Eduardo's Tales

Story 10: The Warlock's Conquest of Funny-Coat

Chapter 3

(Rated T for violence, brief nudity, adult content, and mild language)

(DISCLAIMER: No, I do not own Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters, nor do I have the right to copy from the anime series, Mushi-Shi, which has inspired me to bring our favorite slacker and Goth girl into a strange world that exists beyond time. So, enjoy the show!)

Ryujiro was busy hiding out in the basement of Eduardo and Kylie's house as he was still afraid of the witchsmeller. After many hours of hiding out yesterday, he heard sounds of pleasure coming from above. He heard the throes of ecstasy giving him calm as he was staying in the dry comfort of the basement. After many hours of hiding out, he decided to come upstairs as he saw Eduardo cooking breakfast. Even though his injuries have been healed, Eduardo's body had something of a strange aura all over him. It was as if he was feeling better despite all the pain that he had been through.

"You're probably hungry after hiding out in our basement," he said as he was cooking up some pancakes. "After that witchsmeller debacle, you've probably started to get hungry,"

"How did you know about this?" asked Ryujiro.

"Yesterday, you were hiding out under the bed, but after the witchsmeller incident, you decided to hide into our basement until the danger was over."

"You've never had that type of foresight before, did you?" said Kylie as she was dressed up in a green kimono. "After all those times that we slept together under the urge, we both experienced not only pleasure, but the ability to become well focused on our abilities."

"Wait, are you telling me that you're starting to know about what is happening?" asked Ryujiro.

Eduardo had began to experience new sensations since he consummated the marriage between him and Kylie. His mind raced with many visions as he was sensing something more dangerous coming to the village. He had to defend Ryuzaki as he was well aware of the witchsmeller that was coming here with her band of men. With the breakfast still cooking, he finished up the pancakes as he was serving them out to Kylie and Ryujiro.

"Is something wrong?" asked Ryujiro as he noticed that Eduardo wasn't at all well.

"I'll be right with you," he answered.

"Maybe you should eat something," asked Kylie.

"There's another witchsmeller coming..."

"Not again!" cried Ryujiro.

"You can worry about the witchsmeller later, Eduardo," said Kylie as she dragged him closer to the table. "Right now, you need to eat something. Besides, you can't fight a witchsmeller on an empty stomach."

Eduardo did as he was told as he got some pancakes with maple syrup on them. The smell had made him feel calm as he started to eat them slowly. He was in no rush of fighting right now as he had plenty of time to think of a plan... and fast!


Dr. Naegino continued to pursue the witchsmeller as he had Yashakune and Valeria following him from behind. The witchsmeller was all bedded down as she was sitting by the campfire. The woman, known as Terumi, was more into skimpy attire to attract the attention of men as she took down her long red ponytail when it hung down to her feet. She was more beautiful, but she could be more deadly if her opponents were not careful. She remained focused on the mission that her brother failed to complete as she was resting for the afternoon. She had heard of the Muah and their dangerous tricks as she remained focused on killing the future King and Queen of the Muah Realm. The sight of Terumi had made Dr. Naegino feel ill at ease as he was still keeping his eye on her motives.

"Well, what do you make of her?" asked Yashakune as he drew out his senbon.

"Terumi doesn't know that we're here... yet!" answered Dr. Naegino.

"She's a witchsmeller and everyone knows it," said Valeria.

"Be careful; If we're sniffed out, then Terumi will be itching to fight us one way or the other."

"Dr. Naegino!"

To his shock, he saw Terumi's men surround him and the other two as he drew out his sword. The men meant business as they drew out their weapons. It was three against four as Yashakune threw some of his senbon at one of the men. Valeria attacked another as she was kicking all over him. The opponent was no match for the Princess of the Mumtaz Region as she continued to attack the man. The opponent attacked back as Valeria dodged his attacks. It wasn't long until she saw him fly up in the air in order to make the kill. With her bow and arrow aimed at the man, she shot it up as it struck him in the chest in which it led to killing him. As for Yashakune, however, he continued to attacked the pinned man as he was still going after having some senbon get pricked onto him.

