go through life without experiencing.

He couldn't help but scream. The pain was so bad he lost control of his jaw and vocal chords; there was no way in hell he could listen to Lexie and be quiet. He'd been shot! If he was quiet, he was dead.

He'd lost a lot of blood. Blackness was encroaching into his eyesight and fogging up his brain. He wasn't screaming anymore. He was whimpering, mumbling. At one point, he hallucinated Izzie in Lexie's place. He didn't even know why. He wasn't even thinking of Izzie. At all.

Then another name slipped past his chapped lips.


Mark Sloan, who was at the moment trying to save Karev's life, whipped his head around at the sound of Addison's name to stare at Karev. "Damn, I forgot about that," he grumbled underneath his breath. "First, her, now Lexie. Karev, why can't you find your own women?"

"What?" Lexie asked. She heard Alex whisper a woman's name that wasn't hers or Izzie's. "Addison?"

"Addison, I'm sorry," Alex whispered hoarsely.

"Addison?" Lexie demanded. She wasn't even sure if she loved Alex, but she said it, hoping that on some level, he loved her, that hearing her say she loved him would somehow give him the strength to fight. To live. Hearing him talk to other women as if leaving them was the biggest mistake of his life…well, that hurt her pride a little bit.

"His old boss," Mark grunted, applying pressure to the gunshot wound in Alex's side.

"Why is Alex talking to her now?"

"Addison, I am so sorry for what I did," Alex continued, not even registering that Lexie was interrogating Mark. "I'm sorry for the way I treated you. I'm sorry I couldn't be that guy who barbecues and plays catch with the kids." He coughed and subsided.

Mark and Lexie stood stock still, staring at the resident in shock. "Did he just say kids?" Lexie croaked incredulously. "As in his and Addison's kids?" Mark couldn't even say anything. He looked like he'd seen a ghost. "Mark, what the hell happened between him and Addison?"

"Nothing that major, I didn't think," Mark sputtered. "They slept together once, and then the next day Addison left for a week to visit her friends in LA. She moved there a month later." He stopped to take a gulp. "I never thought he was in love with her."

Lexie hesitated a little before asking her last question, "Are you still in love with her?"

Mark stopped to think for a little bit while he cleaned up some blood from the wound site for better visibility. "I still love her, yeah. I fell for her hard, and that isn't something you just forget," he admitted, hating the fact that he was making Lexie's face crumple up just a little bit. "I fell in love with her about a month after she started dating Derek, and eleven years later I finally told her—and it blew up in both our faces."

"Oh," Lexie whispered. She didn't know what else she could say.

"I'm not still in love with her," Mark clarified. Lexie looked up with a profound sense of confusion written all over her face. "I still love her, and I always will, probably. But I'm not in love with her anymore."

Lexie nodded to herself, finally understanding what he meant, and looked back to her injured boyfriend. Alex was still hallucinating.

"I wish I hadn't said those things, Addison," he rasped. "I didn't mean them. I didn't mean to drive you away. I… I think I fell in love with you while you were my boss, and I was afraid about what that meant." A gulp, and then he said, "You're way out of my league, Addison, and I—" a fit of coughing interrupted his confession, and suddenly his bullet wound started bleeding faster than before.

Now, all Lexie and Mark were focusing on was saving Alex's life, but right next to their desperate hopes that the shooter wouldn't find them in their minds sat another hope—a hope that Alex's words were both exaggerations and not reciprocated by a certain redhead.


Addison wanted nothing more than to crawl under her comfortable down covers and cry. She felt like she'd been through a war—and there had been casualties. An orphan created, a father and friend killed, a heart broken… her heart broken. It was right for her to end things with Pete—she knew that—but only because there was no way she'd be able to survive loving a man who was in love with someone else for the second… third time.

After washing her face for the fourth time—she hated the feeling of dried tears on her face—Addison buried her face in a soft white towel and willed herself not to cry anymore. There were plenty of positive things about the night, too. Maya was still alive, and she had a healthy baby girl. Charlotte and Cooper got engaged. Why couldn't she focus on the good things? Why did she have this need to focus on the fact that she was, once again, a man's second choice?

