Sorry for the late update. Warnings of character death because someone had to die to get the story moving. I also know that Kubo killed Ichimaru-Sama off but I am in denial so he will have survived here cuz he's my favorite character.

Chapter 17 – Unpleasant Awakenings

Ichigo woke up to the bed shaking. Make that somebody shaking him, that somebody being Kira. "Whatever it is, can't it wait five more minutes?" He asked sleepily. Kira just shook him again pressing a cold cup and some pills into his hand.

"It's Advil, something from the living world that you're probably more familiar with then I am. The bottle said to take two of them." Kira said as he watched Ichigo sit up with a whimper.

"Thanks." Ichigo said gratefully as he downed the pills and sat with his head in his hands.

"Head hurt?" Kira asked for something to say.

"Yeah, a bit," he said with a wince; "alright maybe a lot."Ichigo said, wondering why of all times Kira choose to be chatty. He hadn't said much to him before, hardly anything unless it was to explain something.

"Well, I'm afraid it will only get worse." Kira said sighing in a depressed manner.

"Why's that? Hey you all right Kira?" Ichigo asked genuinely concerned.

"Fine, tai- - Ichigo." Kira said, remembering that being called taicho made him uncomfortable and he already felt sorry for the guy. "Yamamoto called a taicho meeting, the fukutaichos are expected to attend too so whatever this is can't be good news for Seireitei."

Ichigo groaned, "well at least I won't have Kido first thing this morning." He said trying to look on the bright side.

"Yeah, I suppose that's a good point for you, no paperwork either since it was finished last night." Kira added, as Ichigo gave him an incredulous look. "Not by me, I was too drunk. I believe it was Kuchiki-Taicho since it was one of his squad members that had dropped it off."

Kira looked away not wanting to tell his taicho the reason Byakuya-Taicho had felt he should do Ichigo's paperwork for him. He had even been kind enough to do Kira's at the same time. "I-Ichigo" He said, sparing a glance at the all-too young taicho he changed what he was going to say. He just couldn't bring himself to make the berry more miserable then his hangover was already making him.


"Let's go to the meeting okay." Izuru Kira said gently before leaving the berry to get ready. He made sure to send a butterfly to Renji, to tell him he hadn't been able to say the words out loud to the berry.

Ichigo glance around looking for Shiro and was glad when the hollow replied, right from inside his own head again.


"Here King, in your head." The hollow replied.


Ichigo snapped back to reality as someone knocked on the door. He heard Kira get up and answer it so he took his time getting everything on properly, wishing that he could just wear normal pants and a t-shirt for once.

An unusually serious Kisuke and Shinji waited for him at the door. He could tell something was wrong because Kisuke was actually not wearing his ridiculous hat and the ever present fan of his was nowhere in sight.

"K-kisuke?" Ichigo said looking between the pair, even when the winter war was at its worse hat n' clogs was never this serious. What could have happened in so short a time? He felt Kira beside him and turned to see an equally serious expression on his face.

"Ichigo," Kisuke started but was interrupted.

"Let's go to that meeting now alright now, Ichigo?" Kira said trying to stop Ichigo's rising panic, the boy really did need to work on his reaitsu control. Ichigo could obviously tell that something was wrong and wasn't going to be deterred from finding out what it was.

"W-who?" Ichigo said, ignoring Shinji who was trying to tell him to calm down.

"Ichigo…" Kisuke tried again.

"Damn it, someone just say it already!"


"Isshin has been killed" Kira said, "and Rukia has been injured but will live. A hell butterfly delivered the message this morning. Kisuke was the one who finished off the hollows and prevented any more deaths."

"Any more….then my family is alright?" Ichigo said, half fearing the answer and Kira didn't seem to have any more answers for him.

"Their alive, Rukia managed to open a senkaimon to Soul Society. Your sisters are safe Ichigo-kun, you can see them after the meeting." Shinji said, "by the way whatever happened to your other half?"

"huh, oh, Shiro's returned to my inner world." Ichigo said distractedly, "what's all this about a meeting anyway." He said, making a visible effort to get himself under control again but his voice gave him away."

"Ne, wasn't told anything 'cept to get over there and make sure ya came." Shinji said.

"che, Yama-jii just likes hearin' his own voice." Shiro said rather sarcastically, not really caring much one way or another.

"Shut up already," Ichigo replied silently. " What are we doing standing around here then? The sooner I hear what the old man wants the sooner I can see my sisters and Rukia right, so lets just go already." Ichigo's resolve hardening now that he had a goal, listen to the old man then see his sisters and then Rukia.

"Ya think he knows where he's goin'?" Shinji asked nobody in particular.

"We just informed him that Rukia and his sisters were attacked and that he has figured out all by himself that he has to attend this meeting before he can see them. I'm sure he'll have no problems given that motivation." Kisuke said quietly.

"I only wonder what he'll think when he gets there." Kira added.


Sorry for the short chapter but my head's hurting like hell right now and I am not allowed any more painkillers.