. Teenage x Wasteland .

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Descripton: No, Roxas. I'm not okay. I came here hoping to explain things to the love of my life, but instead I'm stuck with your introverted girlfriend, an emo kid, a lovesick desperato, a terrorist, a seventies chick, and a whole island of teenagers in my way.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Main pairing: Sora x Kairi
Rated: Strictly T
Genre: Humor / Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, but just like every other Square Enix fan, I wish I did :)

Background Information: (Setting, plot, places, characters, other.) * characters advance overtime.

Setting: Majority of the story takes place on Kingdom Hearts Resort, where a bunch of teenagers spend their summer. The rich son of a famous businessman bought the island and built a resort for teenagers only. He thought it was a great way for teens to meet new people, find who they are, and have tons of fun. The resort contains everything a teenager could ever dream of; every hobby that existed was there. It was a special event that no teenager could resist- it was a Teenage Wasteland.

Plot: 8 completely different teenagers are forced to live in a beach house together on Kingdom Hearts Resort. Each one of them has a different story and personality, resulting in drama, romance, humor, misunderstandings, action, jealousy, your not so average teen angst and many adventures yet to come. They're in for one heck of a summer vacation.


Memoria Insula: Latin for Memory Island, and is the island where Kingdom Hearts Resort is built.

Kingdom Hearts Resort: The resort strictly built for teenagers only. It is the 'Teenage Wasteland' every teen has been dreaming about, filled with everything they love. Its appearance is beautiful both inside and out, filled with only the latest designs and gadgets. And although the idea of an island full of teenagers seems dangerous, security is packed. This resort is in its third year now with high success rates.

Destiny Islands: The luscious, yet small island that Kairi, Selphie, and Tidus come from. It is also the same island where Sora and Kari first met and fell in love two years ago.

Palumpolum: (Final Fantasy XIII) The modern town where Sora and his cousin Hope come from.

Twilight Town: The sunset painted town where Namine, Roxas and Hayner come from. Riku and Xion also live there, but in the downtown, darker region.


Kairi Emori Lovelock (Stage 2): The ex-girlfriend of Sora. She rentlessly tries to convince herself that she doesn't love him anymore, but when he ends up living with her, everything changes. She comes across an easy going, stylish girl, with many talents and a great personality. Age 17.

Sora Hikari (Stage 2): The ex-boyfriend of Kairi. A little misunderstanding happened between them in the past, but he is determined to fix things. He has never stopped loving her, and plans to convince her that his feelings are true. Sora is easy on the eyes, talented, and may seem childish but is serious when he needs to be. Age 17.

Roxas Hikari Aethon (Stage 2): The twin brother of Sora. Their parents are divorced; Roxas lives with their mother while Sora chose their father. His mother was re-married, giving him a new last name. He's dating Namine, who he loves very much despite her 'problem'. Roxas is charming, famous for being a talented musician and very easy to get along with. Age 17.

Avielle Namine Emori (Stage 1): The first and favourite cousin of Kairi. She has 'agoraphobia', making her scared of the outdoors. Her boyfriend Roxas loves her, nonetheless. Namine is an artist, very shy, and lets Roxas do most of the talking during social occasions. Age 16.

Axel Montgomery Oryxine (Stage 2): The best friend of Roxas. Though they haven't spoken in about a year, they were reunited on the island. Axel is known for always wearing a different bandana around his neck, being an excellent drummer, setting things on fire, and flirtatious. Age 18.

Selphie Tilmitt (Stage 1): The best friend of Kairi. As of now, she seems very innocent and incredibly girly with a very bubbly personality. She's an optimist, and always wants to see others smile. Age 17.

Hayner Arundel (Stage 1): The very intense gamer. He's an incredible hacker, and is obsessed with video games. He may come across a little edgy, but if you play the cards right with him, he's a very easy going guy. Age 17.

Xion Simnel (Stage 2): The only friend of Riku. Xion believes love is everything, and is endlessly searching for 'the one'. She wants to find not only herself, but someone she's loved for awhile. Age 16.

Riku Somneri (Stage 1): The best friend of Xion, and the troubled soul. Riku is deeply in love with Xion; she's the only one who understands and cares for him. She isn't aware of this, but he plans to tell her. Riku is abused by his parents, but has decided to keep it a secret. He may look dark and scary, but he has a special personality only Xion can bring out. Age 18.