The pinned man continued to attack Yashakune as he used his fists to attack the son of the Bandit King with full force. With Yashakune gaining the upper hand, he struck the pinned man right into the pressure points as he dealt a fatal blow to his opponent. Finally, with Dr. Naegino facing two of the men with his sword, he was no match for the two as he later saw Terumi draw out her own sword and pointed it directly at him.

"Dr. Naegino, I presume?" she said with an icy chill to her voice.

"You're after Eduardo and Kylie, aren't you?" he asked.

"I've come to fulfill the mission that my brother failed to complete! I live to the day to see that all the Muah will be permanently extinct forever!"

"Are you insane?! If you and your witchsmeller brethren kill out all the Muah, then their realm and the rest of our world will die! Do you really want that to happen?"

"Your cronies may have killed two of my men, but I won't let you go so easily. The Nagini Empire and the Witchsmeller Prime will be the only forces that will govern this world and no one else will stop us!"

Terumi attacked Dr. Naegino as she was swishing her sword at him. With the good doctor gaining the upper hand, he continued to fight until he knocked the sword out of Terumi's hands. The female witchsmeller was quick to pick her sword up as she was ready to attack Dr. Naegino. Just as she was about to strike the good doctor, he was pushed out of the way by Yashakune as he was slashed in the left side. Blood seeped from his clothes as he gasped in pain. Terumi loved the glory of pain as she was ready to deal the fatal blow to her enemy. Just as she was about to do the final stab, a gust of wind threw her and the two surviving men into the air as they were hurled straight into the river. With the rapid water carrying them off, Terumi and her men were swept away into the currents unknown as they were never seen again.

Dr. Naegino tended to Yashakune as he cleaned and bandaged up his wound. The young man was still in pain as he was carried to his horse by Valeria. All three may have defeated Terumi, but they had to get to Ryuzaki anyway in order to rest up. After a long grueling horse ride, they finally reached the village as they were all going towards Eduardo's house. It was dusk as all three got off of their horses and stopped at the porch. To their surprise, they saw Eduardo opening the door to the front as he was wearing a black kimono with a white apron. He was happy to see his friends as he found that they had a rough day.

"You should step inside," he said.

"How did you know that we were coming?" asked Valeria.

"There's dinner consisting of chicken lo mein and some soup with a chili pepper in it. There's a very excellent garden in the back. Everything grows wild here."

"We'll step inside for the night," said Dr. Naegino as he carted Yashakune inside.

"You don't have to carry me, Doc," he said painfully.

"You're still recovering from your wounds after our last fight against the witchsmeller and her men. If I were you, I suggest that you rest up before we can do anything."

"Yashakune's been wounded, I see?" asked Eduardo. "He went up against the witchsmeller and got hurt, didn't he?"

"How did you know this?"

Dr. Naegino was puzzled that Eduardo knew of the battle against Terumi and her men. Something had changed inside Eduardo as he was experiencing some strange notions about dealing with the dreaded witchsmeller threat. His power increased be a ten-fold as he was being more formal with his friends than anyone. Curiosity fueled Dr. Naegino as he was considering to give both Eduardo and Kylie and examination about their common bond, but he had to wait. He didn't see Kylie here until she came in with some blackberries in a basket.

With all of them going inside of the house, they all sat into the dining room as they smelled the scent of chicken lo mein and spicy beef soup cooking in the kitchen. Eduardo was thankful of the villagers when they gave him the meat to cook when he couldn't afford to go to a butcher for it. Since this morning, he was busy not only cooking breakfast and cleaning the house, but he was preparing dinner for all of his guests that were coming. He also became thankful for the blessing in disguise when he used an incantation from far away to deal with the witchsmeller and her two surviving men when they were hurled into the river. It wasn't long until Eduardo and Kylie saw Yashakune's wound all bandaged up as he was all mangled up from his injuries.

