"Good morning angels" The speaker box sounded in it's usual voice.

"Good morning Charlie." The three girls spoke in unison, smiles on all their faces.

"I have someone here who's been dying to meet you girls." They looked at each other and then Bossily who only shrugged and looked to the door as it started to open. "She's been trying to contact me fore a few months now." A slim yet muscular young woman walked through the doors, her hair was a darker blond with highlights of a lighter brown, she stood at about 5'10 5'11 and wore tight blue jeans with a leather jacket and a tank top. "Angel's I'd like you to meet Kasey Walker." She removed her sun glasses, placing them on her head after running her fingers through her long hair. She smiled at Dylan and bowed her head slightly.

"Nice to meet you Angels." Dylan's jaw dropped slightly, recognizing the eyes and voice. She jumped up from the couch and all but tackled Kasey in a hug causing her to laugh a little before returning the hug. Natalie and Alex just looked at each other. "I'm glad to see you remember me Helen, or should I say Dylan Sanders."

"How could I forget you Kase, When did you get taller then me?"She asked looking up at the girl who just laughed and kissed Dylan's forehead.

"I was only 16 when we meet, I still had two years to grow, looks like it's a good thing I did." She winked. "Your friend's seem confused hun, you might want to inform them." She motioned toward Alex and Natalie who were just staring.

"Oh guy's this is Kasey, I meet her back when I was Helen, before the whole Shamus thing went down. She warned me not to go out with him."She laughed a little and took Kasey's hand and pulled her toward the other angels. "Kasey these are my best friends and pretty much sisters, Natalie and Alex the other angles." Kasey extended her hand to both girls who gladly shook it.

"Nice to meet you both. Thanks again Charlie for setting this up." She turned to speak to the speaker box on the desk.

"Glad to have reunited the two of you, after hearing the stories you've told me it's well worth it. Have a good day Angels I'll talk to you soon." Bossily turned off the speaker and sat at the edge of the desk.

"What stories did you tell him?" Dylan looked up at Kasey who simply smiled and shrugged earning her a smack on the arm.

"So how did you two meet?" Natalie asked scooting closer to Alex on the couch and patting the seat next to her. Kasey gladly took a seat, laying her arms on the back of the couch.

"Should I tell the story or are you going to?" Kasey raised her eyebrow at Dylan who rolled her eyes.

"I'll tell it cause who knows how you've changed it." She teased and sat on Kasey's lap facing Nat and Alex.

"We were in high school, I was a senior and she was a sophomore. We ended up having a class together and she'd always sit at the back of the classroom in the corner doing nothing but reading. Sometimes though shed peek over her book and look at me, I thought it was the cutest thing ever. So I started to sit next to her and we'd pass notes cause she refused to talk in class, even though it was only study hall." Kasey shook her head and leaned into the couch more. The other Angels smiled sweetly finding it cute as well. "One thing lead to other until Shamus came along." Dylan's smile faded.

"What do you mean one thing lead to another?" Natalie asked looking between Alex and Dylan. Kasey smiled brightly and moved to look over Dylan's shoulder so she could see the other girls. Dylan laughed a little and bit her lip.

"Oh my god you guys were an item?' Alex asked a huge grin on her face. Both Kasey and Dylan nodded causing Natalie and Alex to giggled. "Helen Zass was a lesbian?"

"Was, key word hun. Shamus came along and everything that Helen and I ever had or could of had was gone."She snapped her fingers. "Just like that." Her voice got quieter and she moved her chin off of Dylan's shoulder. Dylan bit her lip again, glancing back at Kasey as best she could. "Don't" Kasey whispered and Dylan looked back at Natalie and Alex.

"I never got to say good bye to her or anything. She was really the only one that I wonder what happened to these last 8 years." She got up off of Kasey's lap. "What has happened to your for the past 8 years?" She moved to sit next to Natalie. Kasey sat up more, moving her feet from the couch to the coffee table.

"We'll lets see barely graduated, went to college got my masters in psychology and my bachelor's in art and I've been teaching art and working in a mental hospital during the summers." She shrugged and looked back to the Angel's who's mouths were almost touching the floor. "What?"

"That's very impressive for someone of your age, how old are you 23, 24?" Alex asked.