Hope Estheim (Stage 1): The first cousin of Sora and Roxas. He joins Sora on his journey to Kingdom Hearts. Age 16.

Tidus Clearwater (Stage 1): Childhood friend of Kairi and Selphie, who seems to have a little thing for him regardless of all the cute boys she drools over. Age 17.


The Oathkeepers: An old, small time band that Axel and Roxas had formed when they were young.

. Chapter I .

. The Promised Land .

Line of the chapter:
"731 days away from you... sometimes, I ask myself, are you counting too?"

Destiny Islands (Kairi Lovelock & Selphie Tilmitt)

"That cute, loving... evil, lying wretch!"

Kairi yelled out into the sky, the birds flying away in fear. She soaked her bare feet into the clear ocean, and sat down hugging her knees. She held a trinket in one hand, the other playing with some soft, light sand. She sat still for a few moments, trying to admire the view of the sky, but she couldn't bring herself to smile.

"Kairi," A voice whined from behind, "Are we complaining again?"

Kairi sighed and closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of the sun against her fair skin, "Sorry, Selphie."

The girl took a seat next to Kairi, placing a hand on her shoulder, "So what happened to forgetting about him?"

The crimson haired girl hung her head down, "No luck."

"Well, he's gone now Kairi... there's nothing to do about it."

Kairi's eyes narrowed, "Well gee, what uplifting advice. Even Tidus was more comforting."

"Well, unlike Tidus, I'm bringing you into reality." Selphie let her hands fall to her sides, "I'm just saying that if you love him, you'll let him go."

Kairi bit her lip, "You're right..." She opened her clasped hand and revealed a star-like charm made of shells, a smiley face carved in the middle. It was pink, yellow, and white in colour, its quality still the way it was before, "Why do I even have this anyway?"

She threw said item into the ocean, her only memory of the boy that broke her heart, "He hurt me... he doesn't deserve to be remembered."

"Great, so you're over him?" Selphie asked happily, her mood suddenly changing.

Kairi recognized that tone anywhere, "All right, what crazy plan are we getting ourselves into this time?"

Selphie got on her tippy-toes, looking off in some random distance, "Ohh, its nothing, just... a little vacation." Kairi raised a brow and was given a flyer.

She read it over a good five times and shook her head, "No, not happening."

"Awww, come on Kairi!" Selphie placed her hands on her hips. "It's a beautiful, luscious island! For two whole months, and only teenagers will be there! No adults- well, accept for the staff, but other than that, its heaven! There's a billion things to do at that resort! And I'm pretty sure sitting here depressed ain't one of them! How could you resist an oppurtunity like this?"

"Because," Kairi stood up and got into her know-it-all stance, "For one, why go to a luscious island when we live in one? Besides, I'm not in the mood. Two, an island filled with teenagers? Sounds kinda dangerous, don't you think? And three, if you haven't noticed, we don't have a heck of alot of money."

Selphie waved a hand in her face, "One, you will get in the mood. Two, are you kidding me? Dangerous? A summer filled with teenagers, not to mention hot guys! And don't worry, I'm pretty sure there will be limits. And three, we do have money. It's called daddy; you're the adopted daughter of the mayor for crying out loud! Not mention all that money we earned working at the island's surf rental shop..."

Kairi thought it over and sighed in defeat, "Fine, I'll go, but only because I have nothing better to do this summer."

Selphie squealed and punched her fist in the air, "Well, it's settled! I'll go make reservations! I promise you won't regret this, Kairi!" Selphie ran off in the distance, towards her canoe that led towards the island.

It was silent again, so Kairi looked out into the ocean, Maybe... this trip will help me forget him. She stepped into the ocean and walked further until the water reached her kneecaps.

"Oh, who am I kidding..." She told herself out loud as she picked up the trinket from the water. 731 days away from you... She looked up at the sky and felt a tear escape her eye, Sometimes, I ask myself... are you counting too?

Twilight Town (Namine Emori & Roxas Hikari Aethon, Hayner Arundel)

The suspense was killing him. The sunkist blonde waited for his girlfriend's reply, clutching a glass of water in one hand. They sat at her kitchen table, straight across each other.

Two tickets were placed in between them, a flaxen-haired girl eyeing them with doubt, "Roxas, I don't know..."

