Your Love's A Drug

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First Beach.

It's kinda funny that we end up here tonight. I mean, the memories of our visits to this place weren't exactly ideal. The first night that I was here, I saw Paul again for the first time in twelve years. That was when even the mentioning of his name made me sick to my stomach. But that was just me holding a grudge. The second time we were here was when I first found out that I was dating a wolf. Needless to say, I had begun to freak out a bit. I ran away from him and denied his existence for a month; which, might I add was nearly the death of him. But this time…this time was totally different. There would be no hate between the two of us. I wouldn't run away from him. I would never run from him again; if anything, I'll be running to him. He was, is, and always will be the only one that I give my heart to.

I feel warm and soft yet rough lips press against my neck, pulling me out of my thoughts of the past and back to the present. We sat on a fallen log in front of a fire. I was seated on the edge of the log, in-between Paul's legs. His arms were wrapped around my waist, pulling and holding me close to his warm body. We were still wearing the pants and shirts of our tuxedos. The jackets, ties, and vests were sitting next to us on the log, all bunched together.

"So Jacob Meraz, my new and dearly beloved husband, are you ready to write this letter?" He spoke against my neck, making me smile at the gentle feel of his lips moving against my skin.

"Well," the word came out as a content sigh, "I did promise her that I would write her a letter on the night of my wedding." I look down to my lap where a pad of paper, and envelope, and a pen rest. I pick up the pen and press it against the paper but don't write anything as I'm still unsure of what to say. "Hey babe?"

"Yes my love?" He says softly, still talking into my neck.

"I…I don't know what to write." I murmur to him, feeling a sudden rush of fear and panic set into my system, "Oh God, how could I not know what to write! I've been thinking about this ever since you asked me to marry you, and that was like four months ago!"

"Whoa, calm down babe. Maybe you're just over thinking. Just…clear your mind, and really let all your crazy writing ideas flow away." He begins rubbing one of his hands in a soft circle on my stomach, which I find comforting to no end. I do as he says and clear my mind, "Now don't you think that you should start to tell her things from the planning process?"

"Yes." I smile as I think about all of the things that happened during the planning process. I didn't really plan anything. It was basically Rebecca saying what she thought would look nice, since she thought that watching The Wedding Planner made her a professional wedding planner. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when the best thing happened to me. Its two words: Rosalie Cullen.

She was truly a blessing. She saved everything from going straight to hell, and pulled out my dream wedding on the beach. Candles and a big white tent with the nice sunset illuminating everything, thankfully it was a clear sky today so the sunset was nice and clear.

"Okay, and tell her about the reception." He spoke softly as he saw that I had finished describing the ceremony.

"Okay." I agreed as I let myself go back to the reception that we had just come from.

The food was great! Sue Clearwater, Emily, and Esme Cullen prepared all of the food and even the wedding cake. They had to be working for hours because there was so much and it was all so good! Sam was Paul's best man, and he gave a nice speech where he talked about how we belonged together and what-not. He also talked about how we were able to get past the many obstacles that we had on our path, and when he said that I couldn't help but steal a glance towards Emmett who gave me a small smile as Rosalie latched onto his arm. Rebecca was my best man/maid of honor (there was a long debate on which title I should use for her, so we just used a slash) and when it was her turn to talk, some tears were shed…or should I say even more than Sam's speech had brought out. She talked about happiness and all that good stuff, and how she knew that our love would last forever. It was really sweet. And of course, Paul smashed some cake in my face when that time came around, but I got him back so it's okay. Dancing was probably the funniest thing. Watching all of the guys from the pack mess around when Rude Boy by Rihanna began playing was hilarious. And then when the DJ (A.K.A. Alice Cullen) began to play some really low-key sexual songs, things got kinda steamy. Paul and I were of course dancing dirty, but Rebecca and Jared…wow. Paul made a joke and said that she's probably pregnant now. But the best dance was the first slow dance that we had together. It was to one of your favorite songs mom, Thank You, byDido.

During our slow movements on the floor Paul say, "Thank you." Just out of nowhere.

And so I said, "For what?"

Then he had this amazingly happy, content, and bright smile on his face. "This is going to sound cheesy, but I'm saying thank you because every day that I spend with you is the best day of my life."

