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Kanae stared at her as they sat together in the Love Me Room. While they were no longer Love Me girls, the room had become something of a sanctuary for them, a place where they could talk in the middle of the day or meet up without much interruption. This request was beyond anything Kanae thought would ever come out from her best friend's mouth. It took a while, a long while for her mind to process what she'd heard.

"Moko-san?" Kyoko asked tentatively.

Apparently, she was taking too long. She blinked at her friend of almost three years now and asked, "Why is this a problem?"

"Because I don't know what to do, or where to start." Kyoko looked flustered and defeated.

"Why not flat out ask him?" Kanae stated the obvious. It couldn't be that hard right? Look who they were talking about for crying out loud!

Kyoko blushed saying, "I can't do that. It's way too embarrassing."

"Then I can't help you." Kanae stood up and started to walk out.

"WAIT! Moko-san! Please!" Kyoko jumped and was clinging to her leg.

"Mo! I can't! I'm serious. He's your boyfriend. Just ask him to take the next step. He'll be so happy that he won't care how it happened," Kanae spoke while trying to pry fingers off of her leg.

Kyoko pulled back, sitting on the floor and blushing like mad. "There is no way I can do that. Help me learn a few tricks first, and I know everything will work out."

"Why are you asking me?"

"Because you've had boyfriends before; I haven't. I was hoping you could help." Kyoko looked up at her pleadingly.

"Kyoko, I've never had a real boyfriend." Kanae didn't have time for a boyfriend. She'd had admirers sure, but none of them were worth the effort to make a real relationship with. She groaned in defeat and then squatted down in front of her friend, her head hanging low, hair covering her face.

"I… I'm a…virrmrmmrmrm," she mumbled.

"What?" Kyoko tilted her head, confused.

She sighed. "I've never done THAT. Nowhere near to doing anything like that, so you're asking the wrong person."

"But you're the only one I can ask," Kyoko sounded kind of sad saying that.

Kanae thought about it for a moment. Kyoko definitely couldn't ask a guy about it, so that left out most of the people she knew. Then there was Okami-san from Daruma-ya, but that was probably like asking her mother. There was Amamiya, but Kanae'd rather help her herself. She pressed her lips together.

"So you want to seduce Tsuruga Ren?" Kanae asked, beaten.

Kyoko nodded vigorously.

They sat back down on the benches again with Kyoko looking at her like she was the answer to all her prayers. If she was really going to do this, Kanae needed a little information first.

"How far have you guys gotten physically?" She'd never thought she would be asking that. It wasn't any of her damn business what her friend and boyfriend do in their alone time. Why did she have such a weird friend?

Kyoko had to think about it. "Hmm, we do the normal stuff, hug, hold hands, kiss, sometimes he'll put his arm around me."

She blinked in shock. "For six months? Every woman in Japan and probably some men have gone farther with him in their heads in 5 seconds, than you have in six months."

Kyoko cringed. "There was once where we…" she paused blushing trying to find the words. "... started to."

"Ok but?" Kanae encouraged her.

"I stopped him," she replied.

Kanae eyed her suspiciously. "You're not telling me everything. What happened?"

"I got scared and ran out. It was so sudden, and I wasn't really thinking about that. Then he started to…" she licked her lips remembering but didn't say what it was they did - thankfully. "And that's when I got so scared. I pushed him off, hitting him in his stomach with my knee and then he fell to the floor, and I ran out." She was burying her face in her hands embarrassed as she finished her tale.

"Ok, so don't freak out the next time that happens." Nice, practical Kanae.

Kyoko slumped. "He hasn't tried anything since then. That night he ran after me and took me home saying that he could wait until I was ready."

"How long ago was this?" she asked.

"Almost 3 months," Kyoko replied.

Three months seemed really short to Kanae, but she'd heard of worse. Plus, those two had known each other for two years before dating. But the fact that she'd waited three months after the messed up make-out session to pursue this was interesting.