He pouted, "Aww come on, I know you can do it. You've been out of your house before- heck, you've been out of town before!"

"I don't think I can do this..."

"Tsk, tsk," Roxas waved a finger in her face, "Now what did we say about negative attitude? It won't help cure you."

Namine sighed and looked at the tickets again, "I'm guessing you went through alot for these tickets, but... I'm scared, Roxas. I've never been to another island before."

Roxas stood up and walked behind her, pulling her to his chest, "You're with me, Namine. Nothing will happen to you. You're strong, Namine."

She pressed her head against his chest and looked up at him, "There will be alot of teenagers there..."

Roxas' eyes narrowed, "They will not touch you. I'm going to keep you safe, no matter what, and I've even rented out the largest beach house they have there. We have it all to ourselves. It's just a little vacation with the two of us."

Namine suddenly smirked, "Well, maybe I could... try..."

Roxas grinned, "That's my girl." And with that being said, both leaned in for a soft, lingering kiss.


"Hayner!" A voice yelled on the other side of his door. His mother banged on the door for a good five minutes before taking the keys from her apron and swinging the door open, "Curse the day I bought you that game system." She found her son with wide, red eyes up against his TV, playing the video game he usually played everyday.

"Hayner!" Apparently he couldn't hear his own mother due to the headset covering his ears. She ripped them off his head and unplugged his game system.

Hayner got down on his knees and yelled, "NOOO! MOM! 24 KILLSTREAK! I WAS ONE AWAY FROM-"

His mother threw a piece of paper in his face, "Hayner, I'm doing this because I'm concerned about your health."

Hayner sweatdropped, "Please don't tell me this is the gamer addiction group again. You know the counselor placed a restraining order against me, right?"

"I know," His mother sighed, "But this is different. I think you need a vacation, Hayner."

The blonde furrowed his brows, "For the last time, I don't need to go anywhere. I'm not addicted to video games!"

His mother placed her hands on her hips, "You're speaking terrorist!"

He sighed, "Trust me, mom. It's cool."

"Okay, that's it." His mother took out a luggage from his overflowing closet and began to pile clothes inside, "You're going, and that's for sure."

Hayner laughed as he read the ticket, "Oh my gosh, this is that Kingdom Hearts Resort thing, isn't it? Mom, you're sending me away because you think I'm obsessed with video games... so you send me to a teenage wasteland? You're practically sending me into heaven!"

"You're going with your brother." Hayner blinked twice before screaming into his pillow. Oddly, his mother smiled at his agony.

Twilight Town Downtown, Memory's Skyscraper (Riku Somneri & Xion Simnel)

"Thinking again?" Xion asked as she took her seat next to her best friend atop the town's skyscraper. She handed him an ice cream bar, and admired the dark town below them. There wasn't much to admire, considering that it was Twilight Town's downtown, or rather, as some call it, the dark side of town. It barely got any sun, and was dark majority of the time. It rained alot, too.

Xion's companion was an albino haired boy with rather pale skin. He had bright aquamarine eyes, and went by the name of Riku.

"Thank you, Xion." He outstretched his hand to take it from her, causing his sleeve to reveal part of his arm.

Xion gasped and kneeled down to his level "Riku, not again..."

"It wasn't as bad this time," He said in a monotone voice, "At least it was only a belt." Xion's face sadened, causing Riku to do the same.

"Xion don't be sad. I don't want to be the reason you're sad. Really, I'm fine."

Xion hugged her knees, "Aren't you ever going to tell someone that you're being abused?"

Riku shook his head, "I wasn't going to tell anybody. No one would care. You were the only who did... you were the only one who figured it out."

"And you begged me not to tell anyone..." She sighed, "You shouldn't hide your pain."

Riku let out a half laugh, "I've been doing it my whole life, why stop now?"

Xion stood back up and began digging into her pocket, "Well, let's not be sad and depressed today."

Riku's eyes widened, "Dear God you're smiling. Something must be up."

Xion rolled her eyes playfully and handed Riku a ticket, "We're going on a vacation."

"What?" The silver haired boy asked in belief. He placed his hood over his head again and played with the rips on his jeans.

"Well, you know that shop around the corner? The one that sells sea-salt ice cream? Well, it turns out they were having this contest, so I decided to try it out. There was this bag of golf balls, and the one who got pink won two tickets to Kingdom Heart's Resort in Memory Island."

