Chapter One: The Rain Song.

It was possibly the most boring day in the Elric brothers lives. Rain kept the boys inside bored to death.

Staring out the window the golden blond Edward spoke first. "It sounds a little like music." He said, idly playing with a piece of thread off the curtains. Alphonse tilted his head sideways closing his eyes.

It does sound a little like music.


"Huh?" Edward grinned at him boyishly. Then it clicked. Al grinned along with his sibling. Edward sometimes was just a genius after their own boredom.

"C'mon! This'll kill our boredom for sure!" Trisha, overhearing them giggled in amusement. Her boys were so inventive.

"Okay! So what do we do?" Al asked cheerily.

"Well like this." Edward clapped his hands before stomping once on the floor. Snapping his fingers he clapped again this time adding a bit of a spin.

BOOM! Thunder added to Edward's little tune. Al smiled and followed his brother's movements.

They bumped into each other when the storm grew harsher.

Pitterpatter pitterpatter

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Pitterpatter.

"Clap, stomp clap, snap spin."

BOOM! Pitterpatter pitterpatter


Pitterpatter pitterpatter.

"Clap, stomp clap, snap spin."

BOOM! Pitterpatter pitter patter


Pitterpatter pitterpatter BOOM!

"Clap stomp clap, snap spin."

The wind howled adding more to their crescendo.

This time Edward initiated another step. Sliding to the right, he then clapped following into the routine again. Al had watched carefully. Following the sounds of the rain calmed them but also kept them aware.

All of which they only took their eyes off the window for a second.

"Slide, clap, stomp, clap snap spin."

WHOOOOOO! CRAAACK! BOOM! Pitter patter pitter patter

"Slide, clap, stomp, clap, snap spin."

WHOOOOOOOOO! CRAAACK! BOOM! Pitterpatter pitterpatter.

"Slide! Clap! Stomp! Clap! Snap! Spin! C'mon Al! Bet I can do better! I did invent the move!"

"No way Ed! Slide! Clap! Stomp! Clap! Spin! Turn around now! Hahaha!"

"Slide! Clap! Stomp! Clap! Snap! Spin! Turn around!"

WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! CRAAAAAAACK! BOOOOOOM! Pitterpatter pitterpatter pitterpatter

"Slide! Clap! Stomp! Clap! Snap! Spin! Turn around now!"

Whoooo.....CRACK! BOOM! Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter

"Slide, clap, stomp, clap, snap spin. Turn around now." The rain began to fade as their steps slowed. In the beginning they were sloppy and were giggleing and laughing at their antics. But when they uttered those words they slipped into a routine. Now as nature's song faded so did their dance.

All the while Trisha watched, happy to see her children enjoying themselves. It seemed some things never changed.

Whoo. Crack! Boom! Pitterpatter....Pitter patter.

"Slide, clap, stomp, clap, snap spin. Turn around....NOW!" The final spin as lightning flashed ended their performance. Smiling at each other Ed and Al looked to their mother.

Trisha clapped. "Wonderful boys! I'm so proud of you." Especially since they had not went out to play in the mud as they had last time. Boys will be boys but a quiet activity or rather in their case a chance to play along with nature's song.

"I love you both." The brothers Elric beamed.