Your Love's A Drug

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The Hot Topic

Jake's POV

"Look! There's the welcome sign!" My dad, Billy Black, pointed out excitedly from the driver's seat of the car.

Instead of basking in the glory of a shitty old sign, I rolled my eyes, let my head fall back against the rest, and turned up the volume on my iPod. Madonna was now blasting in my ears, singing about not wanting to hear that some guy is sorry. I know that it would seem kind of weird for an eighteen year old guy to be listening to Madonna, but I didn't care. She was like my idol…well her and Lady Gaga. They were both amazing, and incredibly talented and creative women. Now, I know what you're thinking…why is it that my idols are women? Well, let's put it this way, I have something in common with Lady Gaga…I want to take rides on disco-sticks.

I lifted my head from the head rest, and looked to my left at my twin sisters Rebecca and Rachel. They were both older than me by a year, which would obviously make them nineteen. Why they were still living at home, was beyond me. But aside from that, I was always jealous of them…and not just because they would get to leave this horrible happy-go-lucky family. I was jealous of their talents. Rebecca was an amazing artist, and Rachel was one of the best drama students at our old school in California.

I, on the other hand, was talentless. I tried the whole art thing…as well as the writing thing, the acting thing, the music thing, but I guess know that I am making a list, I should say that I'm not COMPLETLEY hopeless. I have actually taken a liking to cooking, and I'm not too bad at it either. So if anything…I was hoping that this new house would have a decent kitchen.

After a few songs had played, we were now pulling up to an alright looking two story red house. There were a few windows placed here and there, and there were barley any neighbors around. The houses were widely spread apart, and at this observation, I opened the car door and stepped out onto a kind of dirty driveway. I walked around the car and onto the grassy lawn to get a better look at the house, and it looked the same as it did inside the car. I had to wait for my parents to get out of the car and unlock the door before any of the kids could go inside.

The inside was already unpacked and everything was in its designated place. While everyone was looking around the house, I skipped everything else and went to the kitchen. I was happy to find that it was pretty nice. I mean the appliances weren't top of the line, but they weren't antiques either, so I could work with them. As I smiled to myself I left the kitchen and was met by my mom, Sarah.

"So how do you like the kitchen sweetie?" She asked me with a smile. She was an amazing cook, and she would always help me with whatever I needed in the kitchen. I loved her to death, but lately we haven't been spending the same amount of time together that we used to.

"I can't wait to start cooking in there soon!" I smiled at her as we began walking towards the stairs.

I went up first, and she followed a few steps behind. She led me to my room and I almost jumped for joy when I saw that it looked exactly the same as before when we were in California. All my posters of my favorite singers and random magazine clippings were pinned up to the wall. My bed was against a wall by the window and my desk was near a closet with my black laptop sitting on it. I had a dresser closer to my bedroom door, but that didn't matter to me. I could finally SLEEP IN A BED, instead of a damn back seat with my sisters! I nearly ran to it and hopped on it and landed comfortably on it. I placed the side of my face against my pillow and laughed, before I remembered that my mom was still watching me from the doorway.

She was giggling, "Well, I'll be taking my leave now." She smiled before exiting, and closing the door behind her.

I knew that she wasn't completely finished with me yet, so I began counting to myself.


"Oh!" She exclaimed as she swung the door open, "I forgot to mention that your father and some of his old friends are getting together for a bonfire at the beach tonight! So, we will be leaving around seven…which is in an hour!" She smiled and then closed the door again.

I rolled my eyes with a small chuckle. My mom was always forgetting something. But this thing…this bonfire…was something that I could have lived without knowing. I was getting nervous about seeing the people of this tiny little reservation named La Push, again. We used to visit this place every summer, and I had actually grown kind of close to the kids here…but things change. I got older…and liked different things. I grew distant, and soon, we just stopped visiting all together. But now, dad was retired, and mom was able to work from whatever location as an online journalist, he decided that we should just move out here.

For my family, it was like a heaven. For me, it was a living hell.

Before I knew it, my mom was knocking on my door asking if I was ready to go. I didn't really have anyone to impress so I just stayed in my jeans, plain black tee, and white zip up jacket as we left.

An upside to this small little place? The beach was within walking distance of my house. So we were there within five minutes. I had come prepared with my iPod, just in case I got really bored here. I saw people gathered around a fire, sitting on logs and folding chairs. Everyone was so…tanned…with black hair. At least we had that much in common.

"Billy!" Some guy greeted my dad as he stood and gave my dad a big hug. My dad returned the gesture. "And I remember this group of people here!" He smiled at us all, hugging us one by one, each one getting more and more awkward.

"You guys remember these kids!" He spoke to the small group that was huddled around the fire. "That's my wife Sue, and my kids Leah and Seth." He pointed to a trio that all smiled and waved. "These are Seth's friends, Collin and Brady." He now pointed to two kids who were sitting near Seth. "That right there is Emily." He pointed to a young woman who was stunningly beautiful, but she had a horrible scar on the left side of her face. "Old Quil right there!" He pointed to an elderly man. After that I tuned out, just looking up at the starry sky…or at least the parts of the sky that weren't completely covered in the gray clouds.

Before I knew it, I was standing alone, as my family had joined the group around the fire. I saw the girl named Leah stand up and approach me.

"Hey!" She greeted me with a smile. "I bet that you don't remember me huh?"

