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I must of fallen asleep again, because before I knew it I felt us descending down the mountain. I force my eyes open again. It took much more effort then it should of. We were driving down a twisting little road towards a tiny town. Everything was dark except the gas station. Honestly, even with caffeine I wasn't sure if I could wake up enough to drive. Maybe some speed...or crystal meth. Yeah, hardcore drugs would be handy right now.

Matt pulled up to a gas pump and we both got out, making sure that Mew didn't follow us. At the current moment the cat was sleeping curled up on a blanket behind my seat. Lucky damn cat, no one wakes him up claiming to be hallucinating and wanting him to drive after taking major muscle relaxers. Stupid Matt. He was so gonna get it later for this.

I stumble into the store, bumping into the door. It was like I was walking in a dream, not awake, but not asleep. Taking this trip was the worst decision of my life. I don't know what I did for God to punish me like this, but it must of been something horrible. Honestly it could of been anything...I'm not exactly an angel. I go to confession though! I'm supposed to be absolved of my sins! Not punished by going on the worst road trip in the history of all bad road trips! Fuck this shit, God was seriously pissing me off lately, but then again, Matt was starting to do that too...

My first instinct is to go to the candy aisle. I grab a Dove chocolate bar and one of those caramel filed Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I then shuffle over to the cooler that held energy drinks, grabbing a can of Monster. The really, REALLY big can. Matt is already outside pumping gas when I approach the counter and also grab a five hour energy shot and some caffeine pills. Yeah, it might be a little over kill, and my heart just might explode, but there is no way in hell I could drive without all of it. The up side is if my heart explodes from an excess of caffeine, I wont have to drive. I will just be able to sleep forever. Sad part is this actually sounds appealing to me at the moment.

"Isn't that a little overkill?" Matt asks, seeing all the caffinated products I bought.

"No." I state deadpan, getting back in the truck. Matt glares at me, I could care less. I was getting more and more pissed off by the second. I was not supposed to drive this much! I came with Matt to keep him company while hedrove, not to drive while he slept! God fucking damnit, I hate everything.

I pull out my knife and slice open the package of caffine pills, I was not in the mood to fuck around with the packaging. I remove two of the four capsules. The directions say to take one to one and a half, which is impossible with the kinda pills they were, so I was taking two. I open the energy shot and use it to wash down the pills. The energy shot tastes like shit, but oh well. If it kept me awake, it was worth it.

I dump the remainder of the water I have left in a bottle out the window. The water was stale and warm, and we had more. I open the Monster and pour it into the bottle, downing the remainder of the can in a few gulps. The can was to big to fit in the cup holder, and I could almost guarantee I would fall asleep again before the caffeine kicked in, resulting in me dumping the liquid all over myself, thus why I poured it into a bottle with a cap.

Matt got back into the drivers seat, opening his own energy drink, a can of Amp. I swear that kid is addicted to Pepsi products, especially anything to do with Mountain Dew...I guess it's a gamer thing.

Matt twists to reach behind his seat, reaching for my messenger bag, pulling out a box of pocky. Pocky is the only chocolate I ever see him eat. I think he became obsessed with the chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks at the anime conventions. I was always amazed that he could find the Japanese sweets. Of course, where we were staying in Detroit had a lot of asian food stores. He moved the blanket behind my seat to check to make sure Mew was still there then turned to me, "You ready?"

"No." I respond, eyes dragging shut against my will again. Matt chuckles at this. "Glad you find my lack of sleep amusing." I grumble.

"I'm sorry Mells. I don't know what my problem is. I'm just not used to driving so much at night I guess. Thanks for putting up with me." He apologises, smiling sheepishly.

"Yeah, yeah. You know you're the only person I would put up with. I'll try to talk to you until this caffeine kicks in, but my eyes will be shut. I can't keep them open." I sigh.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for it to be this way. I'm sorry you keep having to drive. I'm usually better then this. I'm sorry."

"Stop fucking apologising and drive. I know you're sorry. I get it. I know you're usually better then this. You're the best driver I know. Shit, you know I can't sleep in a car unless I trust the driver, and I would be dead asleep right now if you hadn't woke me up." I mumble. Matt apologised more then anyone I had ever met. Maybe it's to make up for the fact that I almost never apologised.