"And you won?" Riku asked.

Xion nodded excitedly, "Yup, so I guess you and I are going to be spending our summer in a resort!"

Riku crossed his arms, "Wait. You don't usually like to go out anywhere except around town, so it makes this suspicious..."

Xion whistled to look casual, until Riku snapped his fingers and figured it out, "You're just hoping he's there, aren't you?"

"I love how you know me," Xion giggled and began to walk towards the skyscraper's steps, "Now I'm gonna go pack. Be ready, Riku!"

The boy sighed and watched Xion run off to her house. Maybe this vacation would be a good oppurtunity for him to finally confess something he'd been hiding for awhile. He usually wouldn't agree to anything like this, but this was Xion. His Xion. His miracle. This summer, he wouldn't have anything get in his way. That boy couldn't possibly be there on the island.

Palumpolum, Felix Heights (Sora Hikari)

Sora sat with his back against a tree in his backyard, his acoustic guitar laying on the ground beside him. The backyard was small, but classy with the rocky fountain and the smooth cement pathway. It was in the shape of a circle, and was shared with his neighbour. In the middle was a large cherry blossom tree with orange looking petals due to the sunset. Although the scene was peaceful, Sora's heart was not. His hands were firmly placed in his spiky brown hair, his elbows on his knees. He looked deep in thought, like he always was. This highly went against his usual immature and childish persona.

"Sora-san," His cousin Hope, whom he lived beside, emerged from the bushes, "Genki desuka? Daijoubu?" **

"I'm fine," Sora replied in the same tongue. His family always had a knack speaking in their traditional language.

"Uh," Hope twiddled his thumbs, "My uncle, or, your dad... said you've been thinking alot lately. I-I've noticed it, too."

Sora raised a brow, "And?" Sora sensed his cousin was hesitating a little, unsure of what to do, so he turned around and faced him, "What are those in your hand?"

Hope grinned and gained a little more confidence, "They're tickets. For Kingdom Hearts Resort." Ah, now he knew why his cousin was so nervous.

"No," The brunette gave him a swift firm answer, picked up his acoustic guitar, and headed back into his house using the back door. Hope groaned and followed behind him. This was gonna take alot of convincing.

"Why not?" Hope began to whine.

"I just wanna relax this summer." Sora shrugged, tossing his acoustic guitar on the couch and plopped down on another couch in front of the television.

"And by relax you mean mope around about some girl?" His cousin smirked, knowing he was right. Normally Sora would get pissed, Hope taking the situation lightly and all, but he restrained his anger.

"How did you know?" Sora sighed, getting up off the couch.

"It's obvious," Hope followed Sora out to the front yard, "You play such sad songs on your guitar about love... your phone has alot of unsent apology text messages, you space out a whole lot, you don't smile as much anymore... ever since you've returned from your vacation on Destiny Islands a few years ago, you're someone completely new. You need a break." The wind blew quietly, the crisp leaves rustling in the silence.

Sora's back was faced to him. Maybe he did need a break, but his intentions weren't a vacation. He had a feeling she would be on that island, and maybe he could set things straight. Butterflies filled his stomach as he grinned; yes, she would be on that island and they would be in love again.

"Fine, I'll go."

Hope balled his right fist and pulled it towards him in victory, "Yes!"

"And maybe," Sora put on a teasing look on his face, putting Hope into a headlock, "We can find you a girl on that island!"

Hope placed both his hands on Sora's arm and tried to pull them down, "Haha, funny."

He said sarcastically. Once Hope realized what time it was, he bid Sora farewell and ran into his own house. Sora smiled and placed his hands on his pocket, admiring the sunset from his perfect lawn.

"731 days away from you... sometimes, I ask myself, are you counting too?"

Memory Island - one week later

"Th-There's so many people," Kairi bit her lip, clinging onto Selphie's sleeve. They were on their way to the reception desk where they would be given the address to their 'home'.

"Move it!" Selphie looked a little irritated, pushing through the crowd like a weed-whacker. Ahead of them, at the reception desk, was a very angry blonde with his girlfriend nervously hanging onto him.

"What?" He began to yell, "There must be some mistake! I rented that beach house for me and my girlfriend only!"

