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I rolled my eyes and exited out of the e-mail, my frustration growing further. He's been bugging me for the past two days about that damn article. It's not my fault I've been having trouble getting the interviewee to cooperate with me on my tight schedule. The man had a life to live, and I had a job to do. Those two things just didn't come hand in hand.

Alice popped her head in, her spiky black hair glistening in the dull office lights. Her extraordinary white teeth shined brightly as she smiled sweetly. Her small hands held two Starbucks coffee cups and she placed one of them on my desk before sitting in one of the two chairs in front of my desk. I waited patiently for her to jump into her series of questions that she always had as she sipped her coffee quietly.

Finally, her icy blue eyes found my dark ones.

"Aro's been bugging me to bug you about the article," she said, sounding bored of this situation. "Have any luck trying to get the elusive Mr. Cullen to answer your phone calls?"

I shook my head no and continued to type up a quick e-mail to Mr. Cullen's assistant, hoping that she could possibly help me out. I'm sure it wouldn't work, but this is that last possible thing I could do. I was that desperate.

"Ah, well, I wish you luck, my beautiful, smart friend," Alice said before taking another sip. "I'm just glad it's you who has to deal with this instead of me. You and I both know I'd never make it being a journalist like you."

I smiled softly and focused my attention on her. I noticed that she wore a new dress, one that looked very expensive. I raised my eyebrows and pointed at it, questioning her with my eyes.

"Oh, this old thing?" She stood up and twirled. "Pretty, isn't it? Jasper saw it one day while we were out and I just had to have it. All the girls in my department are severely jealous of it."

"Of course they are, Alice," I replied. "You're always the first one to have new designer clothing in a room full of women who dream they could have something like that. I bet they wish they had a nice fiancé like Jasper who bought them these fancy clothes, too."

Alice rolled her eyes at me and sat back down.

The story behind Alice and Jasper was simple, but cute. They met at college, him coming from down south, a small town in Texas, and Alice come from Malibu, California. He was rich, she was rich, and when mixed together, those two were practically made for each other. They were complete opposites, though, but you could barely tell because of the way they balanced each other out.

Jasper was the kind of man who liked to keep to himself, only going out or doing some big, extravagant thing when Alice wished he would. He worked for his father's company that just relocated to Seattle as the CEO of the department here. I didn't know what the company made or did, all I knew was that it packed in the money like there was no tomorrow. So obviously it was important.

Alice didn't believe in work until Jasper begged her to get a job. He didn't want her education to go to waste after all the hard work she had put into it. She went to school in fashion design, and he knew that she had potential, as well did I. But I could never understand why she settled to work for the Seattle Times. She could've been a huge designer or something, but no. She settled to just cover small fashion events and write articles about them. It confused me to no end, but I couldn't complain. She did love her job, and she did enjoy going to all the shows and everything, but still. It's Alice. She's one picky girl.

They dated for three years before Jasper finally popped the question. I got the news the next day at work, still regretting hearing Alice squeal like a five-year-old. To this day, I remind myself not to get her was excited for anything as much as she was excited for her engagement. I didn't want to relive the ear-splitting yells and all that.

"You think?" Alice asked, bringing me back into the conversation.

"Yes, Ali, I think so. Every time Jazz comes in here to visit you for lunch or something, all those women go crazy. So does some of the gays that work here," I said with a soft smile. Work here was eccentric, don't let me fool you by all my complaining.

Alice squealed softly and made a face. I couldn't help but laugh at her expense.

"Ewe. Just having that thought in my head makes me want to throw up." She shivered and shook her head, probably trying to get the image out of her brain. "Just thinking about Jasper being with a man… Yeah, not even going there."

"Good idea."

She sighed and finished off her coffee. I heard the chair shift as she stood, not even bothering to say good-bye before leaving the room. She knew I had work to tend to, and I just couldn't waste anymore time.

Believe me, I love my job, just not at the moment. I've grown frustrated with it all because of a man named Edward Cullen. He somehow became my worst nightmare, and hottest dream.

Yes, the man was gorgeous. But he was rather annoying and repulsive. Don't get me wrong, I'd jump him in an instant, but there was something about him that just pissed me off.

We met a week ago. I had been assigned to write an article about this new up and coming musician that everyone was talking about, and there was no way I could say no. Aro was putting my next promotion on the line with this story, so it's a make or break type of deal. He informed me of the concert Edward was having somewhere in the park that night, and I promised Aro that I would be there, ready to attack with questions. He nodded in approval and sent me on my way.