"Sorry." Matt whispers, beginning to drive.

"Stop with the sorry! It's getting annoying!" I snap, leaning my head against the window.

I crack my eye open, looking at him. I can tell he wants to apologise again, biting his bottom lip to keep himself from talking. I sigh, "God stop looking so pathetic and just say it."

"I'm so sorry Mello! You're the best friend in the world for putting up with me like this!" He blurts out.

"I know I am, and don't you forget it." I say, grinning.

Matt laughs at this, "Like you would let me."

"Damn straight."

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep mid word while talking to Matt, because suddenly I was jarred awake when the truck stopped. "Where are we?" I whisper, not able to talk any louder at the moment.

"A rest area. I started to fall asleep at the wheel. If you can't drive yet I need to take a nap." Matt replied, voice dragging.

"Kay kay." I say, drifting off again.

I'm not sure how long we slept for, but I woke with my body literally vibrating. Caffeine overdose, awesome. I glance over at Matt. He's dead asleep, head on the steering wheel, Mew curled up in his lap. I have to smile, when Matt was sleeping there was no way I could be mad at him. He just looked so peaceful.

I sigh, stretching. I realise I really have to pee, and as quietly as possible exit the truck. I would wake Matt up when I got back so we could switch. I was still exhausted, but I could drive.

It was chilly outside of the truck, damp and cold. Trees surrounded the parking lot, making it look like we were somewhere like Michigan, not Arizona. When I picture Arizona, I see desert, not deciduous forest.

I return from the bathroom, which was one of the most impecably clean restrooms I have ever used by the way, after taking a little jog around the lot. A little exercise to wake me up a bit more.

"Hey Mattie, get up. You need to switch seats with me." I say gently, shaking the other boy.

"Mmmm, five more minutes." He mumbles, barely audible.

"No, not five more minutes. Just switch fucking seats with me and you can go back to sleep." I say firmly, not really wanting to deal with the wrath of Matt when he gets woken up.

Matt sighs loudly, obviously irritated, but doesn't snap at me. Good, because I wasn't putting up with his shit this time. "Get the hell off me Mew." Matt growls, picking the cat up and dumping him on the ground. Mew gives Matt an irritated look, then crawls back behind my seat, curling up on his blanket, falling back to sleep immediately.

"I'm going to take a piss." Matt snaps, getting out of the truck.

"You do that." I respond, smiling at his crude language. Matt cracked me up when he first got up. It was the only time, besides at McDonalds earlier, that he ever cussed or used rude language.

By the time Matt got back I was in the drivers seat, chugging down more of my Monster, despite the fact that my entire body was shaking at this point. I knew the moment my caffeine high went away, I would crash and pass out again. Gotta keep feeding it.

"So where are we going?" I ask as Matt settles into his seat.

"Laughlin. It's on the border of Nevada and Arizona. The address and directions are on that paper there. It should only take about an hour to get there, I think." Matt answers, pointing to a paper on the center counsel.

I pick up the sheet of paper, studying the directions. They look simple enough until we actually got into the city, even then they weren't to difficult. "Got it. Go back to sleep, you're a bastard when you first wake up. You're lucky I don't act like that." I tease.

"Whatever. Wake me up when we get there. I really want a shower, I feel like I'm covered in sand." Matt mumbles, closing his eyes.

It really didn't take that long to get to Laughlin. I had a slight panic attack just before crossing the border into Nevada. The mountain road was steep as hell, going straight into a river. I had to ride the breaks the whole way down. There were even emergency side roads for semi's that had piles of sand bags at the end. You see, I'm not a big fan of mountains, and I'm also slightly freaked out by water. I had a bad experience when I was younger where I nearly drowned in a lake, ever since, water has freaked me out. It's kinda ironic that we were staying in Michigan at the moment, considering there was a damn lake around every corner. I've never seen so much fresh water in my life. The Great Lakes that surrounded the state were so large that they were considered inland fresh water seas. I try not to think about it to much.

The address we were looking for ended up being a two storey corner house. It was one of those houses that's brick on the bottom and siding on the top. It looked completely normal. It made me wonder if the neighbors knew they had bookies for the mob living next door. There was a yellow corvette parked in the driveway, so I parked on the street at the side of the house. "Hey Matt, we're here."

