There stood the castle once ruled by Lilliane, encircled by flames that painted the dark night with a horrifying red tint. Who had caused it was a zombie horde that overran the structure. They were made up of many creatures, large and small. Despite all of this chaos, there standing on top of a hill staring down at the undead was Kasai, one of the Royal Siblings, also the younger twin to Lillianne. He stood there, messy blond hair reaching over his crimson eyes that only made them more sinister from glimmering off the flames. He wore a baggy black t-shirt and loose black jeans to enhance his mobility. It wasn't a royal look, but it was his own. His only protection was his silver gauntlets, extended from his elbow to the razor-sharp fingertips. He preferred agility over strength

He held one sword in each hand, the right one being a double-edge broadsword meant for blocking and heavy attacks and in his left a single-edge curved sword held in a reverse grip so the blunt side pressed up against his arm, meant for quick strikes. He turned behind him to look at Lillianne's best Blood Warriors. All in full body medieval suits, they stood there waiting for Kasai to start the charge.

Kasai smirked at them with confidence then spoke. "Today, your Hime was attacked by these wretched undead. She has managed to escape, but they will be after her. We are the only things keeping them" He pointed at the horde crawling up towards them "from reaching her. Never have I seen such loyal warriors. While facing them you shall show no mercy, no fear, and no weakness. If you do, I'll give you a reason to fear, personally. Let's show them what Hime's Blood Warriors are capable of!" He raised his weapon high up as the men let out a battle cry loud enough to shake the heavens, even if their numbers were small.

He returned his gaze towards his enemies and charged right at them with excitement coursing through his body, the warriors shortly following pursuit. As he reached a good distance he threw his left sword right into the head of the first zombie, instantly re-killing him. Before the corpse could fall Kasai leapt onto the body, clinging to his sword, and kicked off it sending it into the group to give himself some fighting space. Kasai stabbed one in the head with his right, and sliced through the neck of another, immediate decapitation. Luckily for him they didn't leave too much of a mess since they're dead. As they fell to the ground the warriors charged into the horde, pushing them back. An all out battle took place.

Using his ace, he slipped out a vial from his left leg pocket. It contained extremely flammable chemicals that he made himself. Pouring the substance onto his right sword he stabbed into the chest of one zombie. Kasai struck his own weapon with his left, causing a spark between them to form, thus causing his sword to catch ablaze, along with the unfortunate walking corpse. He kicked it back into the others, the flames spreading between them.

As the battle drew out there was no sign of decline in their numbers. As if for every one they struck down, two more took its place. As for his end, he saw the warriors being swarmed one by one, screaming in pain. Seeing the dilemma they were in Kasai disarmed his right weapon by throwing it at a zombie that almost struck a warrior from behind. He pulled out a side-arm and fired at each one in his view.

Damn, they just keep coming. Looks like I won't make it out of this one.

"Ouji-sama, you must escape from here!" yelled one of the last remaining warriors.

"I cannot, I'm needed here to keep them away from nee-chan!"

"You'd be more useful protecting her by her side! We can't have one of the royals killed tonight. We welcome death, but you must retreat! I beg of you!"

Kasai mentally cursed, because he was right. He had to make sure she made it out unscathed. "Alright, your Hime would be proud. I hope to see you in the afterlife." He nodded at the warrior, who nodded in response.

Kasai retrieved his other sword and ran off to join his sister. It tore him that he had to leave such fine warriors to their death, but he was needed elsewhere. To make sure he wasn't followed he took out his last vial and poured it onto the ground. He struck it, creating more flames in his track. He rushed off.

To no surprise, he found her on a cliff looking down at what she once called home instead of trying to escape. If it was one thing about her, she was reckless ever since they were young. Catching his breath he smiled, trying to make it as sincere as possible, but nearly impossible from the blood rush still flowing in him. He walked up to her form, her long, elegant hair moving with the wind. He reached out to her shoulder when-

"Hey wake up, Prince. You have some more visitors!" spoke the snake jailor with antipathy.

Kasai snapped out of his usual daydreams. That was one memory he wished he could forget. It was the very same moment that had framed him and sent him to the cell he's currently occupying.

A few days after that horrible incident, after getting his sister to safety, Kasai was summoned to court. Falsely accused of breeding the zombies and sending them after her, he was sentenced to prison. Both Kasai and Lillianne knew it was their brother Severin that contrived all of this, but sadly on his part without any real proof they didn't bother saying anything of it. The last thing he saw before being sent off was the sight of his sister, her eyes showed no sign of concern but he knew that she was inside. Twin telepathy had some uses. They drove off and she grew smaller as they gained distance until he couldn't see her anymore.

Since then he's been in this hell-hole for a full year. The smell of blood and decay always filled the air, though that was his fault. During that time prisoners and assassins alike have entered his cell to kill him, rough him, or simply have their way with him. But it all ended the same way, they were slain, coloring his floor with different colors of blood. Depending on the creature that entered.

