Chapter 1

The Creation of Google! (With a side of Graham!)

The creation of Google was a long and funny process. Our story begins in a small apartment where we see two guys talking...

Michael- 'Hello computer people I'm Michael, and this is Graham!'

Me- Hey how did you get in here?

Michael- 'The Back door! You really should lock it!'

Me- Well get out I'm trying to tell a story!

Graham- 'Ooh I love stories!'

Michael- 'Yeah me too.'

Graham- 'I got one; it's the story of a boy...'

Me- Get out!

Michael- 'No you get out!'

Me- It's my house!

Michael- 'So?'

Me- Private property!

Graham- 'Prove it!'

Me- I'll go get the sign it's just outside.

Michael- 'Quick lock the door!'

Me- Hey let me in!

Hey! Now I am the main speaker! Yay!

Graham- 'Ok now his gone I'll tell...

you a story. Hey now I'm the main speaker.

Michael- 'That's because you're telling the story!'

Ok, cool. Now let's see about that story...

Once upon a time in a land not so different from our own, there was a boy called... Graham. He was 13 years old. He lived in a really big house. His house was so big it had its own lift! Now Graham had no brothers but two sisters, Fiona and Lisa, They were twins and were 7 years old and were really annoying! That's where our story begins actually, Graham, is fighting with the girls...

'Get out of my room!' Graham yelled at his two sisters who were jumping on his bed. They jumped off and ran down the stairs. 'Man there annoying!'

'Graham,' His mother yelled from down stairs. 'Get here now!'

'Coming.' He said before closing his bedroom door and heading for the lift. The doors slid open and his two sisters were standing there in the lift with a grin on their faces. 'What?' I scowl.

'You're in trouble!' they said in perfect unison, pushing Graham away as they ran for their room. 'Graham!' His mother yelled again. 'Coming!'

'What?' He asked before seeing his mother looking back at him with a stern look.

'Why is your room still untidy?' She yelled back at him.

'It was the girls!' He retorted.

"They're the ones who did it!'

'Why would they come and tell me your room was messy if they were the ones who did it?'

'Because, they want to get me into trouble! Duh!' He yelled back at her his next remark already forming on his lips.

'What's going on?' Fiona asked in the fake sweet tone that they're mother loves so much.

'We heard shouting. Is everything alright?' Lisa added.

'I'll tell you what's going on! You two trashed my room, and then blamed me for it!' Graham yelled ready to storm off.

'GRAHAM!' his mother yelled in the loudest yell he had ever heard her yell. 'STOP BLAMING THE GIRLS AND GO TIDY YOUR'RE ROOM! NOW'

Back in his bedroom...

Stupid girls making my room messy then blaming me for it! He thought to himself.

Why do they hate me?

'Hi, Graham!' The girls appeared around the corner of his door with a look you could only describe as EVIL!

'What do you want?' He said in a fowl tone.

'Nothing, we were just wondering ...'

'Just go away!' He yelled cutting them off.