That night I dressed in black jeans and a white t-shirt, trying to give myself a relaxed look rather than showing up in my suit I'd worn that day to work. At six I left my apartment, driving to the park Aro informed me about. It took me about twenty minutes to find a parking spot, and when I did, I was at least two blocks away from where I needed to be. That was the first thing that set my mood to turn sour, and I wasn't even around the man that made it go all the way to bad yet.

I walked into the park, and, to my surprise, the place was packed. My first impression was that this Edward guy was popular. The crowd ranged from teens who were loving their finally weeks of summer to young adults that needed a place to unwind with good music. I was actually quite surprised by this amount of fans Edward already had. Don't up and coming artist start off with a small fan base rather than a huge one?

The show didn't start until seven, which left me with a good amount of time to get my interview thought out in my mind. I pulled out my notebook full of all the questions I had planned on asking, and jotted down a few extra ones before a man walked onto the stage and tapped the microphone. I tried to suppress an eye roll at the awkwardness of the poor guy as I stood.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's my great pleasure to introduce to you… Edward Cullen," he said with a good hint of a dramatic tone to his voice as he tried to work up the crowd's energy.

I couldn't help but laugh. It was too ironic, if you ask me.

But then I regretted the laugh. Because the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen in my entire life had just walked on stage. I swear, my mouth dropped fifty feet and hit the ground with a smack as I took in this Greek God.

He wore khaki shorts and a dark gray t-shirt. I could visibly see a tattoo on the underside of his arm. It looked like words, but I couldn't read them very clearly seeing as how he was about fifty feet away from me. His hair… was beyond amazing. It was a beautiful bronze color and it was a complete mess, something I had come to find very sexy on men. And when he looked up to the crowd, his deep green eyes swirled. A crooked smile took place on his face and I heard a group of girls scream out their stupid love for them.

"Good evening," his velvet voice said. It was soft and sweet, with a hint of an attitude behind it. "I'm glad you all could join me on an evening like this. Thank you."

The group of stupid fan girls squealed again as he began to strum his acoustic guitar. I couldn't help but notice the way his arm muscle would twitch with each movement. Somehow this guy had me locked just by his good looks, much to my complaints. And his voice just made everything even worse. When he sang the velvet flowed smoothly over the crowd, filling my ears with sweet melodies about girls that left him heartbroken or something like that.

It stayed like that for an hour and a half before he finally called the show to an end. The crowed cheered loudly around me while I remained motionless, captivated by his charming good looks and silky smooth voice. I watched as he hopped off the stage and immersed himself in a huge group of his fans. They instantly started praising him for his excellent job, making me want to kick someone.

I wanted time with the amazing hot guy with a sexy voice. He should be paying attention to me, not those stupid girls!

What the hell is wrong with me? I'm so fucking hopeless!

I growled at myself and bent down to pick up my bag, pulling out my notebook with my questions in it. I made my way over to the huge group Edward was in and pushed my way through, getting a whole bunch of threats. Once I made it all the way through the bodies, I pushed myself free and managed to trip over my feet, falling into someone's chest.

"Well, well. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to take me out to dinner or something before we move this quickly." That velvety smooth voice said in a deep tone in my ear.

I stumbled backwards and out of his arms before standing my ground. My heart rate was going a million miles a minute, and it was hard to keep circulating my breaths. The feeling of his arms felt great wrapped around me, and I wanted nothing more than to just fall right back into them. But I had a job to do, and now was my time. Serious Bella needed to come out… and fast.

"I'm sorry for that Mr. Cullen. It seems that I had been tripped by someone," I said with a fake smile. "My name's Isabella Swan, I work at Seattle Times. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions."

One of his perfectly shaped eyebrows hitched up and I was instantly jealous. I had always wanted to be able to do that, but I could never manage to. Alice always pulled it on me, and I'd complain to her and beg her to teach me how to do it. I still couldn't do it, though. No matter how many times she tried to show me.

"Oh, well if you put it that way… How about we go over there where it's nice and quiet and you can ask your questions?" He finished with a smirk and the group around us flittered with giggles.

Two can play at that game, Cullen.

"Sounds great. If you don't mind, how about you extract yourself from that girl's grasp? I'd like it to just be between us, no one else."