There was one moment where they came close to finishing off the prince. It was a mistake on his part, but had no control of. Assassins entered his cell, with the help of the same jailer that woke him, and nearly killed him in his sleep. It nearly cost him his life, but he managed to survive. Ever since then he's limited his sleep to a few measly hours a week. It all drew him to the point of insanity. But what always kept him partially sane after-wards were his thoughts about his sister. How he wanted to see her again, it ached inside of him whenever he thought of her. That's where his daydreams come in.

He enters these dream-like states unintentionally, but when they start his body and mind stops and all his senses weakened. They last until the memory ends or someone wakes him up from it, which the jailer has succeeded in doing.

Kasai didn't bother to look, but he heard footsteps enter his cell. By the sound of their steps, they were huge. No surprise there. One was an alligator with an eye patch over his left eye, sickly green scales, and just by his smug grin it was obvious he was missing a lot of teeth. The other was a werewolf, like the alligator he was well built. Sharpened claws, tip of his ear missing, and freshly painted red stains on his teeth. Must have had his meal already.

"Hey Raul, look at this wont'cha. Isn't it usually a princess that's locked up in a jail waiting to be saved?" he hissed a laugh with closed teeth.

How original.

"He ain't no girl, but sure is a looker huh?" the wolf commented, laughing as well.

Thugs or assassins?

"Speaking of princesses, one sent us after ya. Having family trouble?" the wolf spoke, breaking the laughing moment.

Assassins. Sherwood or Sylvia?

As if he read his mind the reptile spoke. "In case yer wonderin' we don't know her real name. Never gave it to us. She only allowed us to call her 'Hime'. Kind of cliché to me,"

Kasai's head shot up from that word. Anticipating what'd happen the jailer closed the cell.

"That sure got his attention, eh, Rau--?"

"Franzetta!" Kasai yelled. As on command Franzetta reverted his metallic claws from the ceiling and descended right on top of them both, planting his feet right on their spine making them snap in the process. Their shrieks of pain echoed in his cell.

Franzetta looked at the age of a teenage boy. Messy black hair reaching above his eyes, pale skin, and a blank expression. He wore a butler suit and a small bow tie, all tattered from the constant protection over Kasai. His most outstanding feature was his black neko ears and tail to go along with his metal cat-like claws. Kasai was always the oddball in the family, including his fascination with cats. He loved cats to an extent that he had neko parts installed in his android. Other changes were he weighed less than the usual robot companion so he'd be more agile as well.

Kasai lifted himself off the bed and stalked towards them slowly. Everywhere on him there were claw marks in his clothes, bruises on certain areas hidden underneath his clothes. As he approached them he'd cast a sinister grin down at them, darkness covering his face making his crimson eyes glow radiantly.

He spoke, his voice had an eerie sound to it. "So, you say my Lilly-nee sent you to kill me? Her own twin? I don't know whether to believe you or not. Kill the reptile, slowly."

On command Franzetta grabbed the upper jaw and started to pull back slowly. The crock yelled in protest, but all for naught. The jaws locked at its limit, but Franzetta kept pulling causing blood to flow from the corners of his mouth. Raul, the werewolf, tried to move to help his comrade, but with their spines broken and the massive weight on them all he could do is watch. Right before the werewolf's eyes the upper jaw snapped back, killing the reptile in one go, filling the floor with blood once more.

"Alright, alright! It wasn't your sister, it was Gilliam-sama! He wanted to mess with you some, so please spare me!" Raul pleaded.

"Gilliam… figures. Even in prison he still picks on me. Well done on the confession… but"--Kasai looked at the wolf straight in the eyes, his sinister smile grew larger--"you should die here as well. If you really are a werewolf then you'd accept death. You bring shame to your race, only thing you deserve is suffering" Kasai turned his back on the wolf and started walking to his bed. "Kill him,"

As he sat there on his bed he leaned his head back, staring at the roof as if it were something interesting. He could hear limb upon limb breaking until one final snap finally silenced the wolf's scream.

"Damn… you could've at least not made such a messs. I'm the one that has to clean thisss up you know!"

"If that's true, then stop letting people enter my cell to kill me. That'd solve your problems." It was spoken bluntly.

The snake cursed under his breath, gathering the bodies. The smell of blood fused with the air once more in his cell.

"Do you think badly of me, Franzetta?"


"Thank you. But, what would Lilly-nee think of me if she saw me in this condition. Lilly-nee…" He sighed in depression.

His eyes went dead once more, going off into his imagination, but before he could access another memory there was a knock on his cell bars. Kasai looked to face a rather large snow leopard in a business suit with a red tie, along with two royal guards with shields and an axe.

"Kasai-sama, I am Steve Payton, your newly assigned lawyer. I've come to bring you great news," the leopard announced.


"You are hereby released from your cell. You are now innocent in your crimes of assaulting Lillianne-sama with the zombies. We know the truth, it was her all along. We hope you can forgive us," the leopard finished, bowing his head. The guards did the same.

"…" It took a while for the news to process through his state, and then it hit him. "…Eh?" But he was still confused.

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