Matt opened his eyes, glaring at the house, as if it was the source of all evil. It made me grin. "Can you grab your bag? I need a change of clothes. I'll grab Mew." Matt asked, picking up the cat and exiting the truck before I could respond.

"Sure Matt, anything you say." I mumble, pulling my bag out from behind my seat. I slam the door shut when I get out, slinging the strap of the bag across my chest. I look up in time to see a man exiting the house, walking towards us with a huge smile one his face.

"Yeia sas! Welcome! You must be Matt, and you're Mello, no?" The man asked, arms wide open, nodding to each of us. They must of described how we looked to the guy. Can't really blame them, I wouldn't let two complete strangers into my house without a thorough background check first. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

"That's right. You must be Jeno." Matt responded, smile in place.

"Yes, yes, I am Jeno. So sorry my brother could not be here to greet you, but the race tracks in California...anyways, please come in! Oh you have a cat? Wait one minute at the door please. Cyrus has a large dog, I not know how she would act around a cat. I will put her in the yard." The man said cheerfully. He looked exactly how I imagined him. Black hair, thin mustache, button down shirt open over a white under shirt, khaki shorts, flip flops. It sort of amused me.

Matt and I followed him to the house, waiting at the door a requested. We could see completely through the house through the door, and watched as he put a large, furry dog in the back yard through a sliding door. Once he shut the door, he turned, still smiling, waving us inside.

"Let me show you to your room. You want shower? Sleep? Food? I have lots of food. Hummus, home made stuffed grape leaves, chicken, lamb meat gyros. So good!" Jeno said, walking up the stairs. Matt and I followed the man, my hand behind my back. Yup, definitely paranoid.

"You can use Cyrus's room. I cleaned everything for you. New sheets and blankets, new towels in the bathroom. Please, make yourselves at home! My house is your house! I'm so bored here all alone, I'm so happy to have guests!" Jeno said excitedly, opening the door to the room.

"Well we wont be staying long. We have to get this stuff there in the morning." Matt explained, sounding sympathetic.

"That's okay. I happy to have anyone here, even for a few minutes. I'll be down in the kitchen if you need me, okay?" Jeno said, still cheerful.

"I'm taking a shower." Matt announced, pulling off his shoes.

"Okay. I think I might keep Jeno company." I mumble, laying on the bed.

Matt freezes with his shirt halfway off, "Seriously?"

"Mmmhmm. If I stay up here I'm gonna fall asleep. There's no lock on that door. Sorry I just don't trust mister happy-go-lucky down there to barge in and shoot us while I'm passed out and you're naked in the shower."

"You're so paranoid." Matt laughs, pulling his shirt the rest of the way off.

"You bet. Better to be paranoid then dead."

"This is true."

"What kinda dog is she?" I ask, walking into the kitchen. Jeno was sitting at the table petting the large furry dog. I had never seen a dog like her before. She sort of resembled a mix of a German Shepard and a Huskie.

"Sheila? She's a Native American Indian dog. She's good guard dog, and good with kids. When my nieces come, she heards them and wont let them near the gate. You want to pet?" Jeno answered, his accent thick.

I nod. Why the hell not? It's not like I had anything better to do...and to be honest, it was a beautiful dog. I sit in the chair next to Jeno, letting the dog sniff my hand, then cautiously pet her head. She closes her eyes and wags her tail rapidly. "She likes you." Jeno beams.

"So how long have you been in America?" I ask, scratching the dog behind her ears.

"Me? I been here four months. My brother been here since he was a teen. I like this country, but I so bored. Cyrus is always gone, and I know no one." He frowned. "You want food? They tell me you been driving for long time. You need homemade food. I get you something." The excitement in his voice was tangible. He really does like feeding people. I muse.

Before I know it I have a bowl of very garlicky hummus and pita bread in front of me. Jeno started puttering around the kitchen, throwing something in a pan. "You like lamb? I make lamb gyro with homemade taziki sauce."

I take a bite of the hummus, it's delicious. I've never had homemade hummus before. Of course I doubt Matt would want to kiss me anytime soon with all the garlic that I was currently ingesting. Note to self, brush teeth before leaving.

