So, here is my next story. It's a little bit different from what I've posted up to now and I'm taking my chances with a multiple chapter story.

I had this idea while reading fairwinds09's really, really great story : Coffeeshop. I really advice it if you haven't read it yet. (Sorry for the previous confusion in authors and thanks to dg101 for mentionning the mistake.)

This is quite different though. It's more a series of random one shots which only have as a common point Kate, Gibbs and coffee - more or less present depending on the chapters - and their relationship evolving as time passes. So I suppose you could read each chapter on its own because there never is a reference to the previous ones.

The time line here has no reference at all to the series' so you can take it however you like. The only information you get will be some weather information every now and then.

This first chapter is very short and more like an introduction so I will most likely post the next one soon.

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A Coffee Story


The first time he drank coffee with her, had been the day after he hired her, unofficially.

Caitlin Todd was yet to give him an answer. NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had just entered his usual coffee shop when he saw her. Her back was to him, but he had spent quite some time admiring her, when she wasn't looking, during his last case, so he didn't have any difficulties recognizing her. Granted she was wearing jeans, sneakers and a casual black jacket but her body was still the same.

She had already asked for her drink and was waiting for it to be ready, and to pay. He made his way towards her, ignoring the annoyed looks the clients shot him. Just as the young waitress told her how much it cost and as she was pulling out some cash he laid two five dollar bills on the counter. Kate turned around, surprised.

'Special Agent Gibbs.' She said, calmly, after recognizing him. 'What are you doing here?'

'Same thing as you it seems. I didn't know you got your coffee here. It's nowhere near where you live or worked.'

'Is that your way of reminding me that I quit my job and that I still haven't accepted your job offer?'

'Not necessarily.'

'Excuse me,' the waitress interrupted. 'Are you paying sir?'

'Yes. And add the strongest black coffee you have.' Turning back to Kate. 'You drinking your coffee here or are you going somewhere?'

'I was about to go to the park. Wanna join me?'


He got his coffee and followed her outside to the afore mentioned park, his hand every now and then resting on the small of her back. They didn't say anything until they were seated on a bench, both sipping their coffees.

'So, what are you doing here?' He asked the question again.

'I used to live around here and used to go to this coffee shop all the time. When I moved I just couldn't do without their coffee. So I still come here when I have enough time to do so. And you, do you come here often?'

'If you only knew.' She smiled.

'Caffeine addict?'

'Oh yes!' He laughed. She joined him, shaking her head.

They kept on talking like that for about half an hour, time at which Gibbs had to leave to be on time at work, his early arrival having been disrupted by the beautiful brunette. He was walking away from her when he heard her.

'Gibbs?' She called


'When do you need me to start working?' She asked, smiling mischievously, he smiled back.

'Tomorrow if you want, Special Agent Caitlin Todd. 0900 if we don't have a case.'

'I'll be there.'

'I'm glad.' He answered truthfully.