(A/N: This story is in NO WAY connected with my hero and the villain story, the main character is still the Hero)

Many, many years ago…..

A young Rapo boy pulled on another Rapo girl's ears. She squeeled and slapped his hand. "Wilfwe! That huwt!" She whined. He giggled and ran away from her. "Catch me if you can!" He yelled, hiding behind a tree. "Not faiw!" The girl ran to catch up with him. She tackled the young Rapo boy to the ground. They both had a laughing fit, holding onto each other's hands. "Hey, uh, Rei…" Wilfre said suddenly. "Ya?" Rei questioned. "Will you, uh, marry me when were older?" He stammered, his little amount of blush becoming evident. "Of couwse!" She glomped him. He smiled tiredly. Both of them fell asleep in the meadow in the village. The next few months were very hectic. Wilfre and his parents left, the village faded away, leaving only one young Rapo girl by herself. Being alone, she kind of went a little out of her head. She saw illusions of her friends and family. She grew up without love, or a family. This is why she is now named Reikoku Na, which means Heartless.

Back in Raposa Village, Wilfre was becoming a success. He forgot all of his memories of his old home. In turn, his heart became a little dark without Rei.