I really wasn't the biggest fan of lamb. It's not that it didn't taste good, it was the idea of eating baby sheep. I know, it's weird, but I can't help it. But the way Jeno was acting...he was so excited to be feeding me, I just couldn't say no. "A gyro sounds great, thanks."

"You think Matt want one too? I make him one!"

It was all I could do to not laugh at his enthusiasm. This guy was hilarious.

He set a large plate with three gyro's on the table, along with a small bowl of taziki sauce. Jeno grabbed one, spooning sauce into it. "Mmmm, perfect. Eat my friend!" He said with a smile. I pick up the closest pita sandwich, repeating what he did with the creamy sauce. I take a tentative bite...it really was good. This guy was a great cook.

"So how you and Matt meet?" He asks around a mouthfull of food.

I debate telling him a lie, but decide that telling him the truth wouldn't hurt. "We were in a boarding school together as children. We were roommates."

"Boarding school eh? Sounds boring."

"Not always. We kinda got into a bit of trouble." I smile. "Well, to be honest, it was me that got into trouble, I just kinda dragged Matt along with me."

"You very funny Mello. I like you." Jeno laughed. Really, I didn't think it was that funny, just the truth. Matt had very rarely gotten into trouble until he met me. I think he was to damn lazy to get in trouble. "You not from America either, right? I hear slight accent in your voice."

This shocked me. Most people didn't pick up on my accent, unless I was really tired, which I guess I was. People picked up on Matt's accent more often then my own. He fit right in back in Detroit, but unless we traveled to say, Canada, some of the ways he says things sorta stand out. "You're right. I was born in Germany."

"Ahh German! That's what it was! I went to Germany once, great beer." Jeno grinned.

I can't help but laugh this time, "I suppose you're right."

"Eh Matt! Come, eat! I made Gyro for you!" Jeno exclaims.

Matt's hair looks damn near black, still wet from his shower. He grins, fingering his ever present goggles, which were currently hanging around his neck. "Thank you, it smells great."

Less then an hour later we were back on the road, Matt driving, thank God. My caffeine high had dissipated, and once again, I couldn't keep my eyes open. After we left Laughlin, there was nothing but desert and mountains. The sun was rising, illuminating the desolate landscape. It wasn't nearly as pretty as New Mexico. Everything here was a pale sand color. The flat planes, the mountains, the road...everything. Of course, I was sick of New Mexico and would be thrilled if I never had to go to that state again, no matter how pretty it was. The only thing breaking up the beige landscape was the occasional sign, stating the speed limit, what highway we were on, or warning of flash floods. The last amused me to no end. This place looked like it hadn't seen rain in decades.

I fell asleep again, sunglasses in place to keep out the glaring light. I swear I had only been asleep a minute when Matt shook me awake. "Mells, we're going to be there in like five minutes."

"Mmmm, got it." I respond quietly, arching my back in my seat. I honestly expected to see massive casino's, but instead it looked like any city. Gas stations, shops, a Denny's. The streets were damn near deserted. Of course it was quite early in the morning. It was cool to see palm trees everywhere though.

Matt pulled up to a warehouse. There was nothing special about the place. I finished shoving things like my cd case and phone charger in my bag as a man walked up to the truck. Matt rolled down the window, smiling. Damn, how could that kid still be this cheerful after all the shit that happened on this trip?

"Name please?" The man asked. He was tan with dark hair, and looked as tired as I felt.

"Matt, we're bringing in tech equipment from Detroit." Matt said in his most non threatening voice.

"Matt, okay. We were expecting you earlier, but you still made the deadline. What happened to the van?"

"It died a sad death in New Mexico. The boss didn't tell you?"

"Nah, they never tell me nothing. Oh well. We have a car waiting to take you to the airport. I just need you to sign this form and you're good to go. We'll take care of the unloading. We also have the box you requested."

"M'kay. Thanks." Matt said, taking the clip board from the man. The guy left, presumably to retrieve the for-mentioned box.

"Dude, what's the box for?" I ask, slightly confused. Matt may have mentioned it to me before, but I couldn't remember for the life of me.