And the kicker was that she always had the guy first! As juvenile as it sounded, even to herself, it was true. She was with Derek—hell, she'd been married to him—before he was with Meredith, and he left her for the skinny blonde twelve-year-old. She fell for Karev—and though his actions too often said otherwise, she had a feeling he wanted her, too—before Ava was anywhere near being in the picture. And now Pete. She'd had a thing with him when she first moved to LA, a full year before he ever saw Violet in any sort of non-platonic fashion.

Sometimes, she wished she still loved Mark; he'd always put her first in his heart—when he wasn't cheating on her. But that thought made her realize her count was off. Pete was the fourth man who had chosen someone else over her. Mark did it when he came to LA for Sloan's surgery—he chose Lexie Grey, yet another Grey to foil her chances at happiness, over her.

The sound of the phone ringing made Addison jerk her head up from the towel in surprise. God, she was jumpy today, but car crashes and meltdowns and breakups did that to a person. The good. Focus on the good stuff for once in your life, Addison, she urged herself. Engagements, births, you freaking making up with your best friend!

She tried to shake herself out of her funk long enough to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Addie, I need you to distract me," Richard's voice came through the receiver with an almost tangible thread of suppressed panic pulsing within it.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"There's a shooter in my hospital," he announced, pacing back and forth just outside the police boundaries around Seattle Grace Hospital.

Addison dropped her towel. "What?" she demanded, that same thread of panic shining through in her own voice. "A shooter? Has anyone been hurt?"

"Too many people. Way too many," Richard wheezed. All this stress wasn't good for him. All he wanted was a stiff drink, but he was sixty days sober, and he'd die inside if he knew he was out drinking when people in his hospital were dying. So he needed someone to distract him, but all those he cared about who were still a part of his life were in the hospital, in danger. All but one.

"Who? Do you know?"

"All I know is what I overheard on the police scanner, and, Addie, it's not good," Richard prefaced. "A few nurses are dead, and so is Dr. Reed from Mercy West. I heard Bailey's voice, and she was yelling about how Dr. Percy, who's also from Mercy West, had been shot. I don't know if he's still alive."

"Anyone else?" Addison crossed her fingers. "What about from Seattle Grace? Who is the shooter after?"

"Mark's voice came through the scanner, too. He's fine, but he said Karev has a GSW to the chest." Richard thought he heard an intake of breath from the other side of the line, but he assumed it was just from hearing her old intern, someone she knew, had been shot. Well, she was going to have a hell of a time digesting the next name. "The shooter was the husband of a patient of mine, Addie. I need you to know that, otherwise it really won't make any sense."

Addison lowered the hand from her agape mouth—she didn't remember putting it there after she heard the word "Karev" and "GSW" in the same sentence—long enough to ask in a shaky voice, "What won't?"

"We declared his wife brain-dead and took her off life support, and he's out for the two doctors he thinks are responsible for killing her. I was out to lunch, so I'm safe…but he found the other one. Addie," he paused for a deep breath before telling her the final name, "he shot Derek."

Addison had gone numb. Karev and Derek were both shot, were both in grave danger of dying, and Addison sat safe in her LA home, too self-absorbed in her own drama to realize there was an even bigger tragedy occurring than her love life. Ironically enough, this tragedy was still entangled in her love life. Her ex-husband and her ex…thing had been shot.

Her mind then went to a moment in the NICU of Seattle Grace, when she caught Alex—Karev—staring at the babies for the first time. That wasn't the first time he'd opened up to her, but it had been one of the more intimate conversations. The thought of him not being able to stare at babies again made Addison feel as if someone was gripping her heart in his fist and squeezing harder and harder.

Her mind then flashed back to the memory from med school when Derek finally told her how his father died. Now he was facing the same fate…

"Addie, Addie!" Richard's voice rang in her ear. "I need you to breathe. Calm down, Addie."

She was hyperventilating. She didn't even register that she was hyperventilating until Richard's voice brought her back to the present. "I'm going to see you in a few hours, okay?" she said when she finally got her breathing under control.


"I'm on my way right now," Addison announced, bounding up from the bed she didn't remember sinking onto, and stuffing everything in sight into a boho bag, just enough to get her through the night. "I mean, hopefully, the shooter part of the equation will be solved by the time I get there, but I can't sit here, knowing that…" she paused for a raggedy breath. She couldn't even say either of their names. "…knowing that people I've known for years are dying without trying to help in the smallest bit. I'll see you soon, Richard."

Addison grabbed her keys and darted out the door, leaving her phone on the floor next to the towel.

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