Skies and Scars

Mortal Instruments / Storm Hawks

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Metro Station, Shake It.

"Oh, Sebastian will know. Tell him, it's with regards from Jace Wayland," he chuckled, running out of Ace's sight. "Nighty Night Acey."

Chapter 6. When Secrets Get Out

"These plans are very thorough; beauty and brains I see," Sebastian slurred, smoothing the paper in his hands delicately across the table in front of him. Master Cyclonis laughed, her eyes darting with light.

"I get it from my mother's side of course," she grinned, turning back to her Storm Machine. Master Cyclonis, or Lark as she told him to call her, was indeed his rightful partner. His accomplice. Maybe she was part demon too, but he didn't wanted to hurt her feelings or scare her by revealing his secret. That's a change, he thought to himself. Not wanting to hurt, afraid of the consequences… It was strange. Indeed, it wasn't love. Demons don't feel love, especially for mundanes. No matter how demonic they may seem. Lust, perhaps, but not love. Defiantly not love. To love is destroy, has his father had taught him. Yet hadn't Valentine, his father, felt love before? And weren't his father and he of the same blood and bone? Yes, but his blood doesn't run with the fire of Greater Demons, he smirked. The irony did make him laugh occasionally. Him, the Shadowhunter with Demon blood; hunting his own shadow as his father would put it.

"Dark Ace? I didn't think you'd be back for another two days. Your cargo safe and sound?" Lark asked, not turning around to see the young man at the door. His hair was mated with sweat, as if he had been running around constantly for the last hour, his face plastered white.

"No, I sent another messenger to the handler to wait a few more days," he breathed, coolly coming into the room and bowing in front of her. Sebastian watched from his armchair, relaxed in the comfy leather. This Dark Ace character intrigued him. Lark often spoke of him; how brave and loyal he was to Cyclonia and to her. The traitor who sparked the Cyclonia campaign out in the open. He found respect in that kind of courage. Respect, not necessarily trust.

"Oh, and why would that be? You've already delayed this pick up this week. I thought it was of the utmost importance to you," she said, raising an eyebrow.

Hesitating, he took another breathe in, "Something came through the portal." Sebastian sat upright in his chair, swinging his legs to the floor.

"What!" he spat, his eyes burning into the man. The Dark Ace didn't falter at his stare but instead rolled his eyes.

"Hence why I came straight here and not to my cargo. I found this of the utmost importance," he explained, taking Master Cyclonis's hand delicately as she stepped down to them.

"Oh calm down Sebastian, you are safe here," she smirked, turning to her right-hand man with sharp eyes. "Tell me everything."

"I was in the hanger preparing my ship for my cargo pick up when I heard something from the sealed cargo hold in which you keep the door. I went to investigate, thinking some men were been idiotic in their own particular way, to find the guards bound and gagged. The auto lock door was open but with no alarms, leaving enough space for a person to walk through. One of guards died but before he did he told me something; a message. To you; 'We'll meet again, with regards… Jace Wayland.' The guard said Sebastian would know what it means," he said, averting the Shadowhunter's stare. At the mention of Wayland's name, his eyes had flared up with anger, the small smile on his face vanished.

"Interesting," Lark said to herself. "It seems some of your friends from the Far Side want in Sebastian. You know this Wayland I'm taking it? Sounds fun."

"Not many of them are my friends. I can assure you. They won't be too sympathetic to your cause," he grunted, his teeth ground together. A long pink scare wound its way around his wrist - the only memory of his past that pained him to look at.

"Oh, I imagine not. But who said anything about letting them have a choice?" she smirked. Sebastian smiled too, small and sly.

"I'm glad you waited," he said, stroking her cheek.

"Me too," she said, playing with a thread on her blanket. The pit in her stomach grew deeper with guilt as she looked down at the simple silver band on her finger. "Aerrow, there's something I forgot to tell you. About what's happened in the past five years and it's really important. It's got to do with the Dark…"

"AERROW!" yelled Finn, his voice echoing in the metal walls. "AERROW! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Finn…" the boy cursed. "We'll finish this later, yeah?"

She smiled faintly, allowing him to pull her up into the hallway. Finn turned the corner, his face all red and sweaty.

"AERROW -" he yelled again. "AER- oh, I found you."

"No shit Sherlock," Aerrow smiled, placing a firm hand on his marksman's shoulder. "Now, what's wrong?"

"There's… Attack… Cyclonians… THE DARK ACE! They're here!" he stuttered. At the mention of the Dark Ace, Aerrow strode past the two of them - hard determination on his face. Finn followed, leaving Anne by herself in the hallway; pale faced.

"Oh, cock!" she cursed, raking her fingers through her hair. "What do I do, what do I do?" The Condor shuttered as a blast came from the starboard side, making her trip over and into the wall. She could see outside the window, more than half a dozen Cyclonian skimmers were darting around the Condor taking cheap shots and averting the powerful blasts of Junko's canon. Hesitatively, she looked down at her bow then back out the window. Ace was out there. The Dark Ace. The ring on her finger burnt like ice, the FireBolt crystal flashing dangerously at her. Without thinking, she turned on her heels and picked up the bow and quiver. Glancing over her shoulder and out the window, she noticed the familiar skimmer and red crystal light of the Dark Ace. Hitting the wall with her free hand, she left her room and made her way up to the bridge.

"The Storm Hawks. What luck?" sneered the second in command.

"Oh do shut up?" asked the Dark Ace, eyeing the red headed boy on the ship's bridge. "I am not blind."

"Sorry sir, what should we do?" said the first man.

"Attack them," he replied, rolling his eyes. "It's what we always do." The man didn't say anything than began shouting commands through his radio at the other Cyclonians. He veered off to the left, leaving Ace to take a straight line course to the bridge.

"How nice of you to drop by Ace, but I didn't think brunch was your kind of thing?" laughed the radio, Aerrow's childish voice chuckling through the thin static.

"Don't worry, I won't stay long. It will only take a few moments to smite you off the face of Atmos forever," he said, brandishing his sword to the side.

"You can try."

"Oh, I will," Ace scoffed. The four or so other Cyclonian skimmers flew past him at an accelerated pace, narrowly dodging the blasts from the Condor's energy canon. The girl named Piper had joined the blonde boy out in the sky as the Cyclonians drew closer to the Condor. Aerrow, finally, had boarded his skimmer and was rolling off the hanger's deck - his eyes keen on the Dark Ace.


Anne stood beside Junko at the canon, unsure of her next move. Stork had shown her to the flight deck and now crouched beside her, examining the bits and pieces he could make into a skimmer for her. There were no more skimmers that she could use - Junko's was in bits and pieces - and there was no way she could make a clear shot from within the Condor. Scanning the wall, her eyes locked onto a small Night Crawler wind glider.

"Stork is it okay if I use this?" she asked, her voice tight.

"Uh… I'm not sure that's entirely safe. I don't think Aerrow -"

"Aerrow is not my brother," she said quickly, strapping the black wing like glider on her back.

Stork raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure you know how to use that?"

"Do you?" she asked, not expecting a response. Tightening the arrows to her calf, she pulled the bow string tightly then stared out into the sky. Piper's heli was leaking fuel and smoke as two Cyclonians circled her with malic. Finn was winning against his three Cyclonians, just. Pulling her hair back out of her eyes, she lunged forward and plunged off the side of the Condor.

"So, what brings you to this side of the Atmos? I hope it's not just for me," Aerrow taunted, blocking Ace's side swipe. They had landed on a small Terra below the stationary Condor.

"No, actually. I hadn't planned on this little encounter but how could I pass a chance to crush you and your pathetic excuse for a squadron?" he said, pushing forward with the FireBolt crystal. Aerrow struggled backwards, his hair whipping in the wind. Trying to stand up, he fell back onto the ground; his foot jammed between the rocks of the Terra. The Dark Ace loomed over him, sword in hand, and a dark smile on his face.

"My Master had other plans for you and the rest of your stupid little rebellion but I guess I'm doing her a favour by getting rid of you first," he sniggered; bring the sword up over his head. He brought it down as Aerrow squeezed his eyes shut… But nothing touched him. Opening his eyes he could see Ace, his eyes wide open in surprise and the FireBolt Sword falling into the Wastelands below.

"Who…?" yelled Ace through gritted teeth. His mouth fell slack as he saw the blonde headed girl ten feet above them, the dark Night Crawler wings stretched out behind her, a bow with a ready arrow in the notch. "No! What are you doing here?"

"Hungry?" Aerrow smiled, unlocking his leg from the rocks below and standing up straight; his two ThunderBolt crystals in his hands.

She couldn't move. Black eyes stared up at her in disbelief; heartbreak and anger reflecting back at her. Had she just…?

"No! What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry Ace," she whispered, placing the next arrow into the notch and aiming towards him. "I really am." A Cyclonian talon swept past her, brandishing his staff at her. Without hesitation, she let the string go and the Paralysis crystal dug into his leg, the strong wooden quiver slightly shaking.

"Oh, drat," he swore, feeling the crystals effect take place. Anne put in another arrow and aimed back at Ace. The red headed boy had one of his blue blades pressed hard against Ace's throat, drops of blood coming to the surface.

"Let him go Aerrow," she said firmly, fighting back tears.

The two boys looked at her in surprise, "What?"

"You heard me, let him go!"

"Why?" Aerrow yelled, not lowering the blade at his throat. Anne opened her mouth but didn't say anything. The Dark Ace chuckled; low in his throat.

"Oh," laughed Ace. "So, my dear Anne, you haven't told him?" She lowered the bow but not her gaze as she shook her head. "Tsk, tsk, I should've guessed."

"Told me what? What is he talking about? How does he know your name?" Aerrow panted, looking from Ace to Anne in quick turns. "Tell me!"

"Aerrow… I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"For what?"

"We… Me and…" she stuttered, dropping to his level and taking off the Night Crawler gear. "It's a long story."

"Just… Just tell me Anne," Aerrow said, more softly and steady.

"After the Cyclonians left, I did everything I told you before. But there was something else… Someone else."

"You can't be serious?" the red head exclaimed.

Piper threw the Leech crystal down the fuel shoot on the last remaining Cyclonian. Smiling, she watched him parachute down to the Wastelands with the rest of his squad. Finn squeezed a hug from behind, whooping with excitement and achievement, despite having had his skimmer cut in half and a large welt across his left leg. She joined in, waving over to Junko at the canon.

"Where's Aerrow? I thought I saw him come out of the hanger," she asked, feeling Finn shrug. Turning her head, she saw the three small people on the Terra behind them; Aerrow, Anne and the Dark Ace. Aerrow had one of his blue swords across the Ace's neck, Anne standing beside a Night Crawler skimmer; the special black bikes that transform into hang gliders when in flight mode, with the wheels acting as lifting propellers.

"How did she get them?" Piper asked.

Finn shrugged again, "I want to know how she knew how to use them. I've only seen Night Crawlers use them; no one has ever had the chance to try them before. Did you see her before? When she came off the Condor and just knocked the Cyclonians off their skimmers with her little arrows. It was so cool!"

"Yeah, I saw her," she murmured, flying up to the flight deck and landed softly next to Junko and Stork.

"Where are Aerrow and Anne?" Junko asked, picking up Finn off the heli.

"They're down on the Terra with the Dark Ace. He looks pretty defenseless," she said, grabbing a pair of binoculars and walking down to the bridge. Stork ran after her, puffing to keep up with her long fast strides.

"The Dark Ace may look defenseless, but just because he has no sword doesn't mean he hasn't got a weapon against them," Stork sighed, leaning over the railing outside to see down at the Terra.

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is; just because he hasn't got a weapon, it doesn't mean he can't hurt them," he shrugged. "Although he's evil, he's also smart and he knows too much."

"You're right, he knows Aerrow too well. He knows how to wind him up," Piper said.

"I wasn't talking about Aerrow," Stork interrupted, Piper turning quickly to him.

"Then who?"

"Take a look at the ring on Anne's left hand and tell me it's not what I think it is," he asked, raising his eyebrow as she hesitatively looked through her binoculars.

"Is that…?" she gasped, looking closer down at the girl.

"How manypeople in the whole Atmos do you know have a FireBolt Crystal in their possession?"