"We can't carry the guns and knives on the plane, remember? And we don't have any luggage to check, so we're shipping them back." Matt explained, giving me a look like I was missing something obvious. Which I was.

"That makes sense. I guess." Just because it made sense, didn't mean I had to like it. I hated being without a weapon.

Matt finished signing the forms, reaching behind my seat to grab Mew. "Come on kitty, time to go in your carrier." He said, holding the cat while unfolding the collapsible carrier. That stupid carrier was three times more expensive then a normal hard one. It was black leather and mesh, soft leopard spot interior, and more handles then necessary. I guess it was convenient that it collapsed and could fit in my bag. Mew's carrier was the reason I was carrying both Matt's and my stuff in my bag. He was carrying the cat on the plane instead of putting him in the underbelly.

"You ready?" He asked, opening the door. I nod, following his lead. We both sling our respective bags across our chests, heading to the dark guy.

A very large, very loud, blonde woman ended up driving us to the airport. I got the honor of sitting up front with her, oh joy. I tuned her out almost immediately, staring out the window. I knew Matt and her were talking about the car we were driving in, which was a very nice Jaguar. The ride was mercifully short, the woman pulling up to the curb at Spirit airlines drop off area. Matt and I quickly exited the car, rushing in to our ticket booth. We were late. Like really late. Like I didn't even know if they were going to let us on the plane late.

We handed the lady at the counter our invoice and fake ID's. "Nothing to check?" She asked, sounding annoyed.

"No." I answer bluntly.

She frowns at me, but hands us our tickets. "The flight is already boarding. If you had bags to check, we wouldn't let you on. Everything is already loaded. I suggest you run, the plane is at the other end of the airport, and you still have to get through security." She says almost cheerfully, as if she was really hoping we missed our flight. Bitch.

Matt and I did as she suggested. We ran. "God please don't let there be a line at security." I mumble to myself.

"Agreed." Matt says, slightly out of breath. Matt wasn't really use to running. Matt wasn't really use to doing anything except sitting and playing video games, or sitting and driving. Matt was really good at sitting. It probably didn't help any that he was trying to keep Mew from being jarred around to much.

Thankfully the line for security was non existing. The TSA agents were much nicer then the ticket lady. They looked at our ID's, then at our ticket. "You guys need to run. Your plane is sheduled to take off in six minutes, and it's going to take you ten minutes to get there."

"Thanks for the advice." I say quickly, slinging my bag back over my chest. Matt and I take off again, full speed. Well Matt was running full speed, I had to go a little slower so he could keep up.

We skid into the ticket check, both out of breath. "You guy's are lucky. We're waiting for a bus load of people from the Bellagio. If it wasn't for that, we would of already taken off. Your seats are in the very back of the plane. Good luck getting back there." The guy laughed, tearing our tickets in half, waving us through.

"Holy shit, we had some good luck." I grin, walking next to Matt up the little enclosed ramp. I could feel the heat pressing in around us. Of course, now it's hot, when we were leaving to go back to frozen Michigan.

"Yeah, but if I would of know they were holding the plane, I wouldn't of run." Matt replied, still out of breath.

We struggle to get to our seats in the very back of the fucking air bus. I hate this model of plane. It really was like riding on a bus. Everyone was crammed together like sardines, and when in the air it seemed to hit every pocket of turbulence possible.

Matt's seat was next to the window, mine next to his. Thankfully the seat next to mine had a sign on it stating that no one sit there. When I ask the flight attendant why she tells me that one of the jump seats is broken, so they had to use that seat during take off and landing. That made my confidence in the plane go up about ten notches, or not. At least I was only stuck with someone next to me for a few minutes, better then some three hundred pound man drooling on me the whole flight. That had happened before...it's not fun, let me tell you.

Matt carefully placed Mew under the seat, while I shoved my bag under, kicking it till it fit. I removed the ambian I had in my pocket, swollowing it with effort, since I didn't have time to buy a drink after clearing security.

"What are you taking now?" Matt asked, a little irritated.

"A sleeping pill. Flying annoys me. You want one?"

"No thanks, I don't need one. I'm going to pass out at any minute."

"Kay kay." I respond, trying to get as comfortable as possible in the scratch seat.

"I really wanna cigarette." Matt muttered

"You always want a cigarette."