"What's going on here?" she asked.

"Yo! We nearly got creamed, but we saw the witchsmeller and her two remaining cronies get blown into a whirlwind and tossed into the river," said Yashakune in a painful voice.

"Whatever you do, don't jostle your wound," said Eduardo.

"Eduardo, I need to talk to both you and Kylie alone," said Dr. Naegino.

"Is something wrong?" asked Kylie.

"No, but I think that something more is waiting in the wings."

"Hey, I've been using protection," said Eduardo defensively.

Dr. Naegino led Eduardo and Kylie out of the dining room as they left Valeria to tend to Yashakune's wounds and needs. When they proceeded into the bedroom, both Muah sat on the bed as the good doctor sat down in a chair as they were about to have more than just a little chat. Dr. Naegino was serious about the motives that go in the bedroom as he got out his medical bag. When he got his dousing crystal, he noticed that it had a purple aura as it glowed with a great radiance. Normally, the aura for sensuality is green, but the purple aura had signaled something more unusual than anything that ever existed.

"Have you had a time that you didn't use protection?" he asked.

"And why is that?" asked Eduardo. "Is something wrong?"

"Both of you need to focus not only claiming the throne of the Muah Realm, but the heir as well."

"We've been married for only a week," said Kylie. "We don't have time to breed right now."

"Maybe your sexual activities have been tinged with the magic and incantations lately. Somehow, your sharing with pleasures have triggered a defense mechanism to this village when I saw that witchsmeller and her men get blown into a whirlwind and tossed into the river. I suppose that the both of you had something to do with it."

"Are you telling us that we triggered something to protect the village? Maybe we had something more than just making ourselves at home."

"Perhaps that this place is the seat of the gateway."

"What gateway?" asked Eduardo.

"It's the gateway to the Muah Realm. There are plenty here in this world, but due to the witchsmeller threat, there are only a few remaining. There is one gateway in Chagum and another in the Northern Stride as well."

"Dr. Naegino..., we're ready to accept our destiny not only to defend both worlds, but to help put an end to the witchsmeller threat as well."

Both Eduardo and Kylie looked at each other as Dr. Naegino left the room. With dinner almost done, he went into the kitchen to find that Ryujiro was busy finishing it up as he was very hungry. He had grown accustomed to the resident Muah as he was getting more curious than any human in this world. It wasn't long until Eduardo and Kylie later went into the kitchen as they saw him stirring the soup.

"We almost forgot about dinner!" cried Eduardo.

"Sorry about that," said Kylie.

"At least I've helped out," said Ryujiro.


Valeria and Yashakune heard laughter in the kitchen as they were waiting for dinner to get done. To their surprise, they saw Dr. Naegino sitting at the table as he was more sincere with his opinion about Eduardo and Kylie's behavior. To his assumptions, Dr. Naegino had finally accepted that the marriage between the two Muah was considered the warlock's conquest of Funny-Coat after all. The good doctor was also concerned about the heir that was yet to come, but not yet.

"What's the verdict?" asked Valeria.

"It seems that the both of them need to limit their sexual behavior," said Dr. Naegino.

"They need a few months to bond before they breed," said Yashakune.

"The heir needs to be heard,... but not yet."

"Hey, I'm starving! Is dinner almost done?"

"You'll get some," said Valeria. "Right now, you need to heal."

Yashakune was flabbergasted at the fact that Eduardo and Kylie need to breed, but they need to bond first. With the fact that the aura was a defense mechanism still looming in Dr. Naegino's mind, however, he was also grateful that the magic had aided him and the two travellers on their way to Ryuzaki. The incantation may have helped them get rid of the witchsmeller, but there was a time that the threat was about to come back as all of them needed to be ready to defend the future King and Queen of the Muah Realm, regardless.

The End