"24, 25 next month." She smiled "It's not a hard accomplishment when you work for what you really want. I've always loved art but knew I couldn't really have a career in it so I figured I'd go for a master in psychology first and now here I am Doctor Walker." She smiled a little, watching Dylan.

"Still very impressive for how young you are." Natalie smiled at Alex and motioned toward the door with her eye's and Alex nodded slightly.

"Well seeing how we don't have a mission to attend today, Natalie and I are going to meet the boys for lunch." They both got up from the couch and picked up their things, heading for the door they both winked at Dylan. "It was nice to meet you Kasey." Alex smiled as she waved.

"Hope to see you again soon."Natalie said before shutting the door.

"Nice to meet you too." She smiled and looked at Dylan. "If they were discretely trying to leave us alone their not good at being discrete when it comes to you."She laughed a little watching Dylan run her teeth over her lip.

"You caught that?" She raised her eyebrow a little. Kasey just nodded and stood up from the couch.

"So where should we go for lunch?" She headed toward the door, pulling her sunglasses back over her eyes. Dylan smiled and quickly trailed behind her. "Wherever you want to go is fine with me." She wrapped her arms around Kasey's. The taller girl smiled and glanced down at her from the corner of her eye. They made it out to the front where Kasey pulled her key's out of her pocket. She stood next to a baby blue 2002 Kawasaki Ninja, handing Dylan a pair of motorcycle sunglasses and gracefully swung her leg over the bike before turning her head to Dylan and smiled sweetly at her.

"You getting on?" She held out her hand. Dylan took a deep breath and blinked a few times trying not to melt at her smile before nodding and taking the hand offered, slowly climbing onto the back of the bike.

"Hold tight and I hope you grew out of your milkshake and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner cause where were going they ain't got it." She laughed as she started the bike, Dylan's arms slowly made there way around Kasey's waist causing her to smile.

'Dude total six pack.' Dylan though, her fingers brushing light against Kasey's abs.

"You ready to go?" She asked quietly, her head turning to the side. Dylan simply nodded and they slowly took off to their destination. She closed her eyes and leaned back slightly, still holding tight to Kasey. She smiled as the wind blew through her hair and against her face gently. Kasey smiled when she looked in at the side view mirror. 'Still as beautiful as I remember.' She thought to herself before slowly bringing the bike to a stop and turned off the engine, sitting up all the way. Dylan leaned forward, laying her head on Kasey's back.

"I remember the first time I trusted you to drive a bike with me on the back of it." She whispered barly loud enough for Kasey to hear. She smiles and pushed down the kickstand on the bike before slowly getting off, pulling Dylan with her.

"It was the first time I had asked you to let me take you for a ride and you said yes right away, I was surprised but so happy you let me." Her hand's slid down from Dylan's sides to her hips as she pulled her a little closer. Dylan's arms unconsciously found their way around Kasey's neck.

"It was also the same day we shared out first kiss." She whispered, looking up into deep blue/gray eyes and couldn't help but smile a little at the memories. Kasey brought a hand up to Dylan's face, slowly running her fingertips along her cheek slowly.

"I still think about that day, and all the others that it lead to."She whispered, her eyes fallowing her fingers movement across soft skin. "I'm sure you've long forgotten them though." Her voice came quieter this time as her fingers trailed down Dylan's neck slowly. Dylan bit her lip lightly, her head leaning to the side a little as she fought to keep her eyes open.

"I remember ever day with you, sometimes if....if I think about it hard enough...it's like I can still feel your lips against mine." Her voice got quieter as she spoke, her eyes finally closing as Kasey brought her fingers back up her neck, stopping just under her ear. Kasey looked at her almost in disbelief, her eyebrows frowned slightly. Dylan's eyes slowly fluttered back open, instantly locking with Kasey's. They slowly inched closer, so close Dylan could feel Kasey's breath on her lips. She closed her eyes again waiting for whatever might happen but then nothing did and the feel of Kasey was gone she opened her eyes to see her rubbing the back of her neck as she sighed.

"Come on lets just go get something to eat." She all but whispered as she turned to walk up to the dinner they had pulled up in front of. Dylan ran a hand through her hair before sighing and fallowing Kasey. 'This could be a very long day.' Kasey though to herself as she held the door open for Dylan.