Truth be told, I kind of did. I would kind of always be with her and Emily…and if I remember correctly, they were cousins.

"A little bit. But I'm sorry to say that it isn't really much." I returned the smile.

"C'mon, let's walk by the water. We can catch up." She offered, and I nodded, so we began walking together in the dim lighting that the slightly covered moon gave off. "So, how are you? It's been forever since I saw you! We used to hang out all the time!"

I chuckled at her slightly excited tone. "Well I've been good. And now that I live out here, we can probably pick up on our old habits…it was always me, you, and Emily right?"

I noticed that Leah made a disgusted face when I said her name.

"What was that about?" I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"Well…while you've been gone…things have happened. Like…I started dating this guy, Sam, and we were totally in love. Like head over heels, crazy in love."

"But Leah, aren't you only like…nineteen?"

"Yeah, but this was like crazy love! I'm serious. But back to the story. So we were crazy in love, and then all of the sudden, one day, he dumps me. And do you know what he said?" She asked me, knowing that I didn't. "He said that he didn't love me, at all! And that he was in love with my cousin, Emily. Stupid bitch."

I chuckled a bit under my breath, "So you've got some family drama huh?"

"That's putting it nicely." She groaned, "I just don't understand it. How could feelings just change over-night? It doesn't just happen like that…I mean, there's nothing that I can do about it now, but it still just bugs the shit out of me. I always think what did I do wrong? What's wrong with me?" She said as a tear escaped from her eyes. "Oh shit. Look at me! I'm over here pouring my heart out with my drama, sorry about that."

"Nah, don't trip. Isn't that what best friends are for?" I gave her a warm smile and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess so. And now that you know something personal about me, you have to tell me something personal about yourself!" She poked my side.

"Hmm…" Do I put her to the test of real friendship and let her in on my little secret? "I'm gay." I said, just putting it out there. I didn't want to waste my time building this 'BFF' friendship for nothing.

She stopped and stared at me, staying quiet. Ah, I knew that she wouldn't be accepting. Or so I thought before I saw the big grin that spread across her face.

"How cool!" She squealed as she attacked me with a hug. "Okay, now we totally have to be best friends!"

Hearing that made me so happy. I was used to being rejected by some of the people that I had told back in Cali. I mean usually people wouldn't know what to do about it. Some were cool with it, like Leah, and others were totally freaked and wanted nothing to do with me.

"Yeah, I guess so." I smiled back at her as I returned the hug.

"Ugh! Thank the lord that its summer! We can totally just go around and check out guys!" She laughed once we broke apart. "I wish that Seth was gay…"

I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably, "Oh my God! That was so funny!"

"Well it's true!" She laughed again before turning and making a little disgusted noise.

"What?" I asked, looking back towards the bonfire area that I realized we were avoiding.

I saw about five guys walk up to the rest of the group. They were all tall, dark, and sexy. The only wore some jeans that they had cut into shorts. They didn't wear shoes, and they all had the same short cropped haircut that I had. Kind of weird…and creepy. They were like a five person cult.

"Sam Uley and his little fucking gang of bitches." She spat out bitterly.

"So…which one is Sam?" I asked sounding a bit confused. I mean…there were five of them there so it was a reasonable question.

"Just wait to see the one that goes to the slut." She told me.

I watched carefully, and then I saw one of them walk up and grab Emily in a tight embrace. He seemed to be the tallest and the seemed to have the most muscles.

"Oh." Was all that I could get out when I saw them kiss.

Leah made a fake vomiting noise before turning her back to the bonfire again.

"Makes me sick!" She chuckled. But I could tell that it was just a mask to hide the pain and hurt that she was feeling.

I decided not to ponder on the subject but instead ask about the others.

"Who are the other guys there?"

"Oh, well Embry and Jared are the two standing closest to the lovebirds. Embry is on the left. The other two, who are…talking to my brother?" She asked sounding kind of frustrated, before actually stalking off towards them.

I quickly followed, not wanting to be left behind, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing it's just that…the last time that those two talked to my brother and his friends, they convinced them to try streaking. Let's just say that it wasn't pretty." Leah scoffed as she now stood next to her brother.

"Paul, what did I tell your dumb ass about trying to get them to do your dumb fucking ideas?" She nearly yelled.

I looked around and everyone else seemed to ignore this small outburst. We were a bit separated from the rest of the group so I just paid all my attention to what was happening in front of me.

"Aw Leah it was all in good…" He stopped mid sentence when he looked past Leah and gave me a curios look. When our eyes met, I swear I saw his face turn a bit pink and his eyes widened a bit. He didn't bother to finish his sentence; instead he turned and walked away with a string of curse words being said under his breath.

"Hey…HEY! I'm not done with you!" Leah yelled after him.

The six of us, Leah, me, the other guy from Sam's crew, and Seth and his friends, stood staring after him in confusion. We saw him grab Sam and drag him away from the group where they could talk in private.

"I wonder what they're…" Leah began to whisper to me. She stopped when we saw Paul whisper something to Sam, and then we saw the strange look that he sent in my direction. "Oh, never mind." She chuckled. "I was going to ask what you thought they were talking about, but now it seems that it's kind of obvious what the hot topic is. You." She poked the tip of my nose.

I didn't know whether or not I should be insulted or flattered at this point.

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