"Your point?"

"You're going to die of lung cancer."

"Everybody dies eventually. I'm just going to skip over the wearing diapers and being spoon fed in a nursing home stage."

"Whatever." I sigh, not wanting to have this argument with Matt...again.

The pilots voice comes over the intercom finally, announcing that we were about to take off and to turn off all electronics. The flight attendants go through the motions of showing how to fasten your seat belt, what to do if the oxygen masks drop, shit like that, then go around and check everyones belts. Ours are the last to be checked, considering the flight attendant is sitting next to us. She smiles kindly at us. I don't return the smile. Matt does.

Just as the plane reaches crusing altitude the pill kicks in. I fall asleep with my head on Matt's shoulder, comfortable for the first time in what seems like forever.

I awake just as the pilot comes over the com telling us we have reached Detroit Metro Airport and would be landing in fifteen minutes. My neck is stiff as hell. Matt is still sleeping, head against the window. "Matt wake up, we're landing." I say as gently as possible, shaking the other boy slightly.

"M'kay." Matt mumbles, shoving his goggles onto his forehead to rub his eyes.

We waited for everyone to clear off the plane when we landed before we make our way off. Matt rushes for the closest exit, taking in a huge lung full of air. "Mmmm, exhaust fumes, how I have missed that smell." He proclaims happily, pulling out a cigarette.

I laugh at him, "I'm going to hail a cab. I want to go home."

"We are home. That smell tells me we're home."

"You're a strange child Matt, anyone ever tell you that?" I say, walking to the curb.

"You tell me that all the time." He answers, grinning larger then I've seen since we left on the disastrous journey. I smile back at him. I can't help it.

A twenty minute cab ride later and we were back to our apartment. I head straight to the bedroom while Matt lets Mew out of his carrier.

"Oh sweet sweet bed. I could sleep for a year." I say to myself, pulling off my boots. I strip off my leather pants and shirt, throwing them in a pile on the floor, not caring at this point. I slip on a pair of red pajama pants and flop down on the bed.

"That was fast." Matt laughs, walking past the bedroom to the bathroom, to refill Mew's food and water I'm sure.

"Silence, I kill you." I say in a mock accent, curling up on the pillow. It's not long before Matt joins me, clad in a white t-shirt and flannel pajama pants.

"So that wasn't so bad, was it?" Matt says, turning towards me.

"What the fuck are you talking about? That was hell. I don't know what road trip you were on!"

"Oh come on. It was kinda fun, admit it." Matt says, grinning.

The first response that came to mind was that Matt was insane, but then I thought about it. "Okay, it was funny, but I wouldn't say fun. You flipping out over spicy chicken was fucking hilarious." I respond, grinning back.

"Fucking spicy chicken...I'm still pissed about that." He mumbles. I laugh.

"I'm going to sleep now, and if anyone wakes me up in the next twenty four hours, there will be corpses." I say, closing my eyes.

"Okay Mells, sleep well." He responds, cuddeling into me.

I soak in his warmth, blissfully drifting away when Matt speaks again. "So where are we going on a road trip to next?"

My eyes snap open, and I punch Matt in the shoulder. "If you even talk about another road trip in the next month you're cut off, got it?"

Matt starts to laugh hysterically at this. I don't know why, I wasn't joking. "I love you Mello, thanks for doing that with me."

"Yeah yeah. Go to sleep." I pause for a minute. "I love you too."

And there you go! End of the Roadtrip from Hell! Just so you know, the real road trip ended with us going back to my apartment, passing out on my bed fully clothed, and me having to get up in an hour to go to work :( Oh and Jeno was based on my friends uncle..the only thing that was changed about him was his name, also on a sad note, Sheila died a few months ago of old age, sadness :(

I hope everyone enjoyed this, I know I enjoyed reminiscing about it lol. Sorry this last chapter wasn't as insane as the rest...nothing too crazy happened in the last few hours of our adventure, except the whole having to run across the entire airport. That sucked. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed! I will be doing a joint story with Ambyrawrawr next (I'm doing Mello's part XP). Once again, thank you all and I hope you enjoyed our little trip! I do not own Death Note, or Spirit airlines, or any of the other things I obviously don't own.