The girl glared and I smiled, proving that I wasn't someone to mess around with. Edward pushed the girl's hands away, leaving her in a state of astonishment, before tugging me behind him out of the group. The man that introduced him shooed them off, warning them that it was getting late.

Edward dragged me all the way over to the little lake that was nestled in the middle of the park. The setting sun glistened off of the water, nearly blinding me as we approached.

"You didn't have to be so rude to that poor girl, y'know?" Edward said while pushing sunglasses onto his face, hiding his beautiful eyes away from me.

I smiled smugly. "It seemed like the only thing that would separate her from you. I had to use whatever I could to make it so we were alone."

"Oh?" he asked, that crooked grin taking place on his face again. "And why exactly do you need me to be alone with you just to ask questions for a pointless article? Hm?"

I glared. He was really starting to get on my nerves. What, with all this cocky attitude and the way he thought he was all high and mighty. It didn't fool me at all, even if he had the looks for it. He wasn't Hercules or something like that.

"Because they would interrupt you, and I knew that probably wouldn't make you happy. Am I right?" I crossed my arms over my chest and acted like I was just stating a fact.

My plan worked. Edward stood up straighter and pulled the glasses away from his face. I noticed the way his green eyes burned with the anger that was building inside of him. His face showed no emotion, and his lips were a tight, flat line.

"Let's get one thing straight, Ms. Swan," he growled out. My cool demeanor faltered and my arms fell right to my sides. "My fans mean the world to me, you diss them, you're dissing me. You got that?"

I meekly nodded my head and stuttered out a yes. His face changed back into that easy-go look and he put his glasses back on. I was dumbfounded.

"Well? You gonna get on with this or not? I don't have all night," he said while pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket. I watched as he lit one, my face scrunching up in disgust.

Smoking was a huge turn off for me. The smell of it about made me gag, and I tried not to flick the stupid thing from his hand. I distracted myself by flipping to the page with the questions I had written out and started in on the interview.

"What made you want to become a musician?" I asked after pulling out my voice recorder. I held it up close to his mouth and waited for his reply. It took him two minutes before I finally got an answer out of him.

"Because I love it, duh."

I stared at him, watching as he glanced out past the lake and towards the setting sun and taking way too many drags from the cigarette, before moving on to my next question. I could live with that answer, even if it had ticked me off slightly.

"Do you get inspiration from other musicians like yourself or from other life experiences?"

This time it didn't take him as long to answer. He dropped the cigarette to the ground and used his foot to put it out before saying, "I listen to unknown bands, sharing that fact that neither of us have a label and only play for the fans. That's what I love about it, and just seeing the fans interact with my music gives me inspiration. It's one of the most beautiful things I've seen."

So the man is capable of feelings. Who knew.

The interview continued like that. I asked him a wide range of questions, but only managed to get out a few words from him. I never once got another answer like that one, even when I did ask some deep, meaningful things. All he would do was mutter a simple explanation or use the "I love what I do. Must you question that?" excuse.

I left feeling utterly and royally pissed off at the man. He had given me nothing good to use for an article except for that one answer, and he even managed to tick me off even more by teasing me every now and then. I was never one who thought it was cute to tease a girl, and Edward immediately picked up on it after calling me sweets.

"Come on, sweets. I know you'd rather do something other than ask these boring questions. I can think of a few things."

Ugh. Stupid, gorgeous, pig!

When I got home that night, I managed to sit and stare at a blank Word document for a good three hours, desperately trying to come up with something. When I couldn't, I threw the top of my laptop down on the bottom, cursed silently, and stomped all the way down the hall into my bedroom where I flopped down on my bed and banged my fists on the mattress trying to let some of the pent up frustration out.

Which leaves me here; sitting in my office, still very frustrated with the guy who gave me nothing and at myself for not begging for more than a two-worded response from him. I groaned loudly and laid my head down on my desk, wishing for the remaining hour of work to move by quicker.

"Bella, how's that article coming?" My boss's voice asked after he knocked three times.

I sat back up and pushed the hair away from my face. "Great. I'm finishing it up now."

It wasn't exactly a lie, but what he didn't know couldn't hurt me, right?

He smiled and nodded before saying, "Great." He walked off after that and I flopped my head back down, cursing Edward Cullen for bringing this misery into my life.

Little did I know that my life would be full of misery that that gorgeous man brought onto me. For I had not expected him to be in my life completely, leaving me stuck with him in one of the worst situations I could possibly think of.

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