The woman at the desk shook her head, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, sir. But that house is the largest- there are eight rooms, and if you only occupy one, there will be alot of free space. We have to add more people in or some could end up sleeping on the streets or sent home."

"But you don't understand," This guy looked desperate, pressing his palm onto the mahogony table, "My girlfriend has agoraphobia, she won't be used to-"

"Namine?" Kairi found herself running towards the girl, arms wide open. Namine gasped, got off her boyfriend and gave her cousin a quick hug.

"Kairi! What are you doing here?" Namine, who didn't look at all displeased, gave Kairi a sweet smile.

"Just here for a little vacation." She replied modestly. She then raised a brow at the angry sunkist blonde at the desk, "Whose he?"

"Roxas. Her boyfriend." Roxas said protectively. He eyed Kairi kind of oddly; could it be her?

Roxas... he looks kinda familiar. "Boyfriend?" Kairi looked a little shocked, "W-Wow! How come you never told me?"

Namine twiddled her thumbs, "Well, we haven't really seen each other in two years..."

"Hey!" A blonde with a black bandana emerged from the line-up and stuck up his gloved fist, "Cut the chitchat! Some of us are actually waiting to get to the reception desk, y'know!"

Roxas placed his hands in front of his face defensively; he was never one to start a fight, "S-Sorry." He turned back to the woman. She gave him the keys and a map of the island, bidding him farewell though he had a sour look on his face.

"Selphie Tilmitt, Kairi Lovelock." Selphie informed the same woman who typed in their names on a computer.

"Oh, how convenient. You're in the same house as those two."

Kairi and Selphie turned to Roxas and Namine who gestured them to follow. They started walking on the sidewalk outside, rolling their luggages. The island was pretty much like a town with roads and sidewalks, but it had so much more to offer. Even the plants were perfect.

"It's so pretty," Selphie took in the smell of fresh air and the peaceful sound of waves crashing. Roxas, on the other hand, still looked kinda pissed.

"Roxie," Namine cooed, "Don't be sad; I'll be just fine."

He pouted, "If you say so, dear." Roxas took point and followed the map, eventually arriving at a row filled with mansions.

"Hey Kairi," He suddenly called out, his back still facing her, "You're Namine's cousin, aren't you? Ever met a guy named Sora Hikari?"

Kairi suddenly stopped and looked at the ground darkly, clenching her fists. Selphie sensed the tension and made a gesture that looked like she was slicing her neck at Roxas. He got the hint and decided that it was a bad idea to bring him up.

"Yes," She cussed, "Why?"

"J-Just wondering. He's my twin brother, that's all." Roxas gulped, and quickened his pace. He got to the beach house before the three girls did- he was a good ten blocks ahead of them.

The beach house he chose really was the largest out of all the houses around the row. It had three floors, was built with bright peach bricks and had alot of panelled windows. There were balconies here and there, and had a perfect view of the beach from behind. On the outside, it looked like a large, welcoming home. On the inside, and he could see from the windows, it was modern. He whistled before jerking the keys in and opening the door.

He came face to face with two boys around his age messing around in the living room, jumping on the couch. One turned to him and suddenly stopped jumping.

The brunette with striking blue eyes like his cocked his head to the side, "Roxas?" Said blonde gulped and shut the door. He could recognize that boy anywhere- it was none other than his twin brother. His heart was beating quickly- Kairi was getting closer!

Sora had informed him about his whole relationship with the girl, and he knew how much she hated him. He just wanted to make sure it was THE Kairi earlier.

"Roxas," Kairi walked up the stoney steps of the house, "Why are you blocking the door?" He had sprawled his whole body out on the double door entry, covering it as much as he could.

"Can we go inside?" Namine walked up too, "It looks really pretty."

Selphie was getting impatient, "Roxas, let us in, please." Kairi made a move and tried prying Roxas off the door.

"You do not wanna go in there!" He warned, eventually being pushed aside. Kairi turned the knob and opened the door, only to slam it onto someone on the other side. The person she had hit fell to the floor, rubbing their aching face in pain. She was about to apologize until she saw who it was, and nearly died.


In the next chapter:

"I'm going home."

"You meant everything to me- you still do, so why would I hurt you?"

"Wow... not even one hour and all of you are already fighting?"

"Name's Aqua Elendil. I'm going to be your interviewer for this summer."

"I love you. You know it's the truth."

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."

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