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Of Bras and Coffee Spills

One day she got burnt.

Kate was walking towards the elevator to go down to see Abby. Just as she arrived by the machine, its doors opened and out came DiNozzo, almost running. He slammed into Kate, two of the three cups of coffee he had been juggling pouring their contents over his colleague's chest. She yelped, both at the sudden violent contact and at the scalding sensation she felt as soon as the very hot beverages touched her skin. Unwanted and unexpected tears sprung to her eyes as she held her breath and bit her lip to keep from crying out again. She didn't hear Tony's swearing, nor felt his free hand on her forearm.

'Kate? You okay?' She finally heard as the buzzing in her ears dissipated and the burning feeling intensified. More tears spilled from her eyes as she closed them and tightened her jaw, trying to hold the tears back and control the pain.

'No.' She groaned through gritted teeth. Suddenly, she felt warm and soft hands on her back.

'Bathroom. Go.' Gibbs softly ordered from behind her, gently pushing her in the right direction. Once she was gone, he turned back to DiNozzo, shooting him the iciest glare the Italian had ever seen and most certainly been on the receiving end of. 'You're late, DiNozzo!' He barked.

'I know, boss. Alarm clock didn't go off. Won't happen again.' The agent stuttered, barely holding back an apology, knowing it would only anger Gibbs even more. He handed him the only cup of coffee he was still holding. Gibbs grabbed it violently, immediately taking a huge gulp.

'Go to your desk, we have a case.' He simply said before following Kate down the hallway.

He didn't even think before entering the ladies' room. There were too little women on their floor for any of them to be inside. And even if there were, he really didn't care. As soon as he was inside, he saw Kate leaning over a sink, blouse lying forgotten next to it, revealing the red, scalded skin she was currently trying to cool down with wet paper towels. He walked over and from over her shoulder looked down at the delicate and sensitive skin. He reached for her shoulder, leaning around her body to set the cup by the sink and gently turning her around. When she was facing him, he pulled her hand away from her chest and looked down, wincing when he saw the real extend of the damage.

The usually pale skin of her chest was bright red and obviously extremely painful. And he realized, sadly, that his favorite bra was most likely ruined. The wet paper towel in her hand wasn't cold anymore so Gibbs reached for another one, wet it with water as cold as possible. He then put it against her chest where it was burnt the worst, his other hand stroking her side in slow, soothing motions, which he hoped would divert her attention, though he thought it was very doubtful that the trick would work. He looked up at her face, slowly and gently dabbing the injured skin.

'Does it hurt?' He asked softly.

'Yes. But I'll live.' She smiled. 'I'll need another shirt to wear though. This blouse is probably ruined and there is no way I'm going out there only wearing my bra.' He nodded slowly.

'Yeah. And I'm not letting you go out like that either. Most definitely not in front of DiNozzo and most definitely not after he scalded you'

'He didn't do it on purpose.' She defended, knowing that he was angrier than necessary and even though she didn't really feel like defending Tony, she knew he didn't deserve all the anger he would undoubtedly be on the receiving end of for an as yet undetermined length of time. 'Sure he was late and running while holding coffee cups, but still, it could have happened to anyone.' She winced when the wet paper touched a particularly soft spot.

'He hurt you.'

'He didn't mean to.' She countered.

'You gonna be okay?' Gibbs asked pulling the by-now warm paper away. She nodded. For a little while he kept putting cold wet paper towels to her chest, hoping to limit the pain and the damage done to her sensitive skin. 'Need more water?' He finally asked.

'Nah. I'll be fine. Thank you.' He grabbed her hips, leaned down and softly kissed the middle of her chest, just grazing her skin with his lips so as not to hurt her more. She smiled and squeezed his arm. She frowned when he started to take off his jacket, setting it next to his coffee cup, by the sink, then removed his shirt, leaving him in his undershirt. He handed her the discarded shirt. She simply looked at it, then back at him. 'As much as I like wearing your shirts, I'm not about to do so at work.'

'What are you going to wear then?'

'I have spear clothes by my desk.'

'My shirt will hurt less. It's bigger and won't touch your chest as much as your tight shirts. As lovely as they are, I think right now they probably wouldn't be such a good idea.'

'Alright, point taken.' She agreed, grabbing the shirt from his hands and putting it on.

'Take your bra off.' He said, dead serious.

'What?' Kate exclaimed, almost offended.

'You can't spend the day wearing a coffee-stained bra.' She kept on glaring before realizing that, once more, he was right. Suddenly, a twinkle appeared in her eyes.

'Shouldn't that be your fantasy? Coffee on me, with your favorite bra?' Gibbs laughed and leaned forward.

'Not like that, sweetheart. But I promise I'll show you someday.' He whispered suggestively in her ear before kissing her cheek and her smiling lips, lingering on the soft skin.

Gibbs was surprised when she deepened the kiss but didn't complain and let her set the pace, moaning slightly as her tongue prodded its way into his mouth. They pulled back from each other after a little while, both slightly embarrassed that they had let it go this far in such a potentially dangerous place.

'Come on now, take it off and get back to your desk.' He told taking his jacket and coffee cup and leaving the ladies' bathroom in nothing but his undershirt, as if nothing were out of the ordinary with such a sight.