When Things Went Wrong

Yuuki had a really close boy best friend. They knew each other ever since they were in diapers. And when things went wrong, Zero was always there.

One day when it was the birthday of Yuuki's schoolmate, she didn't get any prizes on the games that were held. She cried, saying that she was the only one who didn't get anything. Suddenly, Zero appeared, gave her all of his prize, and told her he will help her on the next game. When things went wrong, he was always there when she didn't have anything.

One day when Yuuki was seven, she tripped and skinned her knee. She cried since she knew there was no one to help her, but miraculously, Zero appeared, helped Yuuki stand up, and cleaned her wound. When things went wrong, he was always there when she fell down.

One day when it was their Graduation Ball, Yuuki's date left her for another girl. She locked herself up in the girl's bathroom and cried her heart out. Then, Zero appeared, told her he will be her date, and promised he will accompany her throughout the Ball. They were crowned Mr. and Ms. Prom. When things went wrong, he was always there when she was alone.

One day when Yuuki was 13, her heart got broken by a boy she really liked. She was crying inside her room, when suddenly, Zero appeared, gathered her up in his arms, and comforted her for the rest of the night. When things went wrong, he was always there when everything fell apart.

One day when it was her 15th birthday, Yuuki was having a date with her new boyfriend, Kaname, when her cell phone rang. Finding it annoying, she turned it off, and resumed her talk with her date, not knowing that it was Zero. When she went home after a wonderful time that night, she was wondering why her father, Kaien, was nowhere to be found. It was then that she noticed that a note lying on the counter, telling her to go to the hospital, with another note below.

"Zero's dead"

It appeared that Zero had an accident when he was crossing the street. He was staring at his phone, utterly bewildered when Yuuki canceled his call with her gift in hand, when an unnoticed car hit him. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Zero was always there when things went wrong. But when it was he who needed help, Yuuki was nowhere to be found.

Yuuki blamed herself. When it was the day of his funeral, Zero's parents gave her the gift Zero was clutching when he was hit, and a little blue book that was his diary.

Her gift was a simple locket made of gold, in it was his and her picture. Zero's parents told her that he didn't spend his allowance for 3 months so that he could buy it. But it wasn't the worst.

On his diary, there were no entries. But on the last page was a single sentence, written in his scrawny handwriting and obviously new, providing the splattered blood in it.

I've been in love with the same woman for fifteen years,

I just wish she knew.

Akitsuki Akira © When Things Went Wrong