Needless to say, the water works kicked in.

Chuckling a bit as I wrote that last sentence, I smiled widely at the fond memory.

"Hey, laugh all you want…that was some romantic shit right there!" Paul laughs as he kisses the top of my head, "And it was also a thousand percent true."

"I know. And you know that that's exactly how I feel with you." I respond and let my head fall back against his shoulder. He had to move just a bit, but he manages to press his lips against mine in a small, gentle, and unfortunately chaste kiss. As I put myself upright again, I found myself determined to finish this letter quickly.

"Did you tell her about your dad?" He asked softly as he began to resume the circular motion of his hand.


I still haven't talked to him. But he showed up. To say that we were surprised would be a huge understatement. He arrived early, with his friend Charlie and Rachel. They all sat in the back row of seats. From awkward look on his face when I saw him when I first walked down the aisle with Esme, who had become like a second mother to me and I had chosen to give me away, and when I left with Paul…I assume that Rachel had forced him to show up. He didn't say anything to me. And Rachel was the only one out of the three that stayed after the ceremony.

"I think that's it." I whisper read over the words that I've just written.

"Alright, then finish it up baby. Tell her we love her, and we'll write to her soon." Paul punctuates the statement with a kiss to my neck.


Okay mom, that's it. That's our wedding day in a nutshell. And Paul says to make sure that you know that we'll be writing to you soon, okay? So…we love you.

With all our love,

Your son and new son-in-law

Jacob and Paul

P.S. You were right. You said that you had a feeling that I would end up here with Paul…and here we are. Mother's intuition I guess…but maybe that's not all you were right about. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Oh and thank you for your graduation letter…I guess you really did think of everything huh?

Folding the papers so that they would fit into the envelope, I found myself tearing up. Writing the word Mom on the front of the envelope and holding it in my hands, hesitating about throwing it into the fire.

"Something wrong baby?" Paul's concerned question came as a muffled whisper as his mouth was still pressed against my neck.

"I'm scared."

"Scared of what baby?"

"I'm scared that she will be disappointed by the ceremony. I'm scared that she won't get this letter. I'm scared because…I'm worried that after this letter is done…I'll forget about her."

"Baby…Jacob, we will never forget her. She was an amazing woman who was kind to everybody no matter what they believed, did, or were. We can never forget someone that great. She helped us be together when your dad said that we couldn't. She believed in you no matter what. We will never forget her. Our kids will know how amazing she was, and they will tell their kids. She will not be forgotten babe. I swear on my life."

"Okay then." I took in a deep breath, trying to compose myself as I leaned forward to drop the letter in the awaiting flames. Relaxing back against my husband's warm body I smiled and said, "Guess this means that we're ready to spend our wedding night together huh? Ya know, our first time as husband and husband."

"Ha, baby, trust me when I say that we won't exactly be available to do anything for the next day or two. We're gonna be fucking like rabbits."

"Oh my God!" I burst into laughter, "Gee, way to keep the romantic mood going babe!"

I felt him shrug his shoulders and let out a snicker, "What can I say? I'm horny."

I look past the fire and towards the shoreline where the waves washed up onto the sand. I managed to slip out of Paul's grasp and stood up, and turned around to smile at him.

"Whatcha doin'?" He asks confused as he watches me inch further and further away from him.

I slowly let my fingers move to begin unbuttoning my shirt and said, "Well who says that we have to wait till we get home to get the night started?"

A wide smile replaced his confused expression as realization twinkled in his eyes, "Baby…are you suggesting what I think, and am fucking praying, that you're suggesting?"

"Well, I've always wanted to do it on the beach." I smile a bit wider as I begin to run to the shoreline and let the water run over my bare feet before I'm pulled into a rough and passionate kiss.

If you were to approach me when I first arrived here in La Push and tell me that I would fall in love with a werewolf, get hit-on multiple times by a vampire, lose my mom, get disowned by my dad, and still manage to find happiness and get married to the love of my life…I'd look at you like you were fucking crazy and walk away.

But this…this crazy thing that I'm living is my life.

And I wouldn't want it to have happened any other way.

The End

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