She looked at the mousy girl in front of her and had to ask, "Are you sure you are ready, Kyoko? If he's willing to wait, and you weren't ready then, what makes this so different?"

"I can't stop thinking about it." Kyoko blushed and looked away. Since then, he would hold her hand, and she would remember the way his fingers felt in her hair. He would gently place his hand on the small of her back to guide her though a door and a shudder would run through her body at the thought of how they felt at her naked waist, gliding up her bare thigh. When he kissed her at the end of the night, her body would tighten, her heart pound wildly, and she felt this aching. An odd ache, low on her abdomen, that she realized was a need to be with him. Lust was such a foreign thing to her, she just needed a little time to recognize it. Now that she had, she couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Yes." She looked Kanae in the eyes without doubt. "I want to be with him. I love him."

"Ok. Ok. I won't ask anymore." Kanae really didn't want to know what she was thinking with those dilated eyes. "So what've you tried so far?"

"I thought to wait for the next time- like you said- but he hasn't tried anything since then. Anytime we schedule a date, he takes me out to dinner, or a movie, or an event and then takes me home. The only time I see the inside of his place is if I surprise him at home to cook. Then he takes me home right away after we eat." Kyoko pouted.

"Who kisses who at the end of the night?" Kanae asked.

Kyoko thought about it for a moment. "He kisses me."

"Well there you go. Get yourself in his place and you kiss him, maybe touch him a little more. Perhaps if you initiate the intimacy, he'll take the hint and take over." Kanae thought this was easy. Surely he was merely waiting for her to give him permission?

"Just kiss him?" Kyoko asked and Kanae nodded.

"Do you have protection?" she asked.

"Protection?" Kyoko paused and her eyes widened. "I didn't even think of that! Isn't he going to have that?" she asked, concerned.

"Well, you've been dating for six months, so we know it's been at least that long. I doubt he would've been with anyone once he found out he liked you. He hasn't had a girlfriend for the longest time but that doesn't really mean anything." Kanae was thinking out loud logically, and Kyoko was panicking.

What if he was with someone before her? She didn't even realize her feelings for him until recently. The thought of him being with someone when they knew each other made her stomach turn in jealousy, but she knew he had every right to have been. Still, she hated the thought of it.

Kanae continued as did Kyoko's jealousy. "Since he thinks you're not ready yet, he probably isn't expecting to need anything soon, so yeah. I don't think he'll have anything. You're going to have to pick some up."

"Eh! Wh..wha.. what do I pick up?" Kyoko squeaked.

"I don't know! A condom or something." Kanae stood up and started for the door.

Kyoko jumped up and grabbed her wrist. "You have to come with me!"

"I don't think so! This is your problem. You're the one who wants to do this, not me. I'm going… somewhere else."

"MOKO-SAN!" Kyoko screamed and Kanae couldn't move anymore.

20 minutes later

"There are so many," Kyoko whispered.

"Just pick one!" Kanae snapped irritated. They stood at a drug store aisle staring at a bunch of colorful boxes that hung neatly on hooks. Kanae refused to take off her sunglasses and jacket and was looking anywhere else but at the things in front of her. She tried looking to the side but found boxes of KY and other lubricates so she just stared at the floor. Kyoko was hiding behind a large brimmed hat, biting her lip and reading all the boxes.

"I don't know which one. There are different sizes and types and…" Kyoko made a sour face. "Flavors? Why are there flavors?"

"Mo! Buy something or let's leave." Kanae was beet red, and she wanted to burn down the building around her.

"But I need something. These are all for men; isn't there something I can wear?" Kyoko whined and Kanae's head shot up.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" She grabbed Kyoko's hand as she yelled at herself, dragging Kyoko out of store. "We'll get you on the damn pill. Let's just get out of here!"


Kanae wanted to cry but instead pulled out her cell. "We'll schedule an appointment."