Characters/Pairing: Alice/Mirana (The White Queen)
Warnings: Girlslash, spoilers for the film, general AiW weirdness
A/N: Not beta'd. 620 words. Slight use of book!verse language.

She felt a great weight lift off her shoulders as the White Queen placed the Vorpal Sword in its crystal holder, in front of the most ornately decorated armour she had ever laid eyes upon ('My,' thought Alice, 'how curious that I, this small girl, shall kill the Jabberwocky! I suppose it is my dream, after all'). The Queen smiled at Alice pleasantly during this time, which unnerved her slightly - she wasn't used to kindness after staying with the woman's horrid sister.

Alice felt uncomfortable in her red, tattered dress. She stood out like a sore thumb in the pristine room, and hoped the woman in front of her didn't notice her blushing deeply. As kind as everyone was in the tiled room, she still felt under pressure, trying to live up to what they thought she'd be - a bold knight; a champion.

Alice wasn't worried about slaying the Jabberwocky in a few days time, finding a new dress to change into, or shrinking back to her 'normal' size. She was worried that she'd disappoint all these people who were eagerly waiting for this mouse to turn into a lion. Alice bit her thumb, and followed the Queen into another room, trying to ignore the smiling eyes that bore into her. Please, Hatter, let to-day be a dream..

The Queen's cool, manicured fingers ghosted over her own as she led Alice to an equally white room through a shining corridor. She felt intimidated by this woman, who was almost perfect in every way compared to her blandness, her audacity. And yet she was still regarded by many to be above (and now curtsey, dear girl, articulate!) Her Majesty, something Alice could not yet fathom.

Alice was bought back to her senses by the cool rush of air behind her when the Queen closed a white door to the square room in which they were standing. She was handed a vial of light yellow liquid by white, flawless fingers, which pulled away as if burned when Alice grasped the potion. She looked up, quizzically, but saw the Queen staring at her with the same pearly smile as when they had entered the room. Alice drank the liquid enthusiastically before coughing for a matter of minutes, finally opening her eyes to find her height had changed and she was now slightly shorter than the Queen. She felt even more intimidated now - the white blonde, smiling happily, looked even more authoritarian than she did a matter of minutes ago. Alice plastered a fake smile on her face, which was returned, properly, by the elegant woman in front of her.

"Your Majesty, I-"
The Queen smiled and looked down at the girl. "Please, Alice. Call me Mirana," she sighed. Alice fumbled with the hem of her dress and looked up at Mirana, frowning.
"I cannot do this," she said, and looked at her feet ashamedly. The Queen cupped her cheek affectionately, and drew invisible circles on Alice's jawbone with her thumb, while softly humming a tune Alice swore she'd heard in her late father's lullabies.
"This has been foretold, Alice. It is not a question of if you are able, it is a question of when."
Alice closed her eyes tightly, and nodded. Mirana wrapped her arms around Alice and kissed her lightly on the forehead, still humming the lullaby. The smell of jasmine and lavender filled her nostrils as the Queen hugged her tighter, and Alice allowed herself to inhale deeply as her head began to fit into the curve of Mirana's neck.

She found herself whispering beautiful, nonsensical verses as Mirana's pale fingers unbuttoned the back of her red dress, and her purple stained lips marked